Petition for Royal Commission on dirty politics

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Why not go sign the petition….

To: The Governor-General, Lt Gen The Rt Hon Sir Jerry Mateparae,

Please take immediate steps to call for the establishment of a high calibre, non-partisan Royal Commission to investigate the inner workings of government in New Zealand and recommend a form of governance that has integrity, is truly democratic, and fit for the 21st century.

11 comments on “Petition for Royal Commission on dirty politics”

  1. karol 1

    In Question Time yesterday, John Key had the gaul to claim his side of the House didn’t do Dirty Politics, but that Labour did!

    Andrew Little : In light of Bill English’s statement that Dirty Politics “isn’t the style of politics I participate in”, why does he think Mr English is distancing himself from the Prime Minister’s style of politics?

    Rt Hon JOHN KEY : I think Mr English is quite correct. We do not undertake that on this side of the House, but if I could just take a moment to catalogue the long list from the left. Shall we start with the H-Fee, or shall we go to some of the other actions that we have seen, like Phil Goff leaking reports to try to get a better spin. Or should we go through to the person from the Labour Party—

    My memory is that Key said some more that has not been included in the transcript – I recall that he went on to name some Labour people, including Matt McCarten, who had communication with Cameron Slater.

    Key’s statement, though, is pretty contradictory – he’s effectively saying his side of the House doesn’t do the Prime Minister’s style of (Dirty) politics.

  2. Murray Simmonds 2

    I’d prefer to see the Guv have a go at John Key over his appalling behaviour in the house during question time.

    It is nothing new of course. Even before the election he was avoiding answering questions put to him by the Greens and other smaller parties by resorting to inane name-calling. Time and time again he simply deflects the question by instead referring to the questioner as a member of the ‘looney party” or something equally if not more derogatory.

    Much of the fault lies with the speaker who simply allows this to go on, without challenging the vacuous content of the “replies” offered by Key. He then rules that the questions have been answered when no attempt whatsoever has been made by Key to address the actual content of the questions.

    As a tax-payer I am totally disgusted with the standard of “debate” in the house, much of it inspired by Key’s totally dismissive, derogatory, vacuous, smart-ass replies to the questions put to him.

    Make the perpetrator go and stand with his nose in the corner for half an hour every time this happens, please Guv. Or better still deduct a substantial portion of his MP’s salary for every offense against common courtesy.

    • Macro 2.1

      Totally agree – the speaker really is incompetent and that is why he is there. Parliament as an institution is descending deeper and deeper into the mire whilst he is in the chair. A Member I know refers to the atmosphere in the house as “toxic”. I totally agree. We have to hold this “government” to account. And we can’t even do that in the House. It’s a disgrace.

    • Capn Insano 2.2

      Fully agree. I’m distinctly unimpressed with much of the Speaker’s performance during the Q&As I’ve seen so far, especially when he deems questions have been answered when clearly they have not. He should also do more to put Kim Jong Key in place when he displays what appears to be his usual woeful level of Prime Ministerial conduct not only when responding [I won’t say answering] but when he brays across the house when someone else is speaking.
      He definitely needs to be smacked for injecting derogatory comments and name-calling in his ‘answers’.

  3. Rosie 3

    Good non ambiguous wording in that petition. Some petitions can be emotive and lack a persuasive argument or even a sound reason to sign.

    Good luck with achieving the outcome!

  4. Tracey 4

    Perhaps someone needs to do a montage of key…

    Start with him saying to henry he would tell the truth, even questions journos forget to ask, then his shares and so on… Nothing to hide nothing to fear… Lie about texts from slater and saying slater could release the texts then saying no…

    In a minute you cld cover alot of ground.

  5. oarSum 5

    Whilst you’re at it, appoint a permanent, professional, non-partisan Speaker of the House to
    (i) mitigate the risk of having any more incompetent idiots like Carter
    (ii) actually get and then maintin order

  6. Murray Rawshark 6

    Who has the power to call Royal Commissions? From what I see here

    it has to be the government, with the GG just signing off on it. I won’t be signing this at all, because it’s like signing a petition for elephants to grow wings and fly.

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