Distract and Divert

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Why do I want to know about Bronagh’s private 30th wedding anniversary gift to John Key?

The PM is in trouble and trying to get fluff out to distract from his recent repeated lying, make people think more nicely of him (see also: JK’s son’s new band). Presumably his superstitiousness played well in focus groups. The fact that he hasn’t actually got anything for Bronagh yet is covered by a future promise and a tweet.

So the PM’s pushed this, and this is standard women’s mag fare. But why is “serious political journalist” Claire Trevett writing it up?  Surely she should be a lot more wary of being used in this way?  There is no “news” or “politics” value to this story, just celeb gossip, from a PM keener on the celeb role than focussing on the hard tasks of keeping his office under control, or running the country.


16 comments on “Distract and Divert”

  1. Chooky 1

    sick making

  2. Annie 2

    No surprise Jonkey’s gift to Bronagh comes from overseas, he doesn’t care about the NZ economy after all.

  3. RedLogix 3

    Trevett hasn’t done serious political journalism for a while now. Her job is writing nice comforting articles for a certain segment of Herald’s readership – that really do live on another planet to The Standard’s readership.

  4. adam 4

    I’ve got the perfect gift – well from John Key anyway.

    The symbol of Settik.


  5. Sans Cle 5

    Trevett is not really a serious political journalist in my opinion. Her writing prior to election was National propaganda against Labour. I don’t read her anymore, as I find her opinionated. Have read the article linked above, and it’s sickening spin. Trying to make light of private text messages – publishing one of Key’s to his wife (in context of tweeting scandal with Slater). Yes, Key is human, has a family etc but that does not exonerate his abhorrent public behaviour. In the pre-election article by Clare Trevett on the Keys, one thing stuck for me: Bronagh said that John Key is “highly competitive and doesn’t like to lose”.

    May explain why he cannot front up to his mistakes, and he has a lot to lose in fact: any positive legacy as a PM.

  6. Tom Gould 6

    The Herald pays a gossip columnist to hunt down ‘fluff’ to make the Tories look good and provide distractions and diversions, like the recent ‘celeb’ story on ‘first son’ Max. It’s all part and parcel of the on-going National Herald campaign.

  7. ghostwhowalksnz 7

    Could it be the GCSB’s latest listening device ?

  8. Tracey 8

    So, politicians are off limits except when the family can benefit?

    Max getting free press for his “gig” last week… Wouldnt have happened if not PM son…

    Pressie giving…

    Did he buy the panda afterall

  9. les 9

    Key and the Natz media PR is awesome.Their polling must be constant and sure hits its target.On the bright side Littles ‘cut the crap’ went down well with a broad range of voters if what I’ve heard is an indicator.

  10. swordfish 10

    Yeah, I remember quite a bit of John Loves Bronagh fluff in the MSM following the 2008 Election. On and off for a few months. Usually by those journalists most associated with National Party apologetics. Presumably, first and foremost, to sell more newspapers but maybe, just maybe, also to consolidate a section of the newly-won female demographic.

    I wonder if National’s private polling suggests women are being particularly turned off by the on-going Dirty Politics scandal ?

  11. ankerawshark 11

    Disgusting from the Deputy Political Editor. Clare Trevit your National Party bias is so obvious, you should be embarrassed. You should at least have the decency to change your title to celebrity gossip journalist. If not National’s spin rep in the Herald. One of them.

    Shame on you.

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