Rodney’s weightloss secret revealed! (maybe)

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url.jpegWe’d assumed it was all the dancing but perhaps there’s another explanation.

Stuff reports that:

ACT on Campus – the youth branch of the party – apparently sold BZP party pills last month for $1 each to Auckland University students as an inducement to get them to join ACT.

22 comments on “Rodney’s weightloss secret revealed! (maybe)”

  1. Steve Pierson 1


  2. You’re gonna lose readers with that pic at the top of your site.

  3. Vic 3

    I dunno Robinsod – I thought initially someone had photoshopped Rodney’s head onto someone else’s body and (gak) went in for a closer look. All that hair really gives the guy a defined six-pack in a photo ay.

  4. Higherstandard 4

    In Rodney’s defence if everyone in NZ who was as overweight as he was originally lost as much weight as he has done we would a much healthier population.

    Certainly there are a number of MPs on both sides of the house that could do with similar change in BMI.

  5. rjs131 5

    Whats wrong with Hide losing weight through lots of exercise? I am sure if there were more people that made such an effort with exercise, then we wouldnt have to have such massive health budget combating obesity

  6. r0b 6

    I think the point of this post was ACTs rather – imaginative – recruiting tactics?

  7. the sprout 7

    who are they trying to recruit, the Village People?

  8. Phil 8

    Good on them for thinking outside the square.

    Party pill’s aren’t really my thing, but I did join the Young Nats at Canty Uni in ’00 primarily because of the astonishingly attractive red-head doing the signup’s at the time…

  9. randal 9

    well thats act all over…what you look like (external referencing)and we’ll do the thinking for you…and here take these.. they’ll make you feel ok for five minutes and when you are totally f*cked up we might give you some more if you vote for us

  10. MikeE 10

    Unlike the other parties.. who wish to send people to jail for consuming them.

  11. deemac 11

    Hide said today sidestepped approving or condemning the irresponsible behaviour by Act on campus; said he doesn’t want to tell people how to live their lives. So is heroin ok? or P?

  12. BeShakey 12

    Not telling people how to live their lives? Maybe ACT aren’t going after the Christian vote after all.

  13. Ruth 13

    So much for ACT’s ethics…eh?

    The BZP ban is well supported by the electorate. Stoners and libertines on the internet don’t count for much.

    My daughter was offered party pills at intermediate school – when she was 11 years old. The school sent home a notice about it. And there is not one family I know of in this decile 10 area that has not been affected by drugs.

    When you can keep these substances away from kids and teens then you have my support for legalisation – until then you don’t.

  14. andy 14

    Not clever marketing from ACT on Campus, Marketing 101 tells you to know who your target market is.

    Party Pill munchers, would not care for ACT’s message of personal responsibility while being irresponsible!

  15. rjs131 15

    i wonder if the progressives had a party stand there? and if so what interest they were able to generate?

  16. MikeE 16

    Theres nothing irresonsible abotu BZP consumption.

    Its safer than booze for crying out loud.

    Sending kids to jail for it however is grossly irresponsible.

  17. higherstandard 17

    What Hide is quoted as saying is..

    Act leader Rodney Hide said he was personally against drug taking, but it was not up to him to tell other adults what they should do with their lives.

    “Young people are young people and people at universities tend to go to extremes, but you can’t smack their bums any more, that’s illegal too,” he told Radio New Zealand

    Act president Garry Mallet said he would talk to the group about the appropriateness of their promotion, even though the group were not under the control of the main party.

    What they should have said is that these people are morons

  18. MikeE 18

    Oh and adding to that. I’ve had BZP heaps…

    Would you like me to be in Jail? What good would that possibly do to society?

  19. higherstandard 19


    From a health professionals point of view I’m not sad to see benzylpiperazine gone, however I’ll be far happier when young adults stop wrapping themselves and their cars around power poles and ending up in emrgency departments after using P, alcohol or other recreational drugs

  20. Ruth 20

    Yes the less of this stuff available the better HS.

    I do voluntary work with ‘at risk’ youth – in fact I have a few ‘camping out’ on my property this weekend. I am not convinced that party pills do not lead to weed, then P, and so on – judging by the families of some of these boys. And most of them are not from beneficiary families like the far right would tell you. We have a huge P problem with families in Howick here in Auckland – a wealthy suburb.

    Lowering the drinking age was a terrible mistake, too.

    Victimless crimes my ass.

  21. Matthew Pilott 21

    MikeE, quit with the Dunnesque outrage.

    I sincerely doubt many here support the BZP ban, so quit chucking your toys.

    Before you get huffy, I doubt anyone would support ACT, or any political party for that matter, giving away cheap smokes or alcohol as an enticement, so it’s not the BZP that’s the point here.

  22. MikeE 22

    Matt – would you gladly send me to jail.

    Thats teh question I’m asking.

    You support a ban on BZP, I’ve consumed it. Obviously you think I’m a criminal. Would you see benifit in sending me to jail?

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