The importance of voting from a young woman’s perspective

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A guest post from a young woman who cast her vote today.

I am incredibly proud to be a New Zealander today! 121 years ago New Zealand became the first country in the world to grant women the right to vote.

If you are not enrolled to vote it’s easy you can go cast an early vote and enrol at the polling booth before hand. BUT YOU HAVE TO DO IT TODAY!! I just did an early vote and it took all of 2 minutes was super easy and fast. If you are enrolled and don’t want to make an early vote make sure you do vote tomorrow.

There are really important issues in this election that are extremely relevant to our generation. So find an issue that is important to you and VOTE! If you are unsure you can do vote compass to see what party most aligns with your beliefs.

Vote compass:

Elections website (for information about where you can cast an early vote):


7 comments on “The importance of voting from a young woman’s perspective”

  1. Disturbed 1

    Women’s vote is down in recent elections, probably because our MSM has not supported these important issues that need airing in public.

    Hopefully we have a change of government to a kinder Gentler caring honest Government that does take social issues very seriously again.

    To get there we need all young first time voters to get out and cast their votes.

    They will decide where our future really lies and will be our hero’s if they change our Government to that Kinder gentler caring honest Governance.

  2. Tracey 2

    good for you guest poster…

    NZ has many world firsts to be proud of…

    Women vote
    40 hour working week
    8 hour working day

  3. adam 3

    Funny it was not till 1919 Women’s Parliamentary Rights Act that women could stand for parliament. With most women who first entered parliament did so via the death of a family member.

    And for Maori women that road was even longer. Whetu Tirikatene became the first Maori women to hold a Cabinet portfolio in 1972. Indeed it took till 1993 for Sandra Lee (Kāi Tahu), standing as an Alliance candidate to win a general electorate seat.

  4. just saying 4

    For women today. An old favourite:

    …..On the citizenship we got memories
    Citizenship, we got pain
    Lose your grip on the citizenship
    You’re cast, you’re cast away

    On the citizenship you got memories
    Citizenship you got pain
    Citizenship you got identity
    A name, a name, a name, a name
    Name, name, name, name….

    Patti Smith – Citizen Ship

  5. Tautoko Viper 5

    Congratulations on your first vote. Let us remember the determination and bravery of those women who stood up for human rights to achieve this right. This strength of resolve may be needed again in the very near future especially if the worst happens and this National government are returned to power. There will be one almighty battle over the TPPA plus the fight to restore some honesty and integrity to the government and holding the media to account.

  6. Sable 6

    Good on you. I know a lot of young people don’t vote and I do not blame them. They have been badly let down by successive governments. There are of course lots of parties to choose from now under MMP (in addition to the usual sad suspects) so its worth having your say.

  7. RedBaronCV 7

    Good for you. helping to shape the world you live in.

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