The Million Dollar Minister

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Good old Paddy Gower turns savage on Nick Smith:

In November 2008, the year National came to power – the average house in Auckland was $501,939.

When Nick Smith took over as Housing Minister in January 2013 – it was $607,439.

And now it $1,013,632.

I won’t muck around here, because New Zealanders aren’t thick – there’s no real need for political analysis.

Kiwis know what a million bucks means – it’s a lot of cash.

A million dollars is a sad symbol.

It is a stain on this Government’s housing record.

It is an indictment – a million dollar indictment.

How can Key stand by a minister who does nothing but embarrass himself?

13 comments on “The Million Dollar Minister”

  1. Sabine 1

    mission accomplished. why would he fire a minister who delivers?

    • Fustercluck 1.1

      +1 All of this these supposed problems are desired outcomes carefully aimed at and crafted by well funded right-wing think tanks that provide inept legislators with the verbiage to vote on that they are too dim to promulgate on their own behalf (or even understand).

      • Enough is Enough 1.1.1

        Exactly. People keep going on about National’s failed polices.

        None of them have failed. They have been hugely successful and achieved exactly what they set out to in 2008.

        Transferring wealth from those most in need to those who are wealthy

  2. Colonial Viper 2

    auckland house prices double every 9 years. Just the way it has been going mathematically.

    • I think the doubling time has got a lot shorter CV
      If it was doubling within 10 years now, shouldn’t it have only gone up to about 800,000 over the last 3.5 years?
      Need Albert Bartlett )

    • Brendon Harre 2.2

      CV I do not know why you can be so off hand about this statistic. It takes 30 years for wages to double. So in 30 years time when my kids are looking to buy a home they might be earning $100,000 or so and average Auckland house prices will be over $8 million (2×2×2).

      If this happens then we will have entered a new age dominated by the landed gentry.

      • Colonial Viper 2.2.1

        ” If this happens then we will have entered a new age dominated by the landed gentry.”

        That already happened in Auckland.

  3. Keith 3

    Smith could piss his pants in public whiist regaling us with the latest focused grouped bullshit and Key would be comfortable. Actually it would be about par for the course. The thing is Nick is merely the very poor mouth piece for this useless government and its failures.

  4. The problem is that you are viewing Nick Smith’s job as to actually ensure people have a place to live.

    That is not, in the government’s mind, his priority. He should minimise criticism on that front while still ensuring no value loss for property investors. He is effectively a Minister for Damage Control, much like whenever they put someone in the Climate Change role. It is deliberate, and you can tell from how they answer questions.

  5. North 5

    Wow ! The magnificent “Brighter Future” promised us by the “good guy you’d love to have a beer with……..”. Thanks Gower, Garner, Billy Boy Ralston et al for your incessant, clucking dispensing of the Kool-Aid.

    Some ‘kindly’ free advice from the creepily avuncular illiterate, the morally bankrupt multi-multi-millionaire Key – “Your first home will be a tatty, chromeware from China apartment. You’ll buy your shoe box for upwards of half a mill’. You’ll pay body corporate fees of 4 grand a year to some leeching property manager and you’ll count yourselves blessed. And the slightest demur, watch out…….we’ll publicly demonise you as lazy and undeserving. Just like we always have the bennies !”

    Note how the framing has putrified – “Nothing to do with me the author of the Brighter Future…….you don’t like it you’re unworthy, stupid, drug-addled, worse.”

    New Zealand has been clipped by a loathsome, effete, mendacious conman the likes of whom this country has never seen. If ever there was a case of outrageous social engineering then this is it. We’ve been tutored in “mediocre for us…….spoils for them”. Clusterfuck @ 1.1 is right. The now irreversible slide into Favela-Land was always a cynically planned travesty. For the benefit of the soulless rich. A society where the head devours the guts is doomed !

    • Paul 5.1

      “New Zealand has been clipped by a loathsome, effete, mendacious conman the likes of whom this country has never seen. ”

      Best description I’ve heard of the Dear Leader.

  6. TheExtremist66 6

    I’m in Sydney for business at the moment and when got of the plane and jumped in a can the first thing the cab driver asked me about was Auckland and housing.

    • dukeofurl 6.1

      Thats because even in Sydney they know there is no stamp duty when buying, no capital gains tax on an investment property after 2 years and no NSW land tax

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