Those were the days (all 20 of them)

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1371nicksmith.jpgWhen I wrote to the MPs asking them for their thoughts on John Key’s “we would love to see wages drop” quote (results here), Nick Smith’s bio page reminded me of this little gem:


Ah, the Brash-Smith dreamteam. Pity it couldn’t quite last the whole three weeks.

16 comments on “Those were the days (all 20 of them)”

  1. Tane 1

    Yeah, reminds me of those heady days near the end of the Fourth Labour Govt when we had a new Prime Minister every few weeks. You know what they say, a week in politics etc.

  2. mike 2

    Any idea exactly when that newspaper is publishing its retraction of Keys misquote (English mentioned in the house today). That should finally put this thing to bed

  3. Hey Mike – they’re not gonna retract it because he said it. What are you doing listening to the house anyway? Don’t you have a job to do?

  4. Steve Pierson 4

    mike. everything printed by the Northern Advocate and the Bay Report has stood by the quote. The reporter stands by his quote. Key said it, end of story.

  5. mike 5

    “mike. everything printed by the Northern Advocate and the Bay Report has stood by the quote. The reporter stands by his quote. Key said it, end of story.”

    Steve – If the reporter stands by his story then why are they printing a retraction? (Cullen did not comment when told of this)

    Sod – I have in my ‘individual contract’ a clause stating that “due to broken promises regarding Labours 20 hrs free policy I can take a day off work to care for my children when the need arises”

  6. Pablo 6

    Mike, is that the 20 hours free that the Nats voted against?

    My eldest gets 20 hours free at two ECE establishments. no broken promises for me. Why did they single you out?

  7. Steve Pierson 7

    mike. I’ve heard nothing of a retraction, last I heard they were standing behind the story.

  8. george 8

    Well if thet retract how do you explain the many references to the quote from John Key
    “It was a joke”
    “I meant Australia”
    “I never said it”
    “There was no interview”
    If this is how he handles a reprot that didn’t happen what are we to expcect next.
    It also seems that John Key has been putting pressure on the paper to kill the story(what story!!!!????).
    If they retract where does that leave all of Keys shonky answerers regarding His quote
    “we will lower wages”.
    Does it also mean that he has got the Herald to pressure the 4th estate for the benefit of National.
    A retraction increases the truth of the validity of the story.

  9. george 9

    Mike and to all others.
    I have just been on the phone to Tony Verdon General Manager of the The Northern Advocate and he states that he stands by his reporter.
    He states that they are NOT going to Retract the report of John Key saying that “We would love to see wages drop”.(unlike what Bill English stated in the house today)

    It will be saying that they have had to clarify what he said and that will include something on the lines that John key was referring to Australia.
    You know number 3 on the reason list.
    ‘Didn’t say it”
    “no interview”
    “Meant Australia”
    “it was a joke”
    How much pressure was put on the Northern Advocate to sell their reporter down the road.
    As a finishing touch Mr Verdon says that even though it is not explicit in the article, he fully supports his reporter and again states that it is NOT a retraction!


    Fijian type censorship of the Forth estate.
    The article will be printed in the Granny herald.

  10. Murray 10

    All this attacking National MP’s is getting a little tiring. Can’t we have a post on the Hawkes Bay DHB, or failing that a post on what a certain individual got up to in the USA.

  11. george 11

    Its not attacking national MPs
    Its John Key ,the leader of the National Party.
    If we cant get a truthful statement from Him what are we to believe.
    Lets see what comes out in the Herald tomorrow.
    Lets see how he covers his many answerers on this one.
    ‘Didn’t say it’
    “no interview’
    “Meant Australia’
    “it was a joke’
    Maybe he might come clean on how much preasure the herald put on Tony Verdon General Manager of the The Northern Advocate and Greg Robertson to “restract/clarify” the article.
    John key said “We would love to see wages drop”
    Thats you and every other worker in NZ.

  12. Murray 12

    george, basically you are calling JK a liar. Please with a straight (no pun intended) face tell me that Helen has never lied.

  13. Dean 13

    Murray, noone here will ever admit Helen has lied. They seem to fawn over her like a 16 year old over her first prom date.

  14. randal 14

    gee I am so stimulated by this debate I feel an attack of atrial fibrilation coming on

  15. Steve Pierson 15

    Murry. If you’re talking about what I think you’re talking about: no we won’t be posting a homophobic rumour for which we have no evidence. As you should well know, there are plenty more substantive stories of sexual adventures by politicans of all stripes, but it’s none of the public’s business unless it is there is some element of hyprocrisy in their political positions compared to their private lives, or they make the issue public themselves.

  16. george 16

    Murray are you saying John Key has.
    “We would love to see wages drop’

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