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Claire Trevett in the NZ Herald has an article on her chosen top MP tweeters, now that Judith Collins has vacated her (alleged) position as “Minister of Twitter”.  She clearly follows different people on Twitter from me.  I don’t find many MPs among the most interesting tweeters that I follow.  And the the ones I find most interesting are not on her list.

Here’s Trevett’s list (check her article for the reasons given for each of her choices):

1. Jacinda Ardern (Labour)

2. Andrew Little (Labour leader)

3. Chris Bishop (National)

4. Grant Robertson (Labour)

5. James Shaw (Greens)

6. Paula Bennett (National)

7. Trevor Mallard (Labour)

8. Winston Peters (NZ First leader)

9. Peter Dunne (United Future leader)

“And don’t forget: Tau Henare

Among the MP tweeters, I prefer more Green MP tweeters than represented in the above list.

I’d put Metiria Turei top of my MP list – for the diversity, liveliness and mix of fun and information of her tweets.  Her most recent tweets are more in keeping with the season and of the fun variety.  But when the House is sitting, she also provides useful information and critiques.

But I guess Trevett goes more for the Game approach to politics and favours Twitter exchanges that continue politics as competitive combat.

Julie Anne Genter is also a worthwhile follow – she provides some interesting twitter political commentary, and often gives updates on operations of public transport, cycling and walking as she travels about the country: some are original tweets, and some are retweets.


She retweeted this:

Then followed with this:

And special mention to not-quite-MPs (yet) Marama Davidson and Jack McDonald as Twitter follow recommends.

27 comments on “Top MP tweeters ….?”

  1. Anne 1

    Thanks karol. Haven’t time to browse all of them yet but picked up this little gem from Andrew Little’s tweets. (I’m not a tweeter so rely on other’s to post them for me 🙂 )

    So rational, clear and accurate. My political spirit rises every time I hear him speak.

  2. ghostwhowalksnz 2

    Karol , isnt Metiria the top of your list for everything ?

    • karol 2.1

      well, at least for many things.

      Trevett’s list was skewed towards the more combative of MPs. The Greens generally try to get away from that style of politics as much as possible, which probably accounts for their limited showing on Trevett’s list.

    • tracey 2.2

      i know she is top of my list for most things political, constantly making a lie of the notion you have to conduct politics lije a contact sport

  3. Sacha 3

    Trevitt is a classic FPP journo. She had the gall to publish a story about politicians with integrity and conveniently left the Greens out of it:

    Yet somehow Paula Bennett, Chris Finlayson and Winston Peters were included. Pffft.

  4. tc 4

    A typically vacuous piece from trougher Trevitt when not following the party lines.

  5. Murray Rawshark 5

    I looked at Jacinda Ardern’s tweets and saw a load of fluffy rubbish. With the winner being of that quality, I didn’t bother looking at the others. I really don’t give a shit how much chocolate an MP eats, or what their cop father made them do when they were 11. I want to know something more concrete about their ideas for the country.

    This is exactly why I don’t bother with twitting. It’s all “Look at me!” self gratification.

    • politikiwi 5.1

      I’ve only recently started using Twitter and have been surprised to find how little self-gratification stuff actually goes on. Depends who you follow of course, but on the whole most of my follows tweet things which are actually quite informative and insightful.

      Facebook is far, far worse for self-gratification, in my experience.

      • karol 5.1.1

        Yes. Tweets can be very helpful in linking to crucial articles and posts.

        It does depend on who a person follows. And I also don’t stay glued to twitter – flick through it a couple of times a day.

  6. Can’t help but think they should be putting the phones/tablets/notebooks down and getting back to work.

    • Ecosse_Maidy 6.1

      Yep, I concur. Put those phonetablets nonsense away & get back to work. You were not voted in by Twatter/Tubeface you were voted for by actual human beings, go serve them.
      The vast majority of people that voted for those MPs don’t have the luxury of using TwatterFace, as they are far too busy trying to make ends meet. Meanwhile Our Twitteratti MPs etc are telling you who they are following or telling you about the nuances of their domestic lifes or pointing u to a ZTube Video of a tap dancing pet on a skateboard. Its all a technological PG, look at me device….Stop tapping away playing Candy Crush Pet Farm Abattoir and represent us!

    • tracey 6.2

      oh but they need more than the 4 weeks a year they befrudgibgly allow the “workers”

  7. Sable 7

    Even if this is verify ably true does anyone give a shit when the there are so many real issues to consider such as why Labour saw fit to support Keys dodgy terrorism legislation…In my opinion yet more journalistic spam….

  8. Trevett is on the right track – politics is a combat sport and a popularity contest. Quirky, fun tweets are more likely to be retweeted than dry policy. Win the audience over with humour, it’s a social network after all.

  9. saveNZ 9

    I hate tweets.
    Soundbytes from the narcissistic selfie to make the trivial news.
    Give me an email or an article anyday.
    My friend has a theory that people who tweet do not understand IT but want to feel they are ‘in touch’ with technology.
    I won’t bother mentioning my views on Claire but she embodies the above.

    • ghostwhowalksnz 9.1

      Careful where you tread, wars have been fought over less.

      The word ‘filioque’ divided christendom for centuries, and still does

    • tc 9.2

      All part of the DP themes…..dumb it down, distract, diffuse and reduce engagement in 30 character slices.

    • That “theory” is so wilfully obtuse I have to assume you’re trying to start a fight.

      • karol 9.3.1

        I wonder how much use the detractors have made of twitter. The ones above generally don’t seem to be very knowledgeable about it. As with a lot of IT, it’s how people use it.

        As for “feeling in touch with technology”….? I use it to keep in touch with information and ideas that people are circulating. My “follows” usually provide a lot of links to significant articles and blog posts – and they can provide the first indications of breaking news, political and otherwise.

        It’s also interesting to read the on-going commentaries by the likes of NRT during question time.

        And as for the criticisms of the shortness of tweets – many tweeters circumvent that in many ways – with a series of tweets, twitlonger, etc.

        Rawshark made good use of twitter.

        • Karen

          I do not have a twitter account myself, but check a few daily as I find it is a great way of getting up to date and background information either from the tweets themselves or in the links they provide. It can get addictive so I try to limit myself to just a few favourite left wing commentators but if there is something big unfolding I will also check various political journalists and MPs.

  10. Ecosse_Maidy 10

    Well, regarding the on going Turd Polishing, about to Twat or not to Twit with Twatter.

    Perhaps some of the Nay Saying Detractors, cant afford a Twatter device, or have ongoing issues with feeding family,providing a roof over their families heads and rush through traffic to teach a class to Auckland children. Its not a matter of people being able to understand how it works, its what it does, which is the issue.
    Technology is a valuable aide yet not too the point that your following, someone, who’s following someone, who’s following the latest bimbo in Shortbread Street and what their dentist might of told him about their teeth or their toilette habits .
    I ask my students, to switch off any Techie Devices in class, not because I am anti Technology, but because there are more important issues at hand.

    I don’t think its a defense to validate Twatter, by saying people are not as knowledgeable about IT, as they should be. that’s rather a condescending attitude to have!

    I just wish more for my students, than checking Twatter Feeds/Chewface/Candy crushed balls from some Cafe Bar in Ponsonby.Also,do we really need to hear about what these MPs had for breakfast lunch or dinner?What dog they have, if its peed on the rug recently…or how hot it is in Hawaii on the 19th hole? Get off your Twitteratti high horses and represent us.Do Some Work!That’s what we voted for.
    The good thing about opinions, is that you can agree, disagree, and exchange views.
    Right back to technology and how to use it….can anyone invent A PG Filter? Please..I am willing to pay top dollar.

  11. tc 11


    • karol 11.1

      Cherry picking some of the worst of Tweets. And the same could be said of many contributers/contributions to various forums, on and offline.

      Twitter also provides some significant links to crucial articles and posts about social, economic and political issues

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