VRWC rises from the grave

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They’re at it again. David Farrar has a guest post from fellow VRWC member Charles Finny about FiveEyes, arguing that it’s kept us safe in foreign wars and Labour did it too. Which of course is not the point of the current debate about massive government surveillance of innocent citizens. Farrar then gets himself tangled in knots – if Dotcom is right Labour did it too – but he’s not of course.

Finny and Farrar were members of the self-described Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy or VRWC as outlined recently by Matthew Hooton in the Sunday Star-Times (not on-line), along with Cameron Slater and Kathy Odgers  – see Karol’s post here. Finny ran a news site known as the Hive and posted pseudonymously. It closed in 2008 after the election. Finny now works as a PR consultant for Saunders Unsworth who are very well connected to the 9th floor of the Beehive.

Finny has recently been on Twitter announcing that after the election he is going to campaign for anti-hacking laws with teeth and for a law against sedition. Presumably he doesn’t have the GCSB in mind but one hopes the anti-hacking laws will apply to them as well.

Mind you given the effort he and others in the VRWC put in to attacking Winston Peters before the 2008 election he’d better hope Winston doesn’t have any say about law changes after this election.

29 comments on “VRWC rises from the grave”

  1. lprent 1

    Hearsay rumour has it that Saunders Unsworth had quite a lot to do with running Cameron Slater on his wee lead when they needed him to bark at someone for money. It fits with the profile of both considering their close National ties.

  2. Rich 2

    Sedition and anti-hacking.

    They want to kill their opposition.

  3. adam 3

    This just goes from bad, to worse.

  4. Local Kiwi 4

    We hope Winston gets a lead role into our corruption watchdog agency the Labour lead coalition bring together.

    He as the most experienced of any in Parliament should know better than anyone else where to find these creeps, that are still using black op’s like Farrar, and his gang.

    They must be paid emergency double time to try and affect damage control right now.
    One has also to wonder just how much flow of information has been sent from five eyes to them?

    Are they implicated also somehow?

    Can Kim.com sources find out a connectivity to Farrar’s gang from five eyes?

    Interesting development, they are acting guilty already me thinks?

  5. Remember when Paul Henry got this clown to review Dirty Politics on TV?

  6. Local Kiwi 6

    Yes Finny reminds me of Steven Joyce or his probable relative William Joyce, yet another propagandist, Lord Haw Haw, espousing the virtues of joining on the right moral NAZI side in propaganda broadcasts from Berlin during WW11.

    Just simply more right wing propaganda here.

  7. Liberal Realist 7

    “Finny has recently been on Twitter announcing that after the election he is going to campaign for anti-hacking laws with teeth and for a law against sedition. ”

    This suggests to me that Finny intends on lobbying for the criminalisation of whistle-blowers and those who publish leaked material that is deemed a risk or damaging to the ruling party (National).

    If any such legislation should ever see the light of day in NZ (in the form of a bill in reading) we’re on a very slippery slope.

  8. Colonial Viper 8

    These VRWC zombies just keep coming and coming based on the ridiculous amounts of funding provided for their multiple resurrections. Something has got to be done to sort this out because this shit is becoming a pain in the neck when there are other, real, problems to get on top of.

  9. One Anonymous Bloke 9

    They won’t stop unless and until someone stops them. I doubt it would be practical to pass a law against lying on the internet, and then there are those who accept payment to do so, and their clients…

    Some sort of class action?

  10. Local Kiwi 10

    OAB Yes a class action should be enacted.

    Can someone ask Kim.com Lawyer to set one up please as we will go on board.

    If they are using their legal shit so should we affected right?

    Since this NZ political scene is being pushed as a US style election process, as in US class action is common so we would see class action also on these creeps if they are trying to silence our critics.

    Price Of freedom is constant vigilance.

  11. Hanswurst 11

    “Rises from the grave”? Seeing the antics of Farrar, Slater and Key over the past weeks, I would have said it wasn’t so much dead as hiding in front of a hedge.

  12. crocodill 12

    Think about the gene pool of colonial NZ: Irish, Scots, English scum, Welshmen; the gene pool of indigenous people, their mana; and all we can say is “something should be done”? haha we’re a disgrace to our heritage. If this were Ireland, they’d be bodies by now. How did we lose the urge to thump people who need a reminder, over a period of, what, roughly sixty years since the last time is it? No wait… it was the eighties… even shorter! So we’re happy to get violent for an ideal that effects people on the other side of the world, but when our democracy is being undermined we’d rather walk up Symonds street into the back of a waiting paddy wagon in protest. Politics might be an alternative to constant violence, but there was never any rule that it must subsume it’s position forever. Ah well, at least the Africans are now free. LOL Maybe it’s just the types who populate the internet.

    Is there really nothing any of us can think to do that lands somewhere between – at one end – moaning, voting and moaning, and all-out civil war? Something more effect than newspaper ads in the papers of our enemies, but not as effective as political assassination? Is this our karma: we help South Africa… Dotcom and friends come from across the world to help us? There’s far too many polite ineffective rules of good behaviour for the left and open warfare allowed for the right. No let’s not call it right and left, let’s say those who want to live together peacefully, and those who seek to divide. What do we win, by being meek, do we inherit the earth do you think? Is it really a step forward or a step back?

    • karol 12.1

      It looks like you are advocating physical violence….?

      • crocodill 12.1.1

        In Ireland every year, their is a march of identity that crosses socio-religious-political lines through a couple of neighbourhoods, based on old ideas of what the people thought was right and wrong and who god was and it usually ends in a four day riot. It’s modern people giving themselves up to something that connects them to a greater identity. Sometimes people die. It’s an anachronism in one sense, definitely dangerous and violent, but powerfully useful in another. How did we lose that, by coming so far from “home”. Apart from your age, Karol, how did you lose your punk spirit and instead take up your new life where you ask me whether I’m advocating violence?

        • karol

          It’s not about me or my spirit, crocodil. Advocating physical violence is something TS moderators tend to not like.

          • crocodill

            oh Christ, if they wanted to ban me I’ve given them plenty of opportunities already. The Standard is a unique place, but I’m not that attached to it that I’d fall into a “fear of loss” state for it. Freedom of thought wasn’t invented by The Standard. “They” can’t stop it, or control it. But since you hit on it, you’re right, they are too tame.

            Maybe the VRWC attack simply because there is no opposition – not political opposition – but that no one is willing to die for what they believe. Maybe the left just doesn’t believe what they talk about every day. Are they intellectual tourists: just all hot air and dreams and then back to Café Lala for latté and cronuts; serving the rich at work, paying tax to successive corrupt governments; stepping on the property and investment ladder like Socialism is just a word that isn’t as important as prudence; and tut-tutting and twitching net curtains in the suburbs. Is that it? And the organisations created to reduce poverty and “save the minorities”, are they actually holding back on the reality so they don’t lose their identity as heroes of the underclass – because capitalist NZ isn’t going to hire them anymore LOL. Is it all just too rationalised and organised, standardised and structured? Too safe?

            Violence happens slow and fast. Why ban gang patches of indigenous collectives that rejected corrupt government on the one hand, and on the other, allow white collectives in Red and Blue wearing “Team Key” and “Vote Positive”. Have the mob killed and damaged as many as poverty under government rule? Why wear big long flags of Internet Mana Party like capes – like they’re going to swoop down and save something with free broadband in houses that don’t even have computers or mobile phones? Don’t they have a history too? At least the Mongrel Mob are honest.

            So the next person I see wearing Team Key, should I ask them, “Here I am, did you bring weapons or were you thinking of using your hands or are you just an ignorant coward? Here I am, you want people like me dead, slowly and out of sight, but can you do it fast, looking me in the eye? What you going to do?”.

            Children not even old enough to spell are wandering about with Team Key balloons – they think it’s as equal as a birthday balloon – and frail old people smiling gormlessly in their blue shirts like they don’t know what it means. And Red Team, you too, are you ignorant cowards? Will you use your hands to do away with the ugly unfashionable classes or go back to hiding behind slow policy? I’ve seen you huddling together in nice suits, all self important, but on your own you look over your shoulder quickly like someone might creep up on you. You should feel exposed and guilty, because you know what your choices mean. So why hang out in my neighbourhood, around the people you’re willing to sacrifice to gain power to transfer more wealth to the already wealthy? Does it give you a thrill, is that it, an adrenaline rush for the non-athletic? What do you think we think of you – that you’re heroes of the people come to save us?

            The whole thing is “highly” offensive, to threaten to indirectly and slowly kill another person or, ha, just leave the door open a crack to the possibility that you might. LOL. I find it more offensive than actually attempting to kill someone. In the absence of real humans, I’d rather vote for the mob – as another here said, at least they have the guts to stab you in the front. It’s been nice chatting to you all, and hearing your ideas about how life should be. I have appreciated your hospitality. I don’t know why I wanted to talk to you, since, well, since the truth. I have to leave all this political stuff. I won’t fight for any of your colours. See you on the street.

        • Tracey

          Tell us how you lost it, and why you don’t work for it now crocdil instead of preaching on high

        • Psycho Milt

          If the ‘punk spirit’ involves giving yourself up to ethnic mob violence that proves powerfully useful to local authority figures, I made a really horrible mistake in the late 70s and should have stuck with flares, Jethro Tull and Pink Floyd.

  13. Tracey 13

    “Labour did it too. ”

    You would think evidence of this would have been subject to a Slater OIA, declassified and appeared on his blog.

    Maybe, Clark knew it was illegal and didn’t authorise it?

  14. Sanctuary 14

    On the bright side, whaleoil is now just publishing self-pitying missives from Slater and nasty ad-hominum personal attack on the left. Slater is history, to tainted to be used. Now his money stream is over, I guess his interest in blogging will wane and might have to actually get of his arse and get a job.

    • lprent 14.1

      I noticed that when I scanned the site on the weekend. “self-pitying” is entirely correct.

      Of course there is the remote possibility that his inflated stats are useful for some advertising. But probably not sufficient to keep him in the style that he has been accustomed to.

      Who’d employ him?

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