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It’s John Key. In this wide-ranging stand-up interview, he explains how “the left” conspired to ensure over the last three days that they burnt an effigy of him, used a few swear words about him on You-Tube, ran a satirical video, and Nicky Hager launched a book at the normal after-work time. What a plot! Fantastic organisation!

Mind you, his conspiracy theory didn’t seem to be going down too well. Jason Ede’s credibility doesn’t stack up too well against Nicky Hager – the journos ended up  laughing at Key. You can see why his minders would rather keep him off the media.

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  1. mpledger 1

    Actually, it’s worse, the journo caught on camera during the Key interview looked like he was taking it very seriously and didn’t like the smell of it one bit – and he was from Radio Live.

    • Tracey 1.1

      john key almost never gives interviews on issues without 24 hours to be trained for it. Joyce chuckles and smirks his spin and others chime in… Joyce and collins are relying on people not reading it because if they do her denials will ring hollow.

      She is a viscious person in private too it seems.

      • Alistair Connor 1.1.1

        Spelling Nazi here. “Viscious” is a delicious description of Collins : implying both vicious and viscous. Nasty, thick and sticky; hard to scrape off your shoe.

  2. dave 2

    Another aspect of this is sis information end end being passed to someone with a criminal record one Cameron Slater we provide a lot information to government depts if or information can be compromised at very highest level of government by criminal elements ,john key must resign there has to be independent inquiry by a judge into corruption since this involves some of most powerful people in our country john key must go

  3. fambo 3

    It’s always being laughed at that hurts the most

  4. Tangled_up 4

    Funny how Key tries to distance himself from Slater and paint him as some nonaligned mischievous blogger that National have little interaction with yet he portrays Hager and Left parties as being in cahoots in some wild conspiracy.

    Apparently because Labour can’t compete with National on a policy level heh

  5. ianmac 5

    That link doesn’t seem to go to standup interview??? I was interested since Key has avoided interviews on the subject.

  6. Papa Tuanuku 6

    Listen folks as Guyon turns the mike off when he disagrees with what Metiria says. Is this the next story – media shutting supporters of Hager up?


  7. greywarbler 7

    Donkey and Cameron seem in harness in the photo for the post. Is this how it was taken, or have they been nestled together for effect? It seems to be news to some RWs that Key and Oily have a relationship of any sort.

    • greywarbler 7.1

      @ Mike Smith
      My question 15/8 7.44 about Key and Camerson – are they that close physically? Can you advise.

  8. Alistair Connor 8

    Oh noes ! Poor wee Davie Farrar victim of a vast left-wing conspiracy :

    Dirty Politics: Hager considers releasing material – Election 2014 – NZ Herald News

    “To my shock I realised that Hager had info in the book that could not have come from the hacking of Cameron Slater, but could only have come from my computer, my apartment or my office.” He says copies of two scripts used by his company, Curia Research, could not have come from Cameron Slater’s computer systems as no-one else had them. “The two most likely scenarios are that my computer systems have also been hacked, or that someone physically removed the scripts from my office (or possibly apartment). All of these scenarios make me feel sick, and make me worry about the security of the 100+ staff working for me.” He said that the intrusion had made him consider giving up politics, “but I’m not going to do that in haste.”

    I’d be worried about the “security of my staff” too… I wouldn’t trust any of them, the probability of an inside job being very high.

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