Yet another indicator of the homeless crisis

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Yet another indicator:

‘It’s a crisis’ says Mission

The homeless population of central Auckland is two-and-a-half times higher than it was three years ago, a new report says.

The Auckland City Street Count of Central Auckland has found 177 people were sleeping rough within 3km of the Sky Tower on a single night this year.

That’s the most recorded since the count began in 2004, and is significantly higher than the 68 people counted in the same area in 2013.

At least 51 people weren’t included in the count, because they had found temporary accommodation or were in hospital that night. …

That’s quite a legacy John Key.

Meanwhile Te Puea Marae is still putting the government to shame, you can donate here.

22 comments on “Yet another indicator of the homeless crisis”

  1. Hey….. were living in the brighter future and still on the cusp of brighter things to come!

    When Labour and the Greens gear up for 2017 , that is, – and Winfred comes on board giving that supply and confidence.

    Just a shame its not happening quick enough for the homeless and the total undemocratic and destructive mess the National party has put us all in after 8 years.

  2. Richardrawshark 2

    You know guys n gals we’ve been pointing at so many lies, deceits, deceptions, flip flops and gusty feely rubbish for so long now I’ve actually forgotten what I’m, here for.

    It’s not like we need too point out the lies anymore, it’s become well normal government business. Everywhere I look I see disaster. If there is anyone in real doubt we have the most evil corrupt national led government ever, they must be simply stirrers or have invested interests.

    Even an avid National supporters eyebrows are surely raised by now, the inner turmoil must be eating them up if they are centrist.

    Yep showing this government as inept is done n dusted, tho we didn’t really need to do much they have sewn that seed themselves.

    The real issues now is how a new government is made up. Can we stop Winston being the king maker? A change in government is surely set in stone.

  3. Chris 3

    And another one:

    Bennett says: “It would be safe for us to assume that if we pre-purchased 100 places in hotels we would easily fill them in a week.”

    If that ain’t an admission of how serious things have got then don’t know what is.

    This is completely surreal. These idiots need to be voted out now.

    • dave 3.1

      did any one pick up on benett lying again claiming the 41 million dollars was for new beds when shes already been exposed over that lie.

  4. Paul 4

    Defend the government over this.
    A challenge to man in the middle, srylands, bm, red delusion and the rest of the trolls who pollute this site.
    You are supporting an amoral government.

    • Amoral?…. immoral I would say.

    • Chris 4.2

      Well, Labour did when it supported the government’s last nasty welfare Bill that attacked the poor. Guess it’s only logical there’d be a bunch of Labour supporters here who’d support this as well. But that’s Labour for you.

      • Paul 4.2.1

        Do you defend the governments immoral stance on housing?

        • Chris

          Not at all. I’m saying that Labour supports the government’s attacks on the poor, so I guess there’d also be Labour supporters who’d support these latest government attacks on the poor also. Sad, but no doubt true. Certainly logical. That’s the trouble with Labour. When it comes to the poor they haven’t renounced one single nasty fucking thing they’ve done – not one.

          • North

            Present circumstances for one person let alone many people/families dictate that your “logic” is as redundant as tits on a bull Chris. Yet you seem mouthy and quite unembarrassed. Your “logic” not helping one person let alone many people/families in cars.

            By all means lubricate and massage your smelly-cock-brain/morals with what someone else did some other time. And call it Churchillian or Dame Hilda Ross. Yay! That’ll clean out those car parks.

            Trolls are like cockroaches. Nothing kills them. They are however rightly the subject of contempt and candidates for the business of karma.

            • Chris

              With an attitude like that anyone would think you work for the labour research unit.

  5. John 5

    Can I open my eyes yet? Is this the brighter future we were promised in 2008 and 2011?

  6. Acting up 6

    My cognitive dissonance is almost overwhelming.

    Back in the early 80s, I thought that Rob Muldoon and his bunch of Tory incompetents were the worst possible govt, and worked hard to overcome them. I cheered as Lange gave his famous launch speech in 1984, that eventually saw the removal of the nasty Natz (didn’t know then that I had worked for the voting in of the first “Act govt”, but there you go).

    Now I look at the current lazy, crazy, useless crew – and found myself thinking tonight “If only Rob Muldoon was the Tory leader – he would do something about this situation. It might not be that effective, but at least he would care enough to do something”.

    Muldoon was wrong in so many things, but at least cared about his country.

    This appalling lot care about nothing except their own careers, and money.

  7. North 7

    But, but, but…….Rob’s Mob is Mr Effete Liar’s political provenance…….or so Mr Effete claims.

    Talking provenance, the sisters confirm that at 13 he used to thump the state house kitchen table quite alot. Poor Mutter Helga or whatever her name was !

  8. UncookedSelachimorpha 8

    Like John Key said, must be that two and a half times more people want to be homeless than only three years ago. Just cos they love the lifestyle, presumably.

    • Kiwiri 8.1

      John Key should also come out saying next that homelessness is actually a really positive sign of how much more successful and better Auckland is becoming under his watch. More and more people are coming to live, work and bid up the price of houses because of the excellent growth and increased prosperity of the city.

      :rolls eyes:

  9. Paul 9

    And another shameful indicator.

    A message to the Prime Minister from an 11 year old living in a van.
    ‘Try walking in my shoes. It’s not actually that easy’

    • Grrrrr… that makes your blood boil…. you know there’s a lot of Articles in the U.N’s ‘Rights of the Child ‘ about this sort of thing … in which this govt busted its gut to get a seat on recently …

  10. Paul 10

    Another shameful indicator.
    The sell off of state housing continues…..

    ‘Social housing tenant Wendy Ross feels “like a criminal”.
    “I haven’t done anything wrong … I’ve worked, I’ve paid my taxes, I’ve raised my family, so why are they trying to make me leave my home?”
    Last year we brought you the story of Ms Ross who, having lived in her three-bedroom Whanganui state house for more than 30 years and raised her family there, had been told she would have to move out.
    She has now been given a date for her marching orders – July 18 – though that has only strengthened her resolve to remain in the house she considers her home. Ms Ross, who works for the minimum wage as a carer and lives alone, has been told by the Ministry of Social Development that she is no longer eligible for a state house.
    The ministry told the Chronicle that social housing reforms introduced in 2014 were intended to ensure that “people living in social housing still need it”.
    After 30 years, the ministry has decided that she no longer needs it. But Ms Ross believes she is being evicted because Housing New Zealand intends to sell the house, as it has others in Whanganui.’

    Better start booking more motel rooms……

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