An Existential Threat.

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The following graphic is from the Israeli Defense Forces facebook page. It is, apparently, to be treated in all seriousness. As are, equally apparently, all the other ‘required reading’ posts on the “2 million followers” official IDF page.

Upon publication, Donald Trump immediately banned the export of all rope materials to Mexico.

Also on the short-list of soon to be prohibited materials are recycled tequila bottles, all materials that may be used in the construction of kites and, of course, cripples.

Cripples are an oft overlooked deadly weapon. Slap us into a slingshot and we land like a cluster bomb. Of course, amputees aside, us cripples tend to only be of use as fairly short range missiles. Children make for very handy and quite effective medium range missiles though. And it’s this last category, given their dual use potential and the sheer numbers involved, that has led some in the White House and the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency to question the current US policy of exporting so many children to Mexico…

30 comments on “An Existential Threat.”

  1. Shona 1

    Love your work Bill. Keep it up!

  2. greywarshark 2

    I don’t understand the piece below the video. It seems to me to fall into the meme that is announced in the title. If so you have provided a good example of the approach complained about. Need to put /sarc I think.

    Is it a propaganda ploy these days to present the “utterly ridiculous” so that people, unable to engage or compute, turn away?

  3. Andy 3

    You can be quite creative with a truck or a knife these days

    • Exkiwiforces 3.1

      Don’t let me go near your shed or kitchen/ laundry area as a truck or knife would be the last thing you need to worry about.

      • Andy 3.1.1

        Not quite sure what your point is.

        • Puckish Rogue

          I’m guessing hes talking about using common items found in the kitchen/laundry area to make explosives and/or chemical weapons

          Ammonia for the win!

          (Apologies if i’m wrong)

        • Exkiwiforces

          Sorry Andy didn’t mean to offend you in that way and please accept my apology.

          With my background you don’t need a knife or truck to kill someone as a good rummage around your kitchen/ laundry area and your shed if you have one as I could possibly put together a very nasty IED or chemical IED.

          There are some very benign common cleaning items in every household and all it takes someone with a basic understanding in chemistry or things that go bang to have a wee party at someone’s expense.

          There is a very good book out about this stuff and just mentioning the name of the book sets off alarm bells and people into a flat spin with strange visits at night by you know who wink wink.

          • Cinny

            Was taught wherever you are, look around and see what you can use as a weapon, just in case, and don’t wear shoes you can’t run in (lolz have learnt to sprint in heels).

            • Exkiwiforces

              Some yrs ago I was travel around off the beaten tracks in South Vietnam and spent half day being taught by a couple of old boys from the former NVA or VC on how to make Sandals from old tyres among other things before we hit the rice whiskey in av’o.

              • Cinny

                Wows, mental note… if there is an apocalypse, I’ll be hitting you up for advice.

                That’s amazing the sandals from tires, those old boys sound mega resourceful, must have been super interesting spending some time with them.

                • Exkiwiforces

                  Those old boy’s had too be very resourceful during the during the war as Uncle Sam was throwing around an awful lot bang about the place at the time with some parts will never fully recover like Northern Laos, parts of Southern Vietnam and that’s not including the argent orange shit. Best part of South Vietnam trip talking to the poor buggers that face the ANZAC’s and the respect they have for ANZAC troops compared to the ARVN, US Forces. As it was easy fight them compared to taking on ANZAC’s as they were on a very different fighting/ Combat level altogether and I was told by an old boy one night a few political officers went missing aka shot by their own side to avoid going into battle against the ANZAC’s.

                  • We are trained in dense ‘jungle’ type conditions from the get go and how to operate surgically on a shoestring – Amercian’s rely on overwhelming numbers and technology , two things that don’t always work given the right conditions. Westmoreland found that out the hard way in irregular warfare.

                    Tet Offensive and the miles and miles of underground tunnels,… up they pop, – and its all on.

                • The Maoris made sandals out of flax- with heavily constructed flax soles.

                  • Cinny

                    And it’s because of people like you both, WK and ExKiwiForces, that I enjoy TS so much, always learning here, really appreciate the insight everyone brings to this site, super interesting.

          • Andy

            No worries no offence taken.
            Actually I hear that the acid that is used in acid attacks in London and elsewhere is a bog standard drain cleaner you can buy in supermarkets

            By the way, I don’t condone violence at all, unless in self-defence just so you know

            • Exkiwiforces

              Yes Andy you are right about the acid attacks in the UK it’s plain old drain cleaner.

            • McFlock

              Thing is, though, that although everything can be fashioned into a weapon, the response needs to be proportionate to the threat.

              And threat is a function of displayed intent and effectiveness of weapon.
              So a truck driven normally has no displayed intent, so shooting the driver is unreasonable.

              While a person throwing a rock at armed soldiers a hundred yards away shows intent (at best – it might just show defiance), but no effectiveness, so shooting the thrower is unreasonable.

              And children as a method of infiltrating Hamas into Israel is just a sick joke.

              • Exkiwiforces

                You are so correct on so many levels and partner two nights ago ask me what would happen if you tried to what IDF are doing? Jail for a very long time and your dad will be pushing shit up hill to a make half decent Defence case on my behalf in a court of law.

                It wrong on so many levels in what’s happening over there.

              • Andy

                Holding a meat cleaver and shouting “Jews we will slaughter you” is presumably a bit of light hearted fun?

                As is flying a kite with a swastika on it is too?

                Hitler is the name of a shop in Gaza. Nice people these Gazans eh?
                Our “friends”

                • Barfly

                  So ace what’s the score ATM

                  108 for 0 couple of thousand maimed

                  great game of cricket eh?

                  These lovely “Israeli’s” – you know the people whose country was founded on ethnic cleansing and the wholesale theft of Palestinian’s
                  Houses land and property.

                  Racist mass murdering scum. You support them – may you be treated with the same “justice” Israeli’s treat Palestinian’s with!

                  • Andy

                    Maybe it would be a bit fairer if we killed some IDF soldiers. One for one?

                    We could drop of some in Gaza city, without clothes, and watch them get torn limb from limb, as happened a few years back.

                • McFlock

                  Oh, someone with a meat cleaver – you might be tempted to let within 50m before putting a hole in their brain.

                  • Andy

                    The stated aim of Hamas is to destroy the state of Israel and to exterminate the Jews. 40,000 people were having a “peaceful protest” trying to infiltrate the wall and to kill Israeli citizens.

                    • McFlock

                      The aim of Israel is to destroy the West Bank and Gaza and exterminate the Palestinian people, if their track record is anything to go by.

                      Only they use rifles and segregation rather than… kites.

  4. adam 4

    Ammm…. Isn’t the idea of arson kites a settlers idea? They were the first one to try it on Gaza? Canny find the news story, but somthing about them doing it only for a joke or somthing.

    • Bill 4.1

      I guess you’re referring to the second link in this post.
      So no, the idea wasn’t originally a settler idea.

      I’m sure I’ve heard they were used in medieval times to fly people up above fortressed cities and such like. High mortality rate mind.

  5. AsleepWhileWalking 5

    Ahh the devious “rope tied to fence” method. Dual purpose rope allows tug o war against fence for stealthy access or tripwire for the unobservant Israeli.

  6. DB Brown 6

    I’ll never forgot the kindness of two young Israeli’s who fed me when hungry on the road many years ago. They offered me money and food. Racist stereotypes were being challenged…

    I’ll also never forget questioning them on the actions of their horrific government. And how these ‘kind souls’, when led into conversation, referred to Palestinians as vermin. ‘Even the children will kill you if you let them grow up’. I was the one subject to propaganda according to them.

    That was 20 years ago.

    I left social media two years ago because almost everything the algorithms spat at me was so ridiculous I couldn’t even engage. You put your finger right on the money here.

    So ridiculous that intelligent folks just throw their hands in the air. And yet deadly serious all the same.

    Murder is murder. That meme you present is so fucked up I even laughed. Laughed at the murderous lies.

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