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57 comments on “Daily review 07/03/2019”

    • Incognito 1.1

      Why would I click on that link for no obvious reason? Are they behind a paywall yet?


      • Cinny 1.1.1

        ‘Labour MPs on the justice select committee have voted against allowing China politics expert Anne-Marie Brady to make a submission on foreign interference in elections.’

        • Incognito

          Thanks Cinny.

          • Cinny

            Sweet as Incog. That article is still not enough info for me lolz. Hoping that Newsroom will have a more detailed piece on said subject in the morning.

            It appears that submissions had closed….

            ‘Submissions closed in September but that was before the committee and Justice Minister Andrew Little decided that the issue of foreign interference was going to be the focus of the inquiry.’

            • Incognito

              Indeed, it raises the question why the late submission was put forward in the first place and why they thought it would be let through. Is it ignorance and naivety (with the process) by an academic or is this a political stunt by the Opposition? Or maybe both?

              • alwyn

                If you have a proposed agenda for a Committee, have hearings, and then change completely the purpose and focus of the Committee it seems perfectly reasonable to me that you should want submissions on the new material the Committee is going to consider.
                The actions of Labour seem to only be to try and shut down any consideration at all as to what the Chinese Government has really been up to. What on earth are Labour so frightened about?

                • Incognito

                  I love the way you use adjectives and adverbs. I mean: “completely”?

                  • alwyn

                    Gosh, someone from the Victorian era.
                    Why, I bet you get a fit of the vapours when you see a split infinitive.
                    Don’t worry. The dashing Mr d’Arcy will arrive, wipe your forehead with his silk hankerchief and you will recover from your swoon.
                    It is obvious why you drift off into irrelevance of course. You can’t argue with the point of the comment.,

                    • Sam

                      Every one shut it.

                      alwyn, fill me in on what you are talking about and I’ll give you an oatmeal cookie.

                    • Incognito

                      It is rather pointless arguing the point with you as your imprecise use of the English language shows. You are prone to over-exaggeration, which is not a crime, but you cannot stand it when it’s pointed out to you. Be specific, be accurate, and be truthful, to your best ability.

                      The Committee looks at business related to constitutional and electoral matters, human rights, justice, courts, crime and criminal law, police, corrections, and Crown legal services. [my bold]


                    • Gabby

                      You trying to minimise your distortion now wally?

                • You_Fool

                  They already have national MPs on the committee, so they have all the expertise in Chinese interference they need… why have a lecture when they can just look at the end result

              • Anne

                The point is: the issue of foreign interference is an integral part of Brady’s research work. She is an expert on the subject particularly as it relates to China. The decision to concentrate on foreign interference was made after the closing date so that is why she was late with her submission.

                I suspect Brady is being denied the opportunity to speak for fear of China’s response. If that is the case then I think they might be giving National another stick to beat them with. Time will tell.

                • Incognito

                  Yes, that decision was apparently made in October last year, which would or should have left plenty of time for late submissions. Why now?

                • Cinny

                  100% agree with you Anne.

                • Gabby

                  I wonder why she wasn’t invited, let alone being downvoted.

                  • Anne

                    See my comment on OM today:

                    Open mike 08/03/2019

                    I believe it is because the ‘interest of the State’ outweighs the interest of the individual victim/victims who find themselves on the receiving end of associated criminal behaviour.

                    I happen to disagree with that hypothesis.

    • James 1.2

      Bizarre is one way to put it.

      Wonder why are trying to stop her being heard.

      • Muttonbird 1.2.1

        Ask Jian Yang. He’ll know.

        • James

          He obviously has nothing to do this with labour’s actions.

          Given your views on asians the other day – it dosnt surprise me you get in a bit of Asian bashing and blaming an Asian national mp.

          • Stuart Munro.

            Oh you never know.

            But when you see Labour and National on the same page you know something shameful is going down. Like the TPPA – our supposed representatives have bought a pup on our behalf and we’re to pay for it.

          • Muttonbird

            Neither Asian-bashing, nor blaming an Asian National MP. Just saying he will know what’s happening. It’s his job to.

            Not that you will get a reply from him because Jian Yang doesn’t even speak to New Zealand journalists, let alone British expats…

    • Sacha 1.3

      Yes, you will need to say more than that to get me to read your link.

      • Andre 1.3.1

        Since I actually rate what SM has to say, I checked the link. The headline is “Labour MPs vote against allowing China expert Anne-Marie Brady to speak at justice select committee”

        • Muttonbird

          Did you rate his comment at 1?

        • Incognito

          Thank you. Headlines speak volumes.

        • Sacha

          Thank you. If only mullets did not run out of energy before at least pasting the headline.

        • alwyn

          Given the way that the left-leaning commentators on this site jumped up and down when National complained and wouldn’t start a Committee hearing because some of the Labour MPs were to lazy to get out of bed in the morning I’m sure they will be along shortly to complain about how Parliament is not allowed to hear the opinions of a genuine expert on Chinese activities in New Zealand and that it is a total disgrace.
          What is the Labour led Government so worried about? Are they scared that some of their own activities will be exposed? Does she know about secret donations from the Chinese Government to Labour’s campaign funds and that they will be brought to public attention?
          Could it be that the Chinese will get annoyed and will veto any jobs for current Government members at any United Nations organisations?
          Has Auntie Helen put her foot down?
          What on earth are the Labour Party so scared of?

          • Muttonbird

            There’s a special on tin-foil at Pak’n’Save. Get in there for your year’s supply. Looks like you’re going to need it!

            • alwyn

              Is there any left in the shop after you have been buying the enormous quantities you seem to need?
              You have obviously been stocking up if you go to the trouble of keeping up with the Pakn’Save sales.
              I should break it to you but studies of the behaviour of paranoid types like yourself seem to indicate it doesn’t work. Sorry about spoiling your illusions.

            • AB

              “There’s a special on tin-foil at Pak’n’Save”
              Alwyn’s more likely to be a Farro Fresh kind of guy.

          • Incognito

            You obviously don’t have to be scared of razor cuts.

    • A 1.4

      Yeah what’s with that? It’s screaming red prejudice.

    • Anne 1.5

      I think bizarre is too strong a word Sm.


      The closing date for submissions was over five months ago on 23 September 2018 and the date was widely publicised by committee staff in the usual way, he said in a statement.

      The Committee had asked the Security Intelligence Service, the Government Communications and Security Bureau and the National Assessments Bureau to appear.

      “As committee chair, I am satisfied that the correct procedure has been followed and that the agencies will keep the committee well informed about any issues of foreign interference that may arise,” Huo said in a statement.

      That sounds fairly reasonable, but I’m not fully convinced it is the only reason Brady’s request was rejected. It all seems a little too convenient. It appears the decision to concentrate on ‘foreign interference’ came after the closing date.

      I’m sure National are only playing politics but something does not smell right. I hope Labour knows what it is doing.

      • alwyn 1.5.1

        ” I hope Labour knows what it is doing.”
        Well, when you look at the record of this Government over the last eighteen months, it would be a first if they did.

        • Stuart Munro.

          Pshaw – the empty vessel who didn’t even sit mum but actually applauded the gibbering incompetence and rampant corruption of the Key Kleptocracy.

          In this instance the problem may be that Labour does know what it’s doing – placing foreign interests before our own, as they have before to our great cost.

  1. joe90 2

    When fortunes depend on the oil industry.

    The White House has issued an us-versus-them challenge to carmakers: back an administration plan to roll back fuel-economy standards or risk President Donald Trump’s wrath by siding with California’s stringent emissions requirements.

    That message was delivered during a tense conference call between Trump administration officials and auto executives in late February, according to five people familiar with the call who spoke on the condition they not be identified discussing the private conversation.


    The Trump administration in August recommend capping tailpipe carbon emissions standards and fuel economy requirements at 37 miles per gallon after 2020, instead of rising to roughly 47 mpg under rules adopted by the Obama administration.

    The joint proposal by the EPA and the traffic safety administration also called for revoking California’s authority to set its own greenhouse standards for vehicles, a move that could lead to yet another legal battle between Washington and Sacramento


  2. Jilly Bee 3

    A really interesting interview this evening on Newshub with VC winner Willie Apiata by Mike McRoberts. Thank God, at long last someone is saying that PTSD is real and is suffered by ex-service people. On a personal note, my husband’s brother in law, who was in the British SAS and served time in the Balkans and Northern Ireland came home in a hell of a state, as well as beating up his wife (my lovely sister in law) and injuring his elder son in a fit of rage, he drank and smoked himself to an early death at 48, just before he was eligible for his pension. His widow got absolutely nothing when he died. I just hope something does come from Willie’s very frank confession of having suffered PTSD.

  3. Anne 4

    He’s done it again. What a twat:


    lols. Mind you I suppose there is a link between apples and cooks.

    • Incognito 4.1

      He should never ever watch The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover by Peter Greenaway. In fact, he should not watch any of his movies. It would confuse the hell out of him. He doesn’t even seem to know he’s married and should be faithful to his wife. Enough said.

  4. Labour are now as compromised to our Chinese Overlords as …

    • Gabby 5.1

      It does look like a calculated piece of stupidity. What message is being sent I wonder.

      • WILD KATIPO 5.1.1

        THIS ?

        -Though I suspect all of those tankers were just filled with beer for the CCP’s annual get – together festivity’s…

        Military parade: Nuclear missile formation – YouTube

  5. Why Raymond Huo Wants Prof Brady Blocked From Speaking To His …

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