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37 comments on “Daily review 07/05/2019”

  1. aj 1

    TV1, first seven minutes of the 6pm 'news' devoted to some royal baby. Pathetic.

    • greywarshark 1.1

      Nicer for a while than watching that orange baby who acts like Royalty as it used to be in all its individual ornariness.   It's an interesting contrast between the UK monarchy proceeding on its regular path and the labyrinthine revolutions of the supposed democracy in  the USA.

    • Tony Veitch (not etc) 1.2

      On Prime at 5.30 – same scenario. Royal brat then other incidental news and finally, at about item #6, the probability that humans will become extinct in the near future.


      "We're doomed, I tells ya, we'redoomed."

      Trying to quote someone, not sure who? A television programme?

  2. SPC 2

    So Simon is out of the House for making animal noises. 

    • SPC 3.1

      Florida voted for a referendum in 2018 giving 1.4M ex cons the right to vote in future elections. The state legislatures are trying to put in road blocks – legal hoops and financial charges that will reduce the numbers who enrol. But in a state where state wide elections for Senator, Governor and President are between 10,000 and 100,000 majorities – the GOP fear is palpable.  

  3. joe90 4

    White supremacy.


    President Trump granted a full pardon for former Army 1st Lt. Michael Behenna, who was convicted of murdering an Iraqi prisoner, the White House announced Monday.

    Behenna, an Army Ranger who deployed to Iraq in 2007, was sentenced to 15 years in prison for the unpremeditated murder of Ali Mansur Mohamed in a combat zone by a military court in 2009.

    Mansur, who was believed to have ties to al Qaeda, was interrogated but ultimately granted freedom after insufficient evidence was found to link him to an IED attack that killed two of Behanna's comrades. Prosecutors said Behenna, who was ordered to bring Mansur back to his village, then took him out to the desert, stripped him naked and shot him dead during an unauthorized interrogation.

    Behenna, now 35, claimed he was acting in self-defense, and was released on parole after serving less than five years in prison in 2014, but his efforts to overturn the conviction were in vain.



  4. SPC 5

    Idiot Savant on the non binding referendum. It's a farce why participate, they just want your vote to be re-elected, stuff em. 


    Winning by having the referendum fail and a National government re-elected. That will show them …  

    Similar in tone to the TDB commentariat where the real enemy is the "woke" left threat to civil liberties/free speech … so people should vote ACT … seriously … 

    This is of cocurse why National does better over the long term despite reprehensible priorities, they and their supporters are far more disciplined and realistic – middle class persistance in support of their self interest. 

    • adam 5.1

      Poor silly working people wanting real change, rather than the same crap served up  with a nice smile.

      If labour want re-elected , stop being economically hard right. 

      Too soon??!?

      • SPC 5.1.1

        Sure, but voting (or not voting) in way that is inimical to those concerns is mindless self destructive behaviour. 

        • adam

          How, if you vote for a government that doesn't deliver, then it's your right to not vote, or vote against them.

          Stop being silly, and expecting people to vote against their own self interest. 

    • The Chairman 5.2

      Winning by having the referendum fail and a National government re-elected. That will show them …  

      Similar in tone to the TDB commentariat where the real enemy is the "woke" left threat to civil liberties/free speech … so people should vote ACT … seriously … 

      Isn't it amazing the despair the Greens and Labour are putting their supporters through that some are now looking towards voting ACT?

      • SPC 5.2.1

        It also shows what a bubble some blogs can be, given the poll results of late. 

        • The Chairman

          Can you be a little more clear on that?

          Are you pointing at Labour's poll results or the Greens stagnating/declining poll result?

          And why do you think these comments show the blog to be a bubble? Aren't they just disgruntled left supporters feeling betrayed? Sounds to me like you are trying to diminish Labour and the Greens role in this. 

          • SPC

            Er because Labour are up ten points or so and Greens polling at 6, their election night territory. Labour could on that result in 2020 govern via coalition deals with either NZF or Greens (thus Greens could not be shut out next time). 

            Easy easy gently gently – patience is a virtue when playing the long game. It's about having a winning mentality. 

            It’s not just new MPs but supporters of incoming governments that have to breathe through the nose, especially when it was one formed by a second party with little leverage. 

            • The Chairman

              Er, ever crossed your mind that both could be doing heaps better in the polls if only they delivered a little more? 

              If I was the Greens I wouldn't find comfort in polling at 6. There is a real potential they'll be gone. 

              There is only so much shit one can take and clearly the Greens and Labour are driving their supporters into despair if some are now looking to ACT.

              This is similar to how Trump came about. And Labour and the Greens need to get in touch and own this. This is the damage they are doing to the left's morale  

              • SPC

                Of course you do, you don't want Labour to be at 47% in the polls in 2020. 

                But bar some annoyance on Kiwiblog the real National Party accepted the winning via the centrist path of John Key – realising boiling a frog requires command of the kitchen.  

                • The Chairman

                  Why do Labour aim so low? 47, meh. Aim higher, deliver more. Stop your supporters turning towards ACT. How shameful.

                  • SPC

                    National ignored the commentariat of Kiwiblog and were close to being a 4 term government. And the number of people who post on blogs is such a small subset of wider society we hardly noted any increase in the ACT vote from disenchanted righties. 

                    • The Chairman

                      Is this the insight Labour are using? No wonder they were surprised at the uproar of the dropping a comprehensive CGT.

                      I would suggest sentiments expressed in comments made on blogs are more widespread than merely the subset making them. You'd be surprised at some of the face to face feedback I get.    

                    • SPC

                      Those who want a CGT are hardly going to vote National or ACT are they? So no change to the polls then. Sorry. 

                    • The Chairman

                      Those that want a CGT won't get it by voting Labour or Green.

                      The Greens won’t get into power without Labour and Labour have already ruled it ( a CGT) out for them.

              • WeTheBleeple

                "This is similar to how Trump came about. And Labour and the Greens need to get in touch and own this. This is the damage they are doing to the left's morale "

                Absolutely. Though in all fairness you give the greens more power than they actually have. 

                Any more dithering while the planet burns they deserve zero respect. Especially if it's to secure another election – to do fuck all with.

                Tick fucking tock. When does the carousel stop (hint, it will be on fire and so will the children on it by the time the operator tries to hit the switch).

  5. adam 6

    Last election ad…


  6. joe90 7

    Because who needs a habitable planet when you've got trade!

    Mike Pompeo Praises Climate Change in the Arctic as ‘New Opportunities for Trade’

    Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appeared at the Arctic Council Ministerial Meeting in Finland to discuss the United States’ commitment to the Arctic region. While much of the secretary’s speech addressed the growing threats of Russia and China in the region, he also called the Arctic’s melting ice caps “new opportunities for trade”—despite warnings from scientists that the shrinkage is caused by climate change and could become irreversible.



  7. marty mars 8

    Ha – a secret rave for debauched exploiters – shame the bastards – oh and we will find your little venue don't worry about that lol

    The oil and gas industry is hiding when and where its annual conference will be held blaming the "threatening and aggressive" nature of protesters picketing outside past events.

    The Petroleum Exploration and Production Association of New Zealand (Pepanz) said it would not be revealing the venue and the dates for its conference for security reasons.


  8. SPC 9

    A three-person independent panel has found Waratahs and Wallabies star Israel Folau guilty of a high-level breach of Rugby Australia’s professional players’ code of conduct for his controversial social media post last month, leaving him open to being sacked from the game.

    RA will view this latest development as a major win but are well aware that, no matter what punishment is announced, Folau could still lodge an appeal.

    The 30-year-old and his team have 72 hours after a verdict is handed down to request an appeal, which would have to be heard by an entirely new panel.

    Early indications suggest that is what will happen but the length of the hearing and subsequent findings of a high-level breach could be a major blow for Folau’s team. RA was always confident of a favourable outcome and clearly the panel agreed.


    • joe90 9.1

      He'll pocket a seven figure payout and head off to France.

      • SPC 9.1.1

        I'd guess they will just pay him $1M for this year (first of the 4 years at this amount). 

        His France options lined up against his wife playing netball for an English club … 

        • joe90


          Six months after publicly objecting to same sex marriage, he had another go. I reckon he wanted out of a losing side and he's martyred himself to do so.

  9. joe90 10


    A group of French amateur astrophotographers called Ciel Austral (“Southern Sky”) have shared a 240-megapixel image of the Large Magellan Cloud (LMC). Constructed using 4,000 images, the seamless collage required over 1,060 hours of exposures. Together, the images form a massive digital poster with colorful explosions and pockets of cosmic dust that resemble watercolors dripped and blown across an inky black surface.



  10. lprent 11

    Partial fix on the search engine.

    It now does the fast search on comments and posts correctly, but with limited selection (ie the Advanced buttons aren't working well).

    I'll have a crack at the rest of  it as soon as I get some time. But work calls and so does my father's 80th. So don't expect it too fast.

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