Daily Review 11/06/2018

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17 comments on “Daily Review 11/06/2018”

  1. Tamati Tautuhi 1

    Winston has laid further charges against Ministry of Social Development/the Attorney General Chris Findlayson & Paula Bennett for the public release of his personal details re pension over payments, obviously new evidence has come to hand which has given him cause to relay these charges ?

  2. Tamati Tautuhi 2

    The Reserve Bank is introducing new standards for Bank Directors to ensure their experience and standards meet their criteria in light of reports from the International Monetary Fund on the banking sector in Australia & New Zealand ?

  3. patricia bremner 3

    A number on this site have said too many in office get away with too much…. so good on Winnie… grist to his elbow!! Paula Bennett especially!!

  4. Tamati Tautuhi 4

    Obviously he must have some solid information to pursue a prosecution, interesting to see whether the Judicial System in NZ has improved since the corruption that went on with Ronald Davidson and the Winebox Enquiry ?

    • alwyn 4.1

      He isn’t “bringing charges” and it isn’t a “prosecution”. Even when he is the “acting” PM he can’t do anything like that.
      He is claiming damages against everyman and his dog.
      I suspect that the only reason he is doing it now is that the PM gets to decide whether the people he is claiming damages from get their legal costs paid by the Crown. Winston will no doubt decide, while he is in the PM chair that his own legal costs should be paid but not those of anyone else.
      Would be pretty typical of the old B**d. Try and cost them money and then abandon the case in a couple of months.

      • dukeofurl 4.1.1

        Where is your evidence of any of this. You always harp on about others but here you are running a farrar over the facts

      • In Vino 4.1.2

        Once again, an awful lot of wishful thinking there, alwyn. I hope that if it does not come true, you will have the grace to withdraw and apologise.
        In fact you should do so now. Innocent until proven guilty. You did not say ‘I wonder if…’ – you said that you suspect he will do it.. As good as an accusation of guilt.
        Wait until it has happened before making unfounded, malicious accusations.
        Aggressive malice is all too often evident in your comments. You need a healthier pastime.

        • Marcus Morris

          I suspect that Alwyn takes his lead from Audrey Young – she is having another rant in this mornings Herald.

        • Grey Area

          Yes. There is a sour note there which I find really tiresome. It’s like he is permanently sucking on a lemon.

      • McFlock 4.1.3

        Peters is not trump.

  5. Tamati Tautuhi 5

    Flushed out the trolls again I think we will get our Troll Pick Six by 12.00am tonight ?

  6. dukeofurl 6

    The problem with the news of Peters super, is that while the Minister Tolley might be told ‘as a minister’, passing that info onto Bennett and the Pms political staff was ‘as national Mp’.

    So they are stuck in claiming taxpayers covering their legal costs, that is only as a minister not party political discussions.
    Same instance caught out Key over the ‘tea tapes’. he tried to pass off his payout as part of his prime ministerial duties. That was a con as he was talking to Banks as leader of the National party. So the taxpayers were spared his costs and payoffs.

    While the national party may have reluctantly fronted for Key on this. Cant imagine they will want to pay Tolley, Bennett, Hennesey etc legals costs and they wont be happy at all.

  7. Tamati Tautuhi 7

    Talking to my Indian Sikh mate today he reckons if Jacinda’s baby is a boy and she calls the baby Winston he would be a grumpy little barstard ?

  8. Tamati Tautuhi 8

    In light of the Australian Royal Commission of Enquiry into the Banking Sector in Australia, Adrian Orr of the Reserve Bank of New Zealand has requested information from the Banks here in New Zealand re their banking practices here in New Zealand and how they differ from Australia.

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