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Daily Review 11/11/2016

Written By: - Date published: 5:20 pm, November 11th, 2016 - 60 comments
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60 comments on “Daily Review 11/11/2016 ”

  1. rhinocrates 2

    Now it’s Leonard Cohen. Christ, what’s going to happen next?


    Apparently Cohons have about a year’s half-life in the absence of a field of Bowons.

  2. ropata 3

    new Jonathan Pie

    • Anne 3.1

      Wow! that was powerful.

      What was running through my mind watching that? The Blairites and their despicable attempts to destabilise and destroy Jeremy Corbyn. Brexit was the result, yet they had the gall to blame him! And it’s still going on… aided and abetted by the British MSM.

      And now the same scenario in America with Bernie Sanders.

    • BM 3.2

      Yeah it’s a real issue for the left wing, all the left wing crazies seem to always be front and center spouting their extremist bull shit and venom while the right crazies never seem to get any air time(thank goodness)

      The internets are not the lefts friend.

      • Richard Rawshark 3.2.1

        I am LW crazy. I have the mental Health cert to prove it, and I wear it proudly.

        this is WAR. didn’t you know, 2017, it’s ON.

        are you ready to RUMBBBBBLEEEEE

        • Pasupial

          BM coniently forgets about the alt-right and 4chan (not to mention much of reddit). Gamergate was not leftwing extremism. In general I would say that there are as many, if not more, rightwing extremists online. Only paid trolls (and BM himself, for his own reasons) would frequent leftwing sites though. This compartmentalism in the echo chamber seems the real peril of the “internets”.

          That hall of mirrors delay on the monitor was a wonderful metaphor for that in Pie’s video.

      • adam 3.2.2

        So BM what is your address, I’ll send you around some pillow cases – you can cut the eye holes out yourself…

        • Rob

          Good on you Adam , great reasoned debate.

          • adam

            Rob who died and made you king dud?

            Let me just add, you are in lala mate if you think people should be reasonable when BM is trolling.

            Oh wait, you are a troll too.

            Who would have guessed…

            • Rob

              Well Adam, it really takes one to know one.

              However your words of accusing BM of requiring white masks like the KKK is pretty low.

              Continue to hIde behind the line of calling me a troll if you feel the need to justify your behaviour.

              • adam

                I’m OK playing in the gutter with Tory scum bags like you Rob. I know BM is not a clan member, but his comments were OTT, and that deserves to be pointed out.

                And unlike you, I’m not a whinny piss ant liberal. So stop with the amateur theatrics and say your piece. It’s not the left who are the racist and lynch people. That your mob.

                Oh wait, you got some more indigenous land you want to steal. How about covering up wholesale industrial murder? MMM waiting, here it comes, more crying I suppose, more ‘poor me’ crap from a weak ass Tory git.

      • Stuart Munro 3.2.3

        Says the RWNJ so rude he has to intrude on a left site with his ill-conceived prejudices.

    • miravox 3.3

      Okay. Consider ourselves told off.

      However, I think this is only part of the story. If this election was about economic change the problem is the Democrats (call that the left if you will) had no argument to make unless they defended their record and persuaded people that inequality was reducing and wages were improving and that the top 1% had lost as much as they had since 2008- The Democrats simply could not make that argument.

      As for the social issues – of course there needs to be discussion. People need to be able to explain their views not have them shut down, respect is all important and no-one should have to put up with racist, sexist, and xenophobic abuse.

    • ianmac 3.4

      Yes Ropta. Thanks. Jonathon says all the things I think, but with more passion. 🙂

  3. Richard Rawshark 4

    Does the PM and all Mp’s have to wear safety footwear when being shown around a construction site? One should check out parmjeet parmars FB page, and

    at 1.10 ish have a chuckle at her appropriate footwear, nice job on the ill fitting hard hat though.

    I hope they removed all nails and hammers from the site prior to johns arrival..

    • Richard Rawshark 4.1

      Well I have completely wrecked the National MP’s Facebook page.

      You can all hate my comments on there, but meh, I have a job to do. Expose this racist bigoted government and tell em a few home truths.

      • Rob 4.1.1

        Actually you are a really scary fuker, period.

        You comment that you have a job to do. Well whoever has employed you to this “job” is unhinged. Your facebook comments are disgraceful, no one warrants that level of abuse.

        • Richard Rawshark

          actually flamed no, abused no.. lots and lots of facts and posts HELL yeah.

          my first two posts were ngarly but I just read what her hubby did, then I quickly settled into, wrecking the place with polite posts of facts.

          • James

            Richie – it looks like you are using a false name on Facebook (compaired with the last name you have on here the other day) – I’m assuming this is you I have seen posting crap all over the national Facebook page.

            Why are you too scared not to stand behind what you say ? It’s the norm to use your real name there.

            • Richard Rawshark

              Well, Mr whatever, I may have a complicated history of parenting MATE.

              Try using that blue matter between your ears you racism supporter to think, is there any other, possible reason, I may see two last names in relation to this person?

              let’s see how smart these racist party supporters are.

              and if that irks your sense of right wing superiority, frankly my little girl, I don’t give a damn. Especially after baiting me for 3-4 days over Andrew little and repeating a lie ad nauseum to everyone here,

              You, clown, do you make friends that way.?

              • James

                Not baiting you – discussing. It’s you that seems to get all pissy and personal seeing it as something it isn’t.

                Btw – I haven’t lied – but you have end when called out had to admit you were making up polls that didn’t exist – so transferrance much ?

                • Richard Rawshark

                  see still trying.

                  New poll out today national down to 29%!!!!, now like last time, will you all get your knickers in a twist over my wind-up and take it serious.

                  The biggest joke’s on you James, in that, you still after all these day’s didn’t get it was all a joke.

                  and that is why your pathetic..

                  Polls, pfft, you lay so much faith in them,, when someone comes along with a spurious one, your all flap around like panicked pilchards.

                  • James

                    2 things – at 29% they are still higher than labour.

                    Secondly “just tricking” didn’t work when you present something as fact – as you did.

                    Anyway – I’m off for a nice lunch. Enjoy your day.

        • Richard Rawshark

          first part NO, you don’t know me, scary, everyone is, if you know the button to push.

          Second part, JOB, yep when you watch what National did to the Labour candidate, image all the Fairfax camera’s are on you, your wife is being insulted, and you have to stand and take it, because they are trying to get you to react on camera, to show labour as losing the plot.

          He was set up, think my opinions wrong, nah brah.

          paybacks a bitch.

    • Rob 4.2

      Mate, you flamed her, wow , lets just read it and gloat.

      Richard Wilson She’s so dumb her and the PM just deleted a video hoping to save themselves from court for not wearing appropriate safet fottwqear in a trip around a cionstruction site, sadly for them I have all the photo’s on my pc now lodged several complainsts and sent them CC to Andrew Littlte She’s scrambling now to save her ass.

  4. Macro 5

    We will remember him:

  5. Richard Rawshark 6

    Act the way you need to, to make the world act the way it should.

    hundreds of thousands of angry protesters stopped the Vietnam war.

    • Rob 6.1

      Thats great Richard, I am sure all the Viet vets on both sides will be appreciative of your hard out typing efforts behind the keyboard. Its almost like you were at the Tet Offensive counting the rotors and supporting the brothers.

      Kia Kaha brah and stay strong you warrior you.

      • Richard Rawshark 6.1.1

        nice sarcasm, I almost thought you were serious, credit due that burn took after me own heart, impressive wordsmithing yourself.

        kia kaha brah 🙂

        ps all good, and your right about KB warrior, not much actual activism these days, those protesters to old now mate, we got fat n lazy. Or too stoned in the day.

        look at us all, warring on the internet with words, it truly is pathetic and I heard what’s your saying. Fair enough, my only excuse is you have to do something, if it’s this, best make a good effort, that’s part of being kiwi too, we always give it our best.


  6. Paul 7

    The left wing could listen to….

    Michael Moore

    John PIlger

    Jonathan Pye

    or Russell Brand

    or you could listen to the mainstream media echo chamber.
    The BBC.
    The New York Times
    The Guardian
    Radio New Zealand.

    Your choice.

    • weka 7.1

      I do both. Pretty sure you do too ;-p

    • Richard Rawshark 7.2

      Glad you didn’t put links for the lower ones, I was afraid it would virus my pc.

    • Manuka AOR 7.3

      could listen to…

      Hmmm – someone who would like to limit what people watch and listen to.
      How democratic is that.


      • Paul 7.3.1

        Saying one sources of newsreels emblems propaganda is not the same as what you say.
        Some of the left are not going to learn the lessons from Trump’s election, sadly.

        • Manuka AOR

          “Either” // “or” tends to limit one’s choices, which is what your comment “advises”.

  7. Richard Rawshark 8

    I had a revelation today, national have a lot of weaknesses, but only one archilies heal, there racist stance and foundations.

    National I think, have cottoned onto the fact most NZ’ers who remember their backing of the spring boks tour 1980 to the worlds condemnation have forgotten it or we just don’t talk about it much these days, well for all the immigrants that come here and have done, they do not know the history of this Nations political parties, and especially the disgraceful secret national has in it’s closet.

    How opposition parties fought battle lines with the police to protest for there rights, and national, now national imports them and tells them they are great.

    Time to teach history, tell them it was the Greens Labour and the men and women of NZ that stood up to this racist government.

    Then let them decide.

  8. Richard Rawshark 9

    and no surprises why the ALL Blacks luv the Nats.

    • Rob 9.1

      All the All blacks??? Really ??? Good on you Brah , lets point your smelly and elongated finger at bunch of multi cultural athletes who play rugby. Yeah, you go and tell em off.

      • mauī 9.1.1

        When you don’t tow the party line you’re out of the AB’s, simple as that.


        Or you could ask David Pocock from the Wallabies about what happened when he got involved in a political cause.

      • Richard Rawshark 9.1.2

        Ignorant Rob, obviously you don’t know the history of politics in NZ either.

        On our 100 centenary year, we remember the fight against national and there use of the ALL Blacks through the years, like sending them to and inviting them from Apartheid south Africa. While the world pointed at us for breaching the embargo’s of trade and sport.

        The comment I refer is actually more about all the photo ops Key does with them, no one remembers what Nationals did or still quietly do, but the all black of today are the most ignorant or they would tell the Nats to FUCK OFF.

        National not racist now you say, i’d say to you Findlay and Brash and their donations to right wing Nazi groups would paint a different pic, now you can call me a liar, you probably are right now, i’d suggest perhaps just doing some clever google searches, if you still need help, i’ll consider it , though your pretty fucking rude little girl I may ignore ya.

  9. Incognito 10


  10. Rob 11

    Trump Deports Steven Adams After Oklahoma City Thunder Lose
    Posted on November 11, 2016 by thaicastle1 in Sports // 15 Comments

    Trump has started his deportation of illegal immigrants from the US. As one of Trump’s first moves since becoming the President-elect on Wednesday, he has singled out Kiwi Basketballer, Steven Adams, and told him to pack his bags.

    “This guy is taking $100m from the US economy, and he’s sending it back to Mexico or China or something. Somewhere huge.

    I’ve been in business all my life, I’ve made a very successful company, and right now he’s making more than me and he can’t even win against the Raptors. A foreigner. A Muslim. A Mexican. He’s everything we don’t want.

    We want to double our growth and this guy literally couldn’t be any taller, believe me”.

    Adams spoke to Thai Castle shortly after, saying he was disappointed about the decision, but most of all was terrified about being deported to Mexico instead of to New Zealand.

    “Trump said I was to go to Mexico and help build the wall, because of my height. He thinks I’m Mexican”

    Adams has so far spent $5.4m of his contract, and will be starting a givealittle page to help pay it all back.

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