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Daily Review 17/01/2017

Written By: - Date published: 5:30 pm, January 17th, 2018 - 57 comments
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57 comments on “Daily Review 17/01/2017 ”

  1. Ed 1

    Weird weather, the Herald says.
    Rachel Stewart asks “Are we worried yet?”

    Record-breaking heat wave leaves trail of dead trout across Southland.

    Dead trout are turning up in streams around Southland following the record-breaking heat wave but Fish & Game staff fear the worst is yet to come.
    Fish & Game staff have received dozens of calls from anglers of dead trout turning up in waterways.
    Southland Fish & Game operations manager Zane Moss said the high temperatures combined with low water levels were causing fish to die.
    Moss expected there would be dead fish turning up for a while and it was hard to estimate how many could be affected.
    It was mainly fish in the smaller tributary streams and rivers that had been affected.
    There had even been a few dead eels turning up and they were known for their hardiness, Moss said.
    While the recent heat wave had cause dozens of fish to die, Moss was more concerned that Southland was yet to see February and March, which were typically the hottest months.

    • Ian 1.1

      I am more worried about Rachel Stewarts sanity.Bat shit crazy comes to mind ,but I suppose she connects with a subset of the population.

      • Ed 1.1.1

        Shoot the messenger

      • patricia bremner 1.1.2

        Ian, Rachel is an award winning journalist. You are a troll.

        • Ed

          She deals with a lot of unpleasant abuse from the dairy farming and rural community for her truth telling.

      • One Anonymous Bloke 1.1.3

        I am more worried about [redacted’s] sanity.

        Only two months ago you were worried that the Marxists were going to repossess your pants.

        Credit where it’s due: that’s a significant reduction in your bitter paranoid foolishness. But have you moved the irrigator yet?

      • You and others like you are the ones that are ‘batshit crazy’ as you deny reality.

      • ropata 1.1.5

        Science is a left wing conspiracy.
        Shame that your grandchildren will never see fish/trees/birds, after you have poisoned the planet

  2. Ed 2

    Pokie machines.

    Russia has banned them

    In 2007, gambling of any kind was banned in all but four regions of Russia from 2007, with an amnesty period for existing establishments ending in 2009.

    New Zealand hasn’t. So people suffer.

    He woke up in the morning and resolved: ‘I will not gamble today’. But his addiction took him back. Michael Demchy dropped more than one hundred thousand dollars in to pokie machines. Many other New Zealanders give up hundreds of millions of dollars more each year.

    • Union city greens 2.1

      Compared to GB pub fruit machines, pokies are a pile of proverbial.
      Bring back the memories with this emulator and accurate roms of real games.
      Not perfect on my 1080 monitor, but games are still playable, and all for free with no risk of blowing the rent money.


    • The Fairy Godmother 2.2

      I would love to see pokie machines banned. They take money out of poor communities which goes to rich communities in the form of grants for sports clubs etc. That’s probably why we still have them.

      • BM 2.2.1

        Yeah, because there are no sports clubs or kapu haka, youth clubs etc in poor areas 🙄

        • Ed

          From the article.

          “Most of Auckland’s 3,565 pokie machines are clustered in the low socio-economic south, where levels of income and employment are below the city’s averages. These suburbs also house high numbers of Māori and Pacific Islanders — who the Problem Gambling Foundation say are over three times more likely to become problem gamblers than the average adult.

          To illustrate: the local board areas of Manurewa and Ōrākei have roughly the same population, 82,000 and 80,000 respectively. Manurewa, in the heart of south Auckland, has 162 pokie machines that kept $3,908,000 of punters’ money between July and September last year. Upmarket and leafy Ōrākei in Auckland’s east, however, has less than half that number of machines and they reaped a third of Manurewa’s pokie hoardings over the same period. Manurewa is made up of 33 per cent Pacific Islanders and 25 per cent Māori, while Ōrākei is just three per cent of the former and five per cent of the latter.”

        • Sam

          Lottery mentality. Both ridiculous and amazing at the same time… Better off going to some one like John Key or Tai Lopez for financial advice…

          • Draco T Bastard

            Better off going to some one like John Key or Tai Lopez for financial advice…

            No it isn’t. It’s following the advice from people like that that have brought us to the collapse of the financial system and the ongoing destruction of the biosphere in the name of profit for the few.

            Heads or Tails? Either Way, You Might Beat a Stock Picker

            Imagine a world where investors in the stock market have no skill whatsoever. The investors themselves don’t understand this, however, and many truly believe that they are good at what they do.

            But in this thought experiment, there’s no doubt about the underlying reasons for fund managers’ success: When they turn in an outstanding performance, it’s just a matter of dumb luck.

            What would stock fund managers’ performance numbers look like in such a universe? Very much like the world we live in now, but with an important difference: Over the last five years, actively managed stock mutual funds have performed even worse than would have been predicted if the fund managers were flipping coins instead of picking stocks.

            Your heroes and leaders are pathetic, unskilled tricksters.

            • Sam

              Draco, Draco, Draco… You see it’s comments like these why you can’t use your real name.

              • I do use my real name.

                And I note that, like all RWNJs, you failed to address my point and went straight to an ad hominem attack.

                • Sam

                  If I was using ad hominem you’d know about it basturd.

                  I mean finally. After years of searching you’ve finally found what you’ve been looking for this whole time… You’ve journied high, you’ve journied low, mostly low. Just to find that one comment that, just to find vindication, just to confirm your bias that moia is the standards fav right wing ninja super villain. I mean congratulations muh saan. You’ve finally done it, eh, you did it boy… Well done… You ought to be congratulated 😂😂😂😂

        • Muttonbird

          Could you let me know whether the rank stupidity you display on this forum is deliberate or not?

          • Ed1

            While I know little of Tai Lopez, I suspect he normally gives advice to those with more than most pokie addicts have, but advice he would give is likely to be not to spend money on pokies. As far as John Key is concerned I suspect he does not profit from pokies, so if asked would probably be no t to bet; but then we are aware that his advice in another context led directly to less specific but more widespread impoverishment of many – Sam may have at least an arguable point as to whwther John Keys views and advice are better or worse than the attraction of a pokie . . . tough call . . .

        • reason

          The pokkies industry and the way the money is ‘donated’ could be described as a bad joke about New Zealand corruption…. and it was set up that way.

          There has probably been more money stolen than donated to kapa Haka groups or youth groups that BM pretends to have concern for ….

          Its all been quite a long running fraud …. where the pub owners dish out the donations …

          • Sam

            Lottery mentality is thinking you can put money through a pokei machine and exponentially compound wealth 😂😂😂😂

      • Ed 2.2.2

        Would be worth finding out the names of charities who scavenge from the misery of pokies.
        And boycott them.

        • Stunned mullet

          go for it…


          • Muttonbird

            They don’t provide any sense of where the monies are collected and distributed in any recognisable way. That’s deliberate, lazy, or both. These clowns need to be made to report better. Same with NZ Lotteries.

            Promoting gambling to support communities is rowing against the current and self-defeating.

            Get another funding vehicle. This one is shit.

          • James

            Oh my hog Ed wants to boycott the Alzheimer’s society and Heart kids. How callious

            • Ed

              Do you think the poor, the addicted and the vulnerable should be funding these programmes?
              Or should rich boat owners with big barbecues pay a lot more tax to fund our social programmes?

              • james

                I think its disgusting you call for a boycott of the Alzheimer’s society and Heart kids.

                And you are right – my BBQ is huge.

                • Ed

                  Do you think the poor, the addicted and the vulnerable should be funding these programmes?
                  Or should rich boat owners with big barbecues pay a lot more tax to fund our social programmes?

                  • james

                    as a rich boat owner with a big BBQ – I already pay a lot more tax than most.

                    So no – I do not think that it should necessitate additional tax.

                    There is plenty of wasteful spending that could go towards this.

                    and unlike you I wouldnt boycott helping kids with Congenital Heart Defects and childhood heart disease – I’d make a donation as opposed to calling for their boycot on petty ideological lines.

                    Here is hoping no family member of you gets Alzheimer’s – I guess you would revisit your boycott then huh?

                    • Ed

                      Watch the unpleasant smears against me. Be very careful with the personal and threatening direction your attacks are going. This is an unnecessary angle you have taken since my comments about charities not taking money from pokie machines.

                      I have made no comments against people with terrible illnesses and I will not have you make that innuendo. I have said that governments ( with a much bigger tax intake from rich people like you) should support such organisations not charities.

                      I really don’t understand why you aren’t banned from this site permanently.

                • Muttonbird

                  They go to NZCT because bizarrely that is the funding which is available. Boycotting them will place pressure on gambling as a fund raising mechanism and hopefully destroy it forever.

                  Don’t forget James that a responsible government is in place now so more public support will be directed toward sufferers of Alzheimers and heart disease lifting the burden from charity organisations previous forced to beg from gambling addicts.

                  • james

                    “Don’t forget James that a responsible government is in place ”

                    Yet to be proven, but I guess time will tell.

                  • Ed

                    James mentioning my family members and Alzeimers is a new low.

                    • Muttonbird

                      It’s his thing to bring family into it to try to provoke a reaction. It’s because his argument has failed. Should be moderated imo but I’m not holding my breath.

                    • Ed

                      I have asked weka to keep an eye out for James.

            • One Anonymous Bloke

              Charity is obscene: an admission of societal failure and far too often a vehicle for crime and prejudice.

              Ed will no doubt mangle and obscure the issue, but his instincts are spot on.

              • Ed

                I agree with you oab.
                Much better for the state to deal with these issues than private charity.
                I’ll try not to mangle the argument!

              • Muttonbird

                +1. Whenever they come to my door I say I pay tax for society to look after this.

  3. Ed 3

    Next time someone tells you how wonderful their Iphone is
    Next time someone tells you how awesome Apple is
    Next time someone tells you how philanthropic Tim Cook is

    Point them to this article

    Workers spending 10 hours a day making iPhones are being exposed to noxious chemicals for as little as NZ$2.75 an hour, according to new reports.

    Dangerous conditions at the Apple supplier Catcher Technology Co. factory in Suqian, China, have been detailed in a report from advocacy group China Labor Watch and in reporting from Bloomberg News.

    There are not enough gloves, earplugs or glasses to protect workers from toxic coolant and particles of metal that are sprayed during the manufacturing process, according to an investigation carried out by China Labor Watch between October 2017 and January 2018.

    “Excluding the workers who wear glasses, all other workers in the workshop operate machinery with no eye protection,” reads the report.

  4. BM 4

    Must say Ed you’re getting a bit spammy.

  5. Muttonbird 5

    It’s not rocket science, but it is rocket science to Bill English.

    Schools will not close disparities in education achievement between poor and rich children without…the Government (addressing) social factors such as housing and health in order to help schools improve students’ education outcomes.

    Apparently Bingles thinks more testing should do it. National Standards must be right up there with the biggest misdirected failings of the last Nat government.


  6. greywarshark 6

    Fishing guides coming in on tourist visas and setting up for themselves in NZ, taking work from locals and probably not following guidelines and showing any interest in conservation that we want. The NZ guides want licences to be applied for. Doesn’t that make sense. Could NZ government apply themselves enough so they can run a cakestall successfully.?

    And with all the money we pay for Treasury to show us how to get poor in five easy lessons, they’ve got the wrong figures for how much and how many children we can get out of poverty for both National and Labour. They are fronting up and are sorry.

    I heard a song the other day, that would do for them.
    Your love lifted me higher than ever before!
    Now once, I was down hearted
    Disappointment, was my closest friend
    But then you, came and it soon departed
    And you know he never
    Showed his face again

    Well I have a cost efficient idea for them. Let people tender for their jobs, with proviso that we reserve the right not to accept any or the lowest tender. The human resources people can check them out looking near the bottom and working up. We don’t want a Pakistani bank teller in a smart suit and a forged CV, or a European who wants to run us like Luxembourg on the one hand, or Greece on the other, as is that is. If we could get Varoufakis maybe we could get somewhere good.

    • weka 6.1

      hmm, pretty sure you’re not allowed to work in NZ if you are on a tourist visa.

    • NZJester 6.2

      If they are working here on a tourist visa they should be arrested, fined and deported. Tourist visas prohibit a person from working here so they are breaking the law.

      • greywarshark 6.2.1

        Well that is what the fishing guides have said, and by the time they find that someone is a tourist and what they have been up to, it is too late to recover the fish and the damage to their own living. The laws must be backed up by a requirement for registration that is jealously guarded, and requires high standards,
        and then spell that out in the tourist information literature.

  7. Muttonbird 7

    I see the go to wing-nut professor Paul Moon is getting a right kicking for his racist comments on the demise of Te Reo. Backed up by Bill English the thinking of the conservative rump of NZ is that if Maori is to survive then it’s up to Maori and only Maori to do it. After all, according to Bingles, it’s “someone else’s language”.

    Paul Moon is getting a soft kicking though, in part by the hashtag #LetsShareGoodTeReoStories and also by Maori women. It’s beautiful that the opinions of such closed minded and regressive individuals such as Moon and English are challenged softly and by brown women – the very people old white men fear most.


  8. eco maori 9

    I need to get a better device I put out some post last night that was a bit shit

  9. eco maori 10

    Thanks for the heads up guys from the Rock man the sandflys got a micphone up my ass lol if you are blessed with what I’ve got you are going to chafe. As for the my driving I’m using fuel saving techniques to save fuel and I know that it pisses of the sandflys plus they are allways putting a snail or two in front of me to try and influence my driving make speed I can’t stand having the fuel light on it would take half hour to bleed a diesel f that had to crash start the old girl 3 night ago the starter motor was playing up I thought I would have to buy a second hand one should be new but short on funds I decided to check all the joints and bolts found one lose bolt I wonder how that happened??????
    The black caps are pumping to much I remember when Sir Richard Hadley was domernating world cricket I was 9 in Tirawhiti we would play cricket in the paddock many thanks to the black caps they show that one does not have to be a dick to win that’s the Kiwi way humble Many thanks to Steven Adams he is pumping to and he definitely shows the Kiwi way. Ka kite ano

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    No household should have had their power disconnected 18 recommendations, mostly EA and Transpower related The EA must strengthen its oversight of the system operator An investigation into power cuts that left more than 34,000 households without electricity on one of the coldest nights of the year has found that ...
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  • COVID-19 Protection Framework supported by new testing and contact tracing strategy
    Wider use of rapid antigen testing from 1 December Increasing daily laboratory capacity to 60,000 PCR tests Q1 2022 A new national telehealth case investigation service with 475 investigators A nearly $1 billion investment in testing, contact tracing and case investigation A new national testing strategy will provide better protection ...
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  • Supporting New Zealanders to recover from COVID-19 in the community
    $300 million boost to Pharmac to buy new medicines to treat COVID-19 Care in the Community approach will see most cases receive initial contact from a healthcare provider wiithin 24 hours Support pack provided within 48 hours Regular health checks throughout recovery The Government is increasing the support for New ...
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  • Additional support for people isolating at home
    New regional MSD COVID-19 welfare teams to coordinate social service support for those isolating at home Regional teams working alongside other government agencies, iwi/Māori and community providers for housing, food and income support Government investment of $204.1m into welfare system support for Care in the Community Minister for Social Development ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
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  • Tax bill provides vital support for families
    A boost to Working for Families tax credits, as part of a package of financial support that will see 346,000 families better off, has been passed into law late last night.  Revenue Minister David Parker said the measures would lift the incomes of those receiving the Family Tax Credit, the ...
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  • New text service to support disabled peoples’ vaccinations
    Efforts to support disabled peoples’ vaccinations go from strength-to-strength with the launch of a new text service, Minister for Disability Issues Carmel Sepuloni announced today. The service, run by Whakarongorau Aotearoa on behalf of the Ministry of Health, is in response to feedback from the disability community and is an ...
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  • Proactive Calendar Release – October 2021
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  • Pacific community reach vaccination milestone
    Pacific communities across the nation have rolled up their sleeves and played their part to reach a major vaccination milestone, 90 percent  have now had their first vaccination, Aupito William Sio, Minister for Pacific Peoples and Associate Minister of Health said. “Reaching this milestone reflects the work Pacific Health Providers ...
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  • Reconnecting New Zealand – the next steps
    Fully vaccinated Kiwis and other eligible travellers can travel to NZ from Australia without staying in MIQ from 11.59pm Sunday, 16 January 2022 Fully vaccinated Kiwis and other eligible travellers can travel to NZ from all other countries from 11.59pm Sunday, 13 February 2022 All fully vaccinated individuals will be ...
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    7 days ago
  • Shot in the arm for Canterbury tourism
    A brand new tourism attraction launched in the Canterbury high country is designed to transform the regional economy from seasonal peaks and troughs of past visitor trends. Regional Economic Development and Tourism Minister Stuart Nash has officially opened the Ōpuke Pools at Methven, which received government backing from the Provincial ...
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    1 week ago
  • Combined efforts connecting locals to nature
    A Government investment in six community and iwi-led projects across the Hawke’s Bay district will provide nature-based jobs for more than 60 locals, Conservation Minister Kiri Allan says. “Combined, these projects are contributing to a really ambitious conservation effort across the region, while at the same time up-skilling and offering ...
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    1 week ago