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38 comments on “Daily Review 20/03/2017”

  1. Cinny 1

    Education Minister Hekia Parata accused of ‘vendetta’ over Salisbury School

    Personal I believe that because Parata is finished, (retiring for family reasons – really?) she is just going to leave Salisbury in limbo until after the election.

    How many more will suffer in the next six months until we get our new government?
    The good news is the longer Parata leaves it, the longer Salisbury School stays open.

    This comment from the article is very telling.. and good on them for sticking up for Salisbury School, for this person, closing Salisbury School is a deal breaker, as it will be for a number of voters especially in Nickoff’s Electorate.

    “I’ve always been a National supporter but if Hekia Parata closes this school I will vote Labour (did I really say that?!) at this years election. The staff at this school are saints and these children benefit from their presence.”

    Epic photo for DR btw 😀

    • Cinny 1.1

      Well, well, well the comment i copy/pasted from the article has now vanished from the Stuff website. Wonder who removed it and why. Dodgy as.

  2. mickysavage 2

    Angela Merkel must have wondered what she had become involved in during her visit to the White House. Trump clearly snubbed her. There were a number of people saying rather loudly “handshake” including her but Trump refused.

    Spicer reckons he did not hear.

    Stupid really and another distraction from the really big stuff he is doing but a futher example of how he has no style.


  3. Mrs Brillo 3

    I have to read the Washington Post online to find out what his team is really up to behind all the gaffes and goofiness that so amuse and preoccupy our local rags. And our comic strip TV channels.

    There’s some bad stuff being rushed through into law. Ordinary Americans will suffer.

    But he is getting away with it because the news outlets are all rushing to cover his “look over there – a Trumpanzee!” antics.

    • Carolyn_nth 3.1

      yes, I think a lot of Republicans are very happy with trump’s headline-grabbing antics.

    • Sabine 3.2

      there are currently no check and balances. So its a free for all, and its so much that literally no one can keep up.

      However, the town hall events at the moment seem to be nightmares for republican senators and congress critters. So there is that. But yeah, it sure ain’t fun being female, old, young, disabled, etc etc etc.

      • adam 3.2.1

        You seem to be under the illusion that somehow it was Sabine. I know for disabled, female, old, etc.etc of colour it sure ain’t ever been fun…

  4. Carolyn_nth 4

    Geezus! Some more white supremacist stuff at Auckland Uni. Obviously some feeling empowered by Trumpism.

    Warning some “white lives matter” nasty posters shown on the RNZ article.

    Posters depicting what are being described as white supremacist views have been plastered across Auckland University’s central campus.

    A group called the Western Guard has put up posters asking people to “join the fight” against what it calls “white genocide”, while its website said no “homosexuals, transsexuals or any other form of mental illness” were allowed to join.

    Auckland University Students Association president Will Matthews said the slogans typically aligned with white supremacist sentiments and the requirements to join were appalling.

  5. feijoa 5

    Did anyone see Broadchurch on TV 1 last night
    About 10 minutes from the end.
    The cops are investigating a rape case, and David Tennant who plays one of the cops says
    ” you know it almost makes me embarrassed to be a man” or something close

    Hope David Cunliffe catches up with the episode online , and settles back with a glass of wine
    Hope the media flunkies squirmed when they heard it.
    It sounded a very reasonable comment in the context

  6. joe90 6

    Cat out of the bag?.

    Huh? Devin Nunes says of "people working at the White House now," none are under intel investigation or surveillance "but one." pic.twitter.com/9lxN79cbgl— Tommy Christopher (@tommyxtopher) March 19, 2017


  7. adam 7

    Ideological rigidity – which seems to be a common thing these days – is truly the fodder of good comics.

  8. joe90 8

    I had no idea the inherent good in getting to know your neighbours had a name.

    If you’re the sort of person who thinks about human nature, about who we are as a species, it’s easy to experience some whiplash these days. Here’s a story about Germans welcoming migrants at a train station in Munich. There’s a story about Swedes burning down housing for migrants. Here are Americans electing Donald Trump, who proposed a ban on all Muslims entering the country, as president. But there are Americans turning out by the thousands to protest at airports after he signed an executive order they viewed as anti-Muslim.


    But in the last few months I’ve found a bit of solace and much-needed solidity in a social-psychological idea that has been developed for the better part of the last century: the contact hypothesis. It’s the simple, inspiring idea that when members of different groups — even groups that historically dislike one another — interact in meaningful ways, trust and compassion bloom naturally as a result, and prejudice falls by the wayside.


  9. Red Hand 9

    A long wait 100 + years but always inevitable. Blood (and culture) speaks to blood.

  10. See you tomorrow, Bill.

    We are touching the fishy – oh, and a whole lot more.

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