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37 comments on “Daily Review 25/07/2017”

  1. “but, but, but, – if I don’t see it, it isn’t happening” – favorite quote of right wingers

    Over 200 people are still waiting for emergency housing in one South Auckland community alone. Manurewa MP Louisa Wall is calling on more government support as homelessness reaches epic proportions.

    A shortage of Housing New Zealand homes has seen an influx of homelessness in Manurewa. There are 47 registered homeless people in the Manurewa CBD alone.

    Manurewa MP Louisa Wall says, “We have an under provision of state houses in my electorate and in fact, housing New Zealand have decommissioned 240 state houses.”

    The government spends over $140,000 on emergency accommodation a day. Manurewa MP Louisa Wall says that some emergency accommodation in Manurewa is uninhabitable.


    and amazingly the right and this government don’t want people to know about this – if they did they would record the information

    Today in Question Time we saw a perfect example of how government dodges accountability: by deliberate ignorance. Asked how many beneficiaries were homeless, the Minister for Social Development made it clear that she didn’t know, and asked that it be set down as a written question. Not that that would likely result in any answers, because it is highly unlikely that WINZ collects this data (and in fact, the requirement for a contact address in order to receive a benefit means that they can simply pretend that all beneficiaries have homes – and violently cut off anyone who contradicts the official story).

    It gets worse. Because the next question was how many beneficiaries have committed suicide in the past ten years. On this, the Minister was clear that WINZ had never collected such data. Which seems to be one hell of a gap. Because surely if beneficiaries are killing themselves, that’s the sort of thing we should know, and which should result in questions being asked about whether WINZ’s policy of cruelty towards the poor is a contributing factor. But those are not questions the government or WINZ wants asked, so the data is never collected.


    • weka 1.1

      You could build 2 or 3 decent tiny homes for $140,000. Or after a week you could build a couple of macro houses.

      What National are doing is profligate waste and gross incompetency, but as micky pointed out today it’s also about where their values are at. They. just. don’t. care.

      • Carolyn_nth 1.1.1

        weka, check the Hosking discussion – phone number?

        • Anne

          25 July 2017 at 6:52 pm
          Mike Hosking: Narcissistic prig:

          prig noun
          a self-righteously moralistic person who behaves as if they are superior to others.

        • weka

          sorry, only just seen this and didn’t realise it was urgent. Next time throw the word MODERATOR in, and then any of us will pick it up. Cheers.

          • Carolyn_nth

            Okay, Lynn picked it up eventually. It just looked like you were on board as you had made the last comment.

            • weka

              replying to me or one of the other moderator’s recent comments is a good idea.

      • They. just. don’t. care.

        Of course they care – just not about poor people.

        They care about rich people getting higher profits for doing even less work.

      • Stuart Munro 1.1.3

        If you standardised you could probably build half a dozen for that – sites would be extra though. I have a feeling that’s going to have to be part of the solution because of the scale of the problem. A pretty safe job creation & skills training scheme for any government that means to actually do its job.

        • weka

          “If you standardised you could probably build half a dozen for that”

          True, although in smaller spaces I think you need to take more care not using materials that offgas too much, which can move the price up.

          I really like the training/job creation potential, as well as owner/builder potential.

          I could see tiny homes being stepping stones for some people/families, and long term for others.

          • Stuart Munro

            NZ is blessed with a wealth of macrocarpa – lovely stuff – good weather qualities without chemical preservatives. Now if we could get Tesla’s tiles or equivalent, https://www.tesla.com/en_NZ/solarroof, a micro solid fuel stove for cold weather events like these http://blazingstoves.wixsite.com/blazingstoves, proper double glazing or shoji panels instead of the rubbish ‘two panes in one conductive aluminium frame’, and euro level insulation and ventilation we’d almost be ready to roll them out.

            • weka

              Sounds bloody good to me. I love macrocarpa, we should be planting shitloads of it. Some passive solar, composting toilets, and grey water gardens too.

              Interesting tiny stove. I’ve seen these ones in house trucks,


              • Stuart Munro

                Tnx – Looks great – back when I was crayfishing we had a tiny coal stove between the bunks – only lit it when it was absolutely freezing. One small scoop of coal & it’d get so hot we had to open a couple of hatches. The Greens as a community have the knowledge to make something like this work really well. A lot of other practical kiwis could help too.

              • greywarshark

                I thought that macrocarpa was only good under cover, didn’t weather well. Was I told wrong?

                • weka

                  You can use macro outside. It’s one of the timbers we should be using instead of tantalised pine.


                  • McFlock

                    tantalised pine.
                    God bless typos. I’m imagining a pine tree pining because it’s been tantalised 🙂

                  • Our house is clad with macrocarpa. We painted it but I wish we’d left it bare as macrocarpa ages to silver and is long-lasting if it isn’t touching the ground. Oiling makes it even better. Beautiful scent when cut.

                • gsays

                  Under cover is best.
                  Up to 20-30 years as decking, gets slippery though.
                  Probably go a lot longer as a cladding if painted/sealed, even better under a verandah.

                  Be great framing too if seasoned.

                  I don’t know if there is all that much left.
                  Here in the manawatu it is getting harder to get trees as firewood and I am not sure if it is getting planted anything like it was 80-100years ago.

                  • weka

                    “Probably go a lot longer as a cladding if painted/sealed, even better under a verandah.”

                    Ae, appropriate design is imperative with natural materials.

                • Stuart Munro

                  I believe so – you’d probably want to oil it if its exterior, but it’s superior framing, stronger and more rot resistant than PR. I wouldn’t use it for piles untreated, but that’s what concrete’s for.

        • NZJester

          There are places overseas where they build entire houses with windows, plumbing, and electrical wiring inside of factories and then ship out the final house in modules to be assembled in one to two day depending on the size on a concrete base already put in.
          This production line method greatly reduces the build time and over all cost with builders, plumbers, and electricians all on staff. Building inspectors can easily check all the work as they head along the lines.
          We need such a factory here in New Zealand.

      • mickysavage 1.1.4

        The really crazy thing about the government buying up motels is they displaced families that were living there. Net effect was zero. Better that they actually build new houses.

  2. joe90 2

    Now, watch Labor make a pigs ear of any advantage.

    History repeats itself, but always with variations on the theme.

    Sixty-odd years ago, a group of mostly religious social conservatives led by a Catholic zealot divided the Labor Party and condemned it to a protracted term in opposition.

    Now a bunch of mostly religious social conservatives led by a couple of Catholic zealots seem to be doing their best to make it happen again. But this time they’re doing it to the Liberal Party.

    Last time the main wrecker was Bartholomew Augustine Santamaria, better known as B. A. Santamaria. This time, it’s Tony Abbott and Cory Bernardi. But the war is being fought on much of the same ground and the tactics are much the same, too.


  3. Ed 3

    Brilliant article by Dr Liz Gordon.
    Well worth a read.

    ‘We had been preparing the story for weeks. A huge research project, a scholarly article in a good journal, a well-known charity behind us. It was our “I, Daniel Blake” story for New Zealand.

    Grandparents, forced to take on the care of often damaged and vulnerable grandchildren, arriving at Work and Income for some financial assistance, get… nothing. In 85% of cases, they were not told they were eligible for the Unsupported Child Benefit, a lifeline to help with the costs of bringing up other people’s children.’


  4. Ed 4

    Barry Soper is really quite a nasty piece of work.


    He was ‘singing for my supper in Singapore’ only the other day…..

    • OncewasTim 4.1

      A nasty piece of work alright.
      It amazes me how selective people are in their interpretation of which laws are ok to break, and which aren’t.
      Dirty filthy bennies failing to declare = not ok.
      Driving pissed ?
      Wife beating ?
      Cashy jobs mmmmm maybe just don’t get caught
      Metiria’s critics are just so pure and perfect (especially Soper) i’m SO in awe

  5. weka 5

    If you’re on twitter, there’s a left wing chat happening tonight at 8.30pm

    Anyone can follow the hashtag #LeftWithEnough here,


    • ianmac 5.1

      Weka. I am unfamiliar with the process bu a signal comes up “sorry something went wrong.”

      • weka 5.1.1

        just checked not logged in and the link works. I get the ‘something went wrong’ message at the top but all the tweets are still visible.

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