Divisions in National

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Labour insiders on what’s going on with National –


14 comments on “Divisions in National”

  1. Patricia Bremner 1

    Well it had to come. This break in the self satisfied veneer. It couldn’t have happened at a better time, as G Herald and Stuff print opinion pieces to undermine Labour.

    Expect more on Tax, or any perceived weaknesses, and the MOU, which they have never understood.

    For them to be in turmoil indicates their end. Thankfully we are ready. Let;s do this.

    • cleangreen 1.1

      100% Patricia,

      G Herald is run by a real right wing-nut.

      G Herald plots anything that will hurt a ‘new labour lead government’ for sure.

      Yes Labour must win – lets do this.

    • tracey 1.2

      Self preservation. Good when in office, destructive when head to Opposition. Nats call it “refreshing”

  2. Frida 2

    Can we dare yet to get our hopes up?? I think I’ll wait till after the 23rd but then I can’t wait to get out my popcorn and watch the Nats tear themselves to shreds. Not normally a vindictive person but too many people are hurting badly after the last 9 years

  3. dukeofurl 3

    As they used to say about labour when Key was PM
    The voters arent listening to English anymore, especially as his first ministerial role was back in 1996, which was 21 years ago.

    His face has been seen in politics for too long and now looks and sounds tired

  4. Adrian 4

    What is happening with the Todd Barclay thing, the emails thing, the Bennett allegations, the MOAS ( which Murphy said that the Peters overpayment was only a relative of ),
    Who’s holding back or is it all bullshit?.

    • Bob 4.1

      Sadly ADRIAN, All those wrong doings that National have committed in the last year alone, will be brushed under the carpet, if they lose this election.
      and it’s not in Jacindas agenda to attack them, as that’s not RELENTLESLY POSITIVE!
      Let’s hope she delivers all she says in the first 100 days, and she doesn’t have to work with NZ First.
      That’s why a Labour/Green Govt is my preferred Govt. with the Maori party to the rescue if they make it back.
      I live I need hope.

      • cleangreen 4.1.1


        Good sentiments here.

        But we wold be better served using many of NZF policies and suport even if they sit cross bench!!!

        NZF have very progressive polices including fixing our broken Media and restoring all regional rail systems & not agreeing to TPPA which we must never allow to be enacted so if we need NZF to keep TPPA from destroying our environment and the laws Labour/Greens want to use in future then we will need NZF.

        Tomorrow 12th September at Gisborne Cosmopolitan Club at 12.30pm ask Winston
        at his public meeting if he will assist here.

      • Thinkerr 4.1.2

        Maybe if Winston’s in the next government, Jacinda can do the positive thing and Winston can find where the political bodies are buried and dig them up for all to see?

    • Ken 4.2

      And the Eminem song theft – what’s happening with that?

  5. Michael 5

    It couldn’t happen to a nicer bunch. As for me, I’m getting ready to tick off every one of Labour’s campaign promises, including those promised in its first 100 days of government, just as soon as they’re delivered in full and without fudges or weasel words.

  6. Darth smith 6

    National just can not stop digging there just digging a bigger hole than there already in they need to deliver the brighter future but time and to many lies have caught them

    • tc 6.1

      Only some of the lies have caught them.

      There are many more lies not being touched upon in this campaign and probably others lying in wait for an incoming govt.

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