Grannies for Peace make tea not war!

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Grannies for Peace -Make Tea…Not War’ picnic is to be held this Sunday 20th November.

From 1.00pm-2.00pm at The Cloud, Queen’s Wharf, Auckland Waterfront, while the NZ Navy’s 75th birthday open day is taking place.

We will be assembling in the seated picnic area outside the Ferry terminal next to the Pou (Maori totem poles).

A real Granny? A pretend Granny? A Tranny Granny, Granny’s little helper or a bearded Granny? 

Grannies and friends will be dressed up in pink and flowery Granny -type finery to send a colourful, peaceful message to the Government that we don’t want foreign warships visiting our peaceful waters, or Arms Fairs in our lovely City of Peace!

Grannies will be joined for a sing song of our favourite peace songs led by the ‘Ukes Not Nukes” band at 1.30pm.

Prize for the best dressed granny – A month’s supply of Metamucil!

Why Grannies?

Grannies are the nurturers, the protectors of children and life.
Grannies are the women who stayed behind during the war and kept the home-fires burning and picked up the pieces after.

They know the harsh realities of war.

Our Grannies are also the ones who fought hard for a nuclear free New Zealand.
New Zealand is proud of its absolutely peaceful stance that has inspired the whole world, and because of this we have no enemies
Let’s keep it like that.
Let’s promote a peaceful future for NZ!
This week the NZ government has committed $20 million more to military spending.

Meanwhile poverty and homelessness are increasing.
Aligning with war-loving nuclear nations compromises us and makes us a target.
We can’t work towards peace and war at the same time.
And there is more than one way to resolve conflict.
Let’s work towards peace. Teach our children communication rather than conflict. Offer them fun, not guns.
Get with the programme! Get Grannies for Peace on the job!

Forge Swords into Ploughshares and Guns into Zimmer frames!

Grannies for Peace is proudly supported by:

Auckland Quakers

The Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, (WILPF)

Auckland Peace Action

The Peace Foundation

15 comments on “Grannies for Peace make tea not war!”

  1. greywarshark 1

    What a great slogan. Makes a breakthrough from the usual discourse to reach different minds that would allow people who wouldn’t protest in the usual way but are worried about the situation to come forward and express their concerns.

    Done once can act as a template for further ones. Allow the wise, experienced, concerned olders to gather and have their say around NZ apart from turning out at the sterile ritual of Anzac Day.

  2. Mrs Brillo 2

    I don’t know why we do not have a National Nana Council to advise the government of the day. It couldn’t lose.

    Grannies are the ones who build societies; you get more sense out of grannies than any other social group. With scones.

    Go for it.

  3. Heather Grimwood 3

    Fantastic…..I send them a message as I’m sure some will be TS readers:
    Wish I could fly up to join you again…hope you are all wearing your anti-nuke, anti-gulf war, etc badges. …from one whose passion for peace and activism to achieve a safer planet for our young has like yours, good demonstrators, spanned many decades. Rejoice in our present freedom to make a statement….may it remain so for ever. May that statement succeed in its goal.
    Aroha to you all.

  4. Red 4

    no matter the theme it is always the same old rent a crowd yelling absolute nonsense

    • dv 4.1

      Yet here you are Red.
      Don’t put yourself down so much.

    • Macro 4.2

      Thankfully there only appears to be the one of you at the moment Red.
      Then again, you spout enough rubbish to fill a landfill.

    • Heather Grimwood 4.3

      to Red at 4: your comment is not deserving of answer, but I assure you that no person or organisation rents me ! My convictions and actions are solely to better the world I leave to my family, to the thousands of students I’ve been privileged to teach, and to all young people of our world. I do believe in the ultimate power of people of goodwill. I also believe that if not continually an activist towards this goal, one may as well ‘give up the ghost’.
      Joining a cause might enlighten you as to the real motives of peace activists (in this case) and to the shallowness of repeating the “rent a crowd” nonsense.

  5. Philj 5

    Red. Penal rates on Sundays Red? You could spend your time better on Slater watch. What r you doing here apart from trolling? Tedious.

  6. esoteric pineapples 6

    I think what grannies are these days, and what we imagine grannies to be, are two completely different things. Grannies as we imagine them belong to the great grandmother and even more so, the great great grandmother generation.

    Your typical New Zealand grandmother these days is 50 to 70 years old meaning some of them barely even make the baby boomer generation. They aren’t little old ladies who cook and sew. They are the women who have colour streaks in their hair now (but didn’t have when punk was in fashion). The older ones amongst them wear stripped tops and baggy trousers and travel around New Zealand en masse in their motorhomes but stayed at home and raised kids when a minority of their peers were protesting against the Vietnam War and nuclear testing in the Pacific.

  7. rsbandit 7

    Perhaps these Grannies could actually make themselves useful and help out the people of Kaikoura.

    Like the sailors did.

    Who do you think won hearts and minds?

  8. Mrs Brillo 8

    Dear bandit,
    Perhaps you missed the news items where ladies from various northern communities were rounding up food parcels and doing home baking to send through to Kaikoura and environs.
    You were probably slagging someone off on the internet instead, at the time. The sum total of your contributions to earthquake relief, I shouldn’t wonder.

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