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National has nothing to be afraid of

Written By: - Date published: 8:03 am, February 20th, 2020 - 54 comments
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National has nothing to fear about the SFO charges relating to two $100,000 undeclared donations made to it.

Neither Simon Bridges, nor the National Party have been charged following an investigation by the Serious Fraud Office.

Simon had nothing to do with the donations.

The allegations against him and the Party are baseless and false.

No National MP or Board member has been charged.

Simon Bridges himself had no idea what was happening.

He has not met Zhang Yikun or Colin Zheng or had dinner at their home.

He was not told that they wanted to make a $100,000 donation to the National Party.

He was not told by Jami-Lee Ross that the money had been paid.

He was not going to spend the money on attack ads.

He was not aware that the money had been paid into the National Party Botany account.

He was not told that the donation would be made by multiple people belonging to one association.

He was not aware that the expectation behind the donation was having two Chinese MPs.

He did not know that the donation was carved up into non declarable little pieces and transmitted to head office.

Colin Zheng has not put his name forward for National’s candidate’s school.

Bridges did not want David Carter, Chris Finlayson, or Nicky Wagner to go.

Maureen Pugh is not fucking useless.

And Simon Bridges knew nothing about the second $100,000 donation even though as part of the investigation National Party employees were presumably asked about it.

The electoral commission is stopping National from paying the donation back, even though it paid the Donghua Liu donation back without the same problem.

No National has nothing to be worried about.  At all.

54 comments on “National has nothing to be afraid of ”

  1. Blazer 1

    That sounds like a good summation.

    I think the Chinese influence should be embraced.

    A change to the NZ Chinational Party ,would be a progressive initiative.

    Promoting Dr Jiang to deputy LOTO could also be a good move.I understand he is a wonderful fund raiser.

    The days of 'reds under the bed',commies and the fear they engendered has long past.

    Plaudits to Bridges and his illustrious predecessors for accepting Communist China as vital partners in shaping NZ's future.

    Reversing the foreign buyers ban will be another policy that can only benefit NZ'ers in the future.

    We could definitely be 'on the cusp of something …specious'!

  2. Heather 2

    A good summary Greg. A story of greed, lies, cheating, back stabbing and supposed favours.

    One can only hope the tapes and photos can be used in court to remind the various parties who said what and who was attending various functions.

    Memories seem to have become confused.

  3. Sanctuary 3

    As long as National have fan bois in the establishment media to protect them and an ambient MSM culture that trivialises the crimes of rich white men they are probably home and hosed.

    But two examples (both from RNZ) in the last 24 hours:

    Wallace Chapman began his increasingly right wing panel last evening by claiming "All parties" are guilty of electoral fraud, although two are particularly in the gun just now before giving Michelle Boag a free platform to paint National as the most scrupulous party there is.

    And this morning, where on the business news the business reporter characterised Allan Hawkins as "a little bit naughty" for his role in the Equiticorp crash (described as "NZ's most notorious white collar crime") that wiped out the savings of thousands of New Zealanders and the corruption involved in Equiticorp's illegal 1987 purchase of the Crown's 89.9 per cent stake in NZ Steel.

    Hawkins, just BTW, is in the news again for the stiff punishments he has been given for cynical and ongoing breaking of consumer protection laws whilst running a bottom feeding loan shark operation.

    "A little bit naughty."

    I bet a brown boy who was caught and jailed for seven years running drugs forty years ago would never be called that. He’d forever be “convicted of serious drug crimes”.

    Sums up our crooked business class and their uncritical fans in the MSM perfectly, if you like satire.

    • Anne 3.1

      As long as National have fan bois in the establishment media to protect them and an ambient MSM culture that trivialises the crimes of rich white men they are probably home and hosed.

      Absolutely spot on!

      I'm currently reading Paul Homes' book "Daughters of Erebus". The thuggery and corruption he exposed was only half (well, maybe two thirds) of the story. There was more, but it will never be revealed because… National Party media fan bois, establishment dictators, former on-shore and off-shore rich white men protecting their reputations.

      Nothing ever changes under the sun.

    • Marcus Morris 3.2

      Normally turn the Panel "off" the moment I learn that Michelle Boag is on. Can't understand why this former National Party President is given the air space. She invariably uses it as a political platform. Nearly choked on some of her claims last night, particularly the one that, to the best of her knowledge no donation ever came to the party with the expectation of favours. By the time the 4.30 News Bulletin was over I "tuned out".

      • I, likewise turn the panel off if boag is on. She is an arrogant know all. The national party appear to have rather a lot of them. Strutting playground bullies.

  4. AB 4

    Mickey – you get get a job with the NZ Herald if you continue in this vein. Impressive and cutting-edge journalism – superb exoneration of the innocent and much-maligned Simon!

  5. Reality 5

    The effrontery and brazenness of National in firing bullets at NZ First. Guess they are trying to deflect attention from themselves.

    Clever column MS!

  6. bwaghorn 6

    The problem is Mickey me old mate is that a decent chunk of nationals voters think that the ends justify means .

    Another chunk have they fingers in their ears and are going na na na na I cant here you.

  7. Puckish Rogue 7

    Quite a few posts about this, its almost as if Labour are worried about National and Bridges…naah couldn't possibly be that laugh

    • Hanswurst 7.1

      It's standard practice to make hay while the sun shines on the bumbling misfortune of your foes or rivals, regardless of whether you are worried about them or laughing at them.

    • indiana 7.2

      Its almost as if this post is suggesting Asian people only vote National and they should stay well clear of Labour, because Labour does not want to be tainted with their dodgy business practices.

      • Adrian 7.2.1

        Dead fucking right there. Quess who just smuggled out shit loads of gold kiwifruit cuttings to ooh I don't know where. The judges description is a beauty…no ethical centre, disregard for normal behaviour, extremely devious and an unmitigated liar. Probably donated share of profits to the Nats cause he's their kind of people.

        • Climaction

          Go on, let all the racism out. It’s ok and not racist at all because your talking about questionable business practices right?

          • Lettuce

            Yeah, because if a citizen from a country notorious for intellectual property theft steals one of New Zealand's most valuable agricultural products, endangering billions of dollars worth of exports, it's immaterial where the offender comes from. The country where he committed the crime is also completely irrelevant.

            In fact it would be racist and xenophobic to mention it at all!

      • Graeme 7.2.2

        All good, there's a fair chunk of NZ residents of Asian decent who don't want to have much to do with a lot of people of Asian decent because of their business practices as well. They are unlikely to be voting for a National party that seems beholden to the dodgy fukas

    • Rapunzel 7.3

      It's more like the public, especially people interested in politics. Probably older avid readers of the news in particular find it a relatively unusual event so are discussing it & swapping their opinions. As far as I can see "Labour" are the ones saying very little about it, much in the same vein at the time JLR was leaving under pressure when they behaved with decency & respect as they had been told to do and had absolutely no problems complying with.

    • Nic the NZer 7.4

      Pucky has a buck each way. Either its a damp squib of a scandal and the SFO never moves passed prosecuting the National party self described whistle blower, or its the key narrative in elevating Judith into leadership and gets Pucky off in a long running gag of Pucky getting off to Judes leadership aspirations.

    • Sacha 7.5

      Quite a few posts about this, its almost as if Labour are worried

      What are you trying to say about The Standard?

      • Puckish Rogue 7.5.1

        I think that theres more than a few people on here that arn't quite so confident of the outcome of the next election as they make out to be

        • Psycho Milt

          With good reason, if National can be caught engaging in criminal donations fraud and the media shrug their shoulders about it.

        • Robert Guyton

          Are you as confident of the outcome of the next election as you make out to be, Pucky?

          • Puckish Rogue

            I'm more confident now than I was a few months ago thats for sure.

            • Robert Guyton

              So from negative numbers to the other side of zero? You're not oozing confidence but then, why would you? Your team's activities are under official investigation.

              • Puckish Rogue

                Whats worse, the opposition under a cloud of the deputy PM being under a cloud?

                The left like to say National no mates but now the election is looking more and more likely to be Labour/Green v National/Act

                • Sweet – the side with a criminal donations fraud case going on versus the side without a criminal donations fraud case going on. Simon "I knew nothing about that criminal activity" Bridges versus Jacinda "What a fuckin G" Ardern. I'll take those odds.

                • Robert Guyton

                  National have always had ACT as a mate, but when your mate's a puppet, it's not the same really, especially when you remember where your hand is. I think of these issues in terms of who's being duplicitous, not who's going to win the election. Looks like there's been scurrilous behaviour and for me, it's enough to disqualify those teams from my support. Those that have played it clean; The Greens, in my view, perhaps Labour but when you're big, it's more difficult (more to lose) get my backing, whether they look as though they will govern, or not. You seem to back your tribe, no matter how they behave. It's a puzzle to a Greek thinker like me: you Romans seem, yes, pragmatic, but short-sighted and compromised. You seem to believe that the end justifies the means.

                • ianmac

                  Didn't know that the Deputy PM was under a cloud? Not even the Leader of NZF is under a cloud other than a media created one.

                  As Tracy Martin said in the House today, "The Commission has formed a view and not made a finding. The Commission does not have the means make a finding."

                  Look at 3:15 in a discussion about the legitimacy of Smith's Q4.


  8. Observer Tokoroa 8

    Let's hear it for the Chinese!

    Of Course, Wallace Chapman and other smart ass panelists such as Madam Boag will foster the loving core of the endless Chinese Horror.

    That's what National is about. Making sure Hundreds of Thousands of people do not own no Houses. The Chinese will make certain of that. !

    Simon will suck up and suck up, to the Chinese and their Money gifts to himself, because Simon and his National Gang do not want struggling people to have houses on NZ Land, Sea or Dung Heap.

    Wallace Chapman's Misses Boag, will ensure that. With the help of harmless sweet Chinese lovely Authorities. She believes in the Square and the Tanks. The Dragon does.

    • Yes, OT, Soimun is now forever tarnished with the impression of 'tainted' Chinese money.

      His replacement, Judith, also has stains on her hands from dipping them in the Chinese money pool.

      To my mind, nothing less than our independence as a nation is at stake.

      Perhaps all this wouldn't matter so much if China was an open, functioning, but perhaps imperfect democracy. Ask the Uyghur people about that!

      • OberverTokoroa 8.1.1

        Yes Tony !

        …" nothing less than our independence as a nation is at stake. "

        Every member of the National Mob gives the dirty impression that they are are the flag and banner of corruption.

        Not a single one of them wants to be in a Democracy – Tony.

        None of them even know what a Democracy is !

        National have decided they will always crush Decency and Democracy. So of course they will all grind huge money out of Huge Mandarins – and give it to Simon and his corrupt Mob.

        National equals absolutely non Democratic.

    • Wensleydale 8.2

      You know National are in damage control mode when they wheel out Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Boag doesn't have much in the way of a cogent argument, but she's a shrieking foghorn of a human being and rides roughshod over everyone else within earshot. She's almost as unbearable as Hosking. Almost.

  9. At some point the accumulated fuck-ups by Soimun will tip the balance and the knives will come out (to mix a metaphor).

    I would suggest that that time is not far away.

    Whether that would be good for the 'left' is another discussion topic.

  10. I hope JLR and Winston share a prison cell.

  11. observer 11

    The forgotten victims here are Chinese-New Zealanders who are interested in political engagement, but are simply ordinary citizens.

    Thanks to the cynical actions of political parties (predominantly National, though Labour are not blameless) there is now a widespread view that Chinese = PRC = cash.

    What other reason could Chinese-Kiwis have for being candidates, for getting active in local communities? Well, the same ones as anyone else. But now they basically have to go around wearing a T-shirt saying "Not an ATM".

  12. ianmac 12

    Would you believe it? Bryce Edwards has actually run a column in the Political Roundup, outlining the hazards facing National and their connection with Funding.

    And congratulations Micky Savage in your column above being quoted almost in full. And nearly alongside David Farrar and Geddis.


  13. peterh 13

    The biggest fool here is Jami lee, nobody knew about the$100 grand

    He should have kept it all

  14. indiana 14

    Interesting photos in this article…but I’m sure they have been selected to make one side look worse than the other.


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