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24 comments on “Open mike 08/07/2012”

  1. Te Reo Putake 1

    I’ve always thought Mike Hoskings was a bit of an arse, but his lack of perspective is stunning. I certainly hope this incident doesn’t stop him parking his car in public in future and Standard readers should not under any circumstances use such vehicles as a replacement for public urinals despite them being the perfect height for pissing on.

    • dd 1.1

      It’s sad that these kind of people have so much influence on society

      • North 1.1.1

        The hubristic culture of little pond, big fish, silly-boy hairdo, penile extension motor, Teed Street, Newmarket, Auckland. And the bottle blonde squeeze chimes in for Christ’s sake !

        • vto

          Having bumped into Hosking on fortunately rare occasion over the last 20 year this incident is entirely in keeping with his great character.

          The little arse wipe.

    • Tiger Mountain 1.2

      Oh dear, how sad, Hoskings Maserati gets a minor car park massage. MH ‘coulda been a contender’ years back as a good journo but like so many moved over to the dark side of talkback, TV burbling, old dudes in skinny jeans and the B-grade celeb circuit.

      • Bryan 1.2.1

        Mike was on the radio earlier in the week and he maintained that he had no idea of how much a year he earnt. he said he left all that stuff to his accountant and the IRD. Well I dont believe that for a moment and it just goes to show how much of a plonker he is.

        • McFlock

          if you don’t need to know how much you earn and can still purchase luxury cars, you’re probably earning too much.

    • Draco T Bastard 1.3

      He’s just another over-paid moron with an over-inflated ego thinking the world is there only for his amusement.

  2. Gareth 2

    Must say i’ve been enjoying Susan Wood, she seems to ask hard questions, she skewered the aukland council over the v8s and a govt rep over sercos performance.
    I wouldnt be upset if hoskins shuffled off thats for sure

    • Dr Terry 2.1

      Look at Hoskins and you see a dissipated man. I suspect that life already has caught up with him; if not, it will. He earns himself little favour, but the circumstances might well demand our compassion; we do not have to like him in order to care about him.

  3. Murray Olsen 3

    Didn’t he committ an offence by leaving without supplying his details? I’ve totally had it with these vertically challenged “celebrities” who think the world should lick their feet. And why is it that their names so often begin with the letter H? Holmes, Henry, Hosking, Hide, Hawkesbury…….

  4. Draco T Bastard 4

    I think this one sums up the result of neo-liberal capitalism quite well.

  5. just saying 5

    I was interested in Matt McCarten’s column on the corruption of unregluated banks this week when he made this observation:

    Why has New Zealand escaped relatively unscathed by the financial collapses and calamities inflicted on citizens in Europe and the US? After all, our right-wing politicians at the time were believers in the unregulated megabanks theory, too.

    It was former Australian Prime Minister Paul Keating who heavily regulated and controlled his country’s banks.

    How ironic that the rules imposed on the Australian owners of their banks in New Zealand protected us from the reckless behaviour by managers elsewhere in the world.

    Many New Zealanders unknowingly still have their jobs and homes today because of Keating’s action.

    I realised something was going very wrong with banking when, in the late nineties, on a very broke day, I went to withdraw the very modest balance from my old school PO Savings Bank, and found that I owed more in accumulated fees than the $25-odd I had in the account. An account which had been completely idle for many years.

  6. muzza 6

    Greece’s three-party coalition government will try to get the economy out of its deep recession by encouraging private investment and making privatisations its “highest priority,” finance minister Yannis Stournaras has said.

    “The prime minister’s policy statement was nothing more than a ‘for sale sign’ put on Greece,” Alexis Tsipras, head of the Coalition of the Radical Left party, known as Syriza, told Parliament.

    –Looks like NZ’s timetable is ahead of the Greeks…I wonder if its better to hold hard assets or paper!

    Edit: In fact, just enter yourself into the EU/TPP, and then you can’t have assets or paper. I wonder what the next level roll up might be once the world is in nice easy to manage segements…

    Wakey wakey!

  7. vto 7

    Front page article in the SST today is useless.

    For start the only two people they question are a statistics collater from Terralink and a rural real estate agent from Gisborne. The statistics do not portray the full picture at all, although it is hinted at when the stats collater admits that a generation of this buying by foreigners and we actually will be tenants in our own land. The fact that tthe stats collater does not manage to paint this all together as a more accurate and full picture is an indicator of his limitations.

    As for the real estate agent suggesting that locals getting to build big mansions for the rich foreigners is a good thing, well, that comment best left to stand alone….

    Why is there never any commentary on the bigger picture about the value of people ownign the land they live and work on compared to the value of a community where it rents from a foreign landlord? Because this is the pictire we shold be aiming at. A community must own the land it lives, works and plays on. A tenant community is a weak community.

    I guess people simply never get the opportunity, or can’t be bothered, turning their minds to these longer pictures. Perhaps now is a good time to ask the question again – what is the benefit in having foreign landlords?

    • muzza 7.1

      VTO – you know the deal in media it works a little something like this..

      The owners do not care about the little people, so they make sure that the editors, and writers are suitably concerned with their own largess, in supporting the big business mantra, and ensuring that no matter how bad things are, you can always spin the opposite. People are still not understanding what is being done to the systems which provide the supply chains, whih we all rely on for life on various ways, and varying degrees.
      Being lied to from the top down, and bottom up for decades has meant that people are no longer capable of decrypting the lies, even though they know they are being lied to, because they have lost the ability to see or understand the danger that they are in, its been marketed out of them via continued gross media overuse of powerful words being attached to meaningless headliner e.g – Celebrity holiday HORROR stories (about lost luggage), and stocks PLUMMET (when down 1%), things like that which people fail to realise is all part of the desensitising process, to why they no longer understand instinctively how to react…
      Most are just hoping that by not getting too far out of synch with the other sheep, they may get to live life & expire before it lands in their head – Well the reality is, that its landing on all but the select fews head, every day. We are all linked, when one falls we all suffer someway, sometime, directly or indirectly. When injustice is served up, or what we know as “freedoms” are gradually removed, we all all lose out, that is what people fail to understand, by in large.
      When the select few are all that is remaining, then they will go at eachother, like they go at the plebs, they are simply postponing the inevitable, bu acting the way they do..who knows perhaps their behaviour is not somehting that they can control….

      So to expect that the MSM will tell the truth, like expecting politicians, lawyers, bankers, or sadly most human beings regardless of their position in th queue, is spent energy. The habits are now so ingrained, the path back is no longer possible…

      The media know it, thats why the continued BS!

    • aspasia 7.2

      Why is there never any commentary on the bigger picture…? Perhaps because any commentators on the bigger picture get monstered? Further on in today’s SST you will have noticed a fulsome welcome to a new, award-winning columnist. He replaces the previous multi-award winning columnist, Anthony Hubbard, bundled off his column with scant notice and farewelled with carefully selected negative comment in today’s letters column. Now why would that be, I wonder? Not too many of Hubbard’s recent columns made it to the SST’s website. It is ok to normalise Michael Law’s rabid stance but Hubbard’s intelligent, critical analysis, informed by years of political observation, must be shielded from our tender and impressionable eyes? In the SST regional reorganisation, Hubbard, like other non-Auckland journalists, has been moved to the local Fairfax newsroom–in his case the DomPost. Could I suggest a show of support for a courageous and principled journalist by cancelling your SST subscription and (swallowing hard on the dead rat) buying the Dompost for a while?

  8. prism 8

    A sensible and rational comment from Anglican insurance manager saying that the steep rises in sinsurance (haha Freudian slip) for stone and other types of church buildings is making it too expensive for the church to retain these buildings. He thinks that this should be discussed at synod as a serious matter affecting the church’s avowed mission to serve and assist the poor.

    This makes sense. All churches run the risk of the place of worship becoming more important than the worshippers through pride in the building and appearance etc. There was a great bit in the Blackadder series where Rown Atkinson is the Archbishop of Canterbury and conducts a persuasive argument with a dying man and family as to whether the family land should be given to the glory of the Church. The A-b wins I think.

    In NZ the populace in prominence (PIPs) build edifices to sport not to morality and charity. Good old Presbyterian Dunedin can scrape the ratepayers for an unaffordable sports stadium with extras. I bet many of the perpertrators PIPPs are nominal Christians and even lay preachers. See paragraph above. Enough to give one the pip. Also the Historic Places Trust gets the pip often becoming hysterical about everything local being held sacred, especially church buildings. This is despite few buyers being prepared to take them on with restrictive controls on alterations required for repair and future use, and if retained as is nobody wants to help fund their upkeep.

  9. prism 9

    I’ve got a comment on moderation from time 1.22 pm – now almost an hour. I am talking about religions and their buildings menntioned a Freudian slip Blackadder and Row(a)n Atkinson Church Archbishop of Canterbury Historic Places Trust. Nothing scurrilous I think. What about letting it out before it’s tomorrow and the comment is stale and mouldy.

  10. Kotahi Tane Huna 10

    What happens when conspiracy theorists become politicians…

  11. captain hook 11

    re mike hoskings.
    I saw him on the teevee the other night and every second utterance was an interrogative.
    wasn’t it.
    interrogatvies are dishonest, disrepectful and logically invalid.
    they illustrate thAT THE USER no respect at all for the listener and in hoskings case an arrogance that is breathtaking in its assumption of his own personal wonderfulness and right to tell other people what to think.
    what a guy.

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