Whanau Ora minister, Foreshore sell-out

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Well, Maori activists who want a better deal on the foreshore and seabed can rest assured that the Maori Party is about to sell them out. Tariana Turia just got herself a shiny new portfolio overseeing the unaccountable privatisation of social services for families in need.

Do you really think she’s going to give up control over a policy that National has agreed to just for her? Do you really think she’ll stand strong on her principles over the foreshore and seabed if it means losing the Crown limo? Not a chance.

Sure, it was the issue that she left Labour over and the driving force behind her party but that’s yesterday’s news.

Now, Turia’s a minister and she’s going to do what it takes to keep that job, including selling out over the issue that got her where she is – the foreshore and seabed – by buying National’s meaningless offer to replace Labour’s Act with essentially the same regime.

Oh well, it was a nice concept while it lasted – a party that would speak specifically for the interests of Maori, being able cooperate with its natural allies on the left but not without being drowned out in a larger party. Unfortunately, the leader is a sell out (and the other one’s a lazy weakling).

Turia has been brought off for the price of Whanau Ora (whatever it is) and she’ll now quietly forget about iwi’s ambition to get what they see as their rights to utilise the economic potential of the foreshore and seabed.

13 comments on “Whanau Ora minister, Foreshore sell-out”

  1. ghostwhowalksnz 1

    Donna Awatere Huata will be celebrating along with her boss Tamihere as it puts real money in their hands.
    The foreshore is for seagulls

  2. Fisiani 2

    Last cab off the rank now gets the limo.
    Last laugh to Tariania.

  3. lonelyavenger 3

    Turia was a Minister when she left the Labour party.

  4. tc 4

    Superb crosby textor tactics from the nat’s….give them a targetted trough in return for the votes and based on her RNZ performance today if you don’t like the question you stamp the feet and have a cry …….such a pathetic unacceptable response from a minister but that’s Turia for you same old same old.

    Accountability……..yeah right ! can’t wait for the fawning from the msm outlets who will not risk the ire of sideshow johns boot boys.

  5. jeepers eddie do you read what you write?

    “…a policy that National has agreed to just for her.” No that is just silly

    “Sure, it was the issue that she left Labour over and the driving force behind her party but that’s yesterday’s news.” No it’s todays news more than ever

    “…by buying National’s meaningless offer to replace Labour’s Act with essentially the same regime.” – Yes both as meaningless as each other and both sticking it to tangata whenua

    “…being able cooperate with its natural allies on the left but not without being drowned out in a larger party.” – LOL can’t imagine you kept a straight face typing that

    “…to get what they see as their rights to utilise the economic potential of the foreshore and seabed.” – Spin it that way all you like – it is not the way most maori see it but why would you care about that

    Apart from that i always enjoy your maori posts

  6. big bruv 6

    Wow….now we see the red necks and racists in the Labour party showing their true colours.

    • felix 6.1

      Where’s that, bruv?

      Be specific, please. Point to an example and explain in plain language what is racist about it and why.

      p.s. “ITZ RASSCSIT 2 TALK ABOUT MAAARIS” is not an answer.

  7. Ian 7

    Once was a warrioress.

  8. Rex Widerstrom 8

    Has anyone thought to ask Owen Glenn who he’s donating to nowadays?

    Just that “rogue” Maori ex-Ministers promoted beyond the level of their competence and willing to dive face-first into the perks trough while spouting brave rhetoric and chastising the media for daring to ask questions seem to be his cause du jour.

    Just sayin’…

  9. Jim Nald 9

    ‘ Oh, Aunty Turia
    Whanau ora?
    Fun now, kia ora!
    Thank you, John, political trinket and baubles – here comes a plethora ‘

  10. George.com 10

    I listened to Turia on RNZ. I didn’t think she had a tantrum during the interview, even if she did sound defensive a few times. Still some massive detail to be worked through though, more questions than there are answers. I do wonder if the govt is heading down the exact same road they have with National Standards. Namely, implement it and ask the questions and gather the evidence later. There may be some good stuff in the WO, they may even be some in the NS, but the screaming lack of detail makes it all very hopeful. A decent business case would have been a far better start for WO.

    As to whether Turia will welsh out on the FSandSB? If she does her credibility goes totally. I’d expect her to argue strong and loud for what the Maori Party set out to campaign on several year back. That is her defining issue and will just have to continue to be given the time and energy invested into the MP and FS&SB. If she backs off a robust settlement then her position must become untenable.

  11. I dont think the notoriously fickle Maori party voters will be bought off by ‘whanau ora’ promises. They know it’s all about the foreshore and seabed.

    But yeah, ‘whanau ora’ is a tough one for Labour’s Maori MP’s to argue against. Best to concede that one, afterall it is only a pilot programme with no guarantee to be implemented wholesale, especially if Hone Harawira forces the Maori party to divide and implode over the Foreshore and Seabed debate.

  12. gingercrush 12

    A very very interesting interview with Chris Finlayson on “The Nation”. Seems to me National may be quite willing to give the Maori Party many of the things they’re after.

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