6000 published posts and climbing fast

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There have been 6000 published* posts, 192 thousand comments, and many millions of page views. I’d guess that this multiple-author blog has a wee bit of an audience.

Of course I tend to see the site in a different light. More important to me in my sysop role is that the server has been up for more than 80 days with some pretty large page view hits. Both the Carter and Roy stories in the last few weeks caused some quite large spikes and neither got close to touching the server capacity.

Now we aren’t in the readership against capacity race# for a while, I’ll add a few more functional goodies to the site to make it easier to keep track of discussions.

Which is good because we have an awful lot of guest posts and material being sent to us, much of which has been good enough to put up on site. There have been some days where almost half of the content has come in through the contribute post button.

In the meantime, welcome a new author. Strelnikov started with a first post on defense the other day. I see that S (how in the hell do you pronounce that name?) has already done their first moderation as well :twisted:.

* There are also hundreds of unpublished posts going back to 2007..

# And we now have the money to ramp up capacity when required due to advertising and donations. Makes my life a lot easier.


12 comments on “6000 published posts and climbing fast”

  1. Chuck 1

    I came for the free donut. Where are they, by the way?

    Flyer said one free donut with every

    … ah shit, that was a dunkin donuts promo. Sorry, easy mistake to make.

    • lprent 1.1

      Did you do a name change? Your pseudonym seems pretty appropriate for your donut habit. Eat too many and you’ll chuck.

      But your saggy arse laden with donuts obviously can’t keep up the conversation here. Perhaps you should diet?

    • Marty G 1.2

      Lynn promised us free bubbly to the weight of the fattest of us. Then he went and changed the rules. whaa!

      my 681th post on the way, lynn

      • lprent 1.2.1

        No you have that wrong – it was to the lightest of us. Why else do you think I’ve been on this diet.

        There is something a bit wrong with the prize as well….

        Bloody hell – 681, and you only started in 2008!

  2. Cnr Joe 2

    Yep, nice,stable LP

  3. Chuck 3

    I love the NZ blogosphere. Anyone with a broadband connection can choose from a facebook lobotomy, gardening, car restoration and university student blogsites that crash as soon as you open them or the political scene: The Right, with Kiwiblog barking out: Fire them! Take their lives away! Or the self-important self-conscious Left, usually outraged that context exists and one size simply won\’t fit the world.

    Lighten up Iprent. Have a donut.

    • lprent 3.1

      Can’t – I’m on a high protein / low carb diet (to absolute disgust of my vegan friends and family :twisted:). Works for me. I’ve dropped 15 kilos since the start of the year.

      Donuts are definitely not on the menu.

      • felix 3.1.1

        So have a chicken donut.

        • lprent

          After having rocky show me all of the raw footage from chicken factories?

          I think that I’d :-
          a. fear for my health.
          b. be sick to my stomach.

          Beef in NZ is reasonably farmed. I can get bacon and eggs from sources that I can trust and are clearly labeled once you ignore the marketing of ‘barn raised’ etc. However there is no safe source labeling for chicken, especially that coming from the fast food industry.

          • felix

            Yeah I don’t eat it either, for much the same reason.

            Maybe you could drill a hole in a steak and deep fry it – beef donut!

  4. Rex Widerstrom 4

    Mmmmmm… donuts….

    Did you notice my minor concern of yesterday, LP? Still occurring today.

    Otherwise it’s all running wonderfully. Congrats.

    Strelnikov is easy to say if you first assume the accent of a James Bond villain. “Zo, Comrade Strelnikov, have you bought viz you ze nuclear varhead?” See? 😀

  5. ak 5

    Holy gimoly. 6000 posts. Well done Lyn and Lynn, r0b, Marty and all Standardistas, you’ve come a long way from the old Kiwiblogblog days of burt, robinsod, D4j (remember michele cabiling? – ah there was a rightie with spirit!) – a huge credit to you all, keep up the good work and get ready to rumble, brothers and sisters, in the next 12 months: the inherent contradictions are beginning to kick in big and there’s angst in the swing voters’ pants…..(Dow below 10k again, this time?…)

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