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A police investigation – Part One

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, April 12th, 2015 - 82 comments
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The “comms team” over at the New Zealand police has penned a typical “Dirty Politics” response to a recent New Zealand Herald article by Bryce Edwards. Complete with gratuitous ad homs, dodgy facts, and an emotional quote from a [I suspect] non-existent police officer to back-up Commissioner Mike Bush’s plaintive whine, the response falls back on statistics showing that public trust in the police – although falling – still remains high.

Edwards’ article takes the police to task for recent failings and mentions a few hoary chestnuts going back decades. There’s nothing particularly wrong with Edwards’ article except that it ignores how National Ltd™ Police Ministers have sat by and done nothing in response to the on-going police failings. Edwards prefers to lay blame with the police themselves. However, first with Judith Collins, then Anne Tolley, and now Michael Woodhouse, overall responsibility for the functioning of the police has been dodged. The culture of FAIL which has now infested the police from the top down has been, National Ltd™ would have us believe, is just a series of “operational issues” about which it can do nothing.

Well, to start this series off, lets take a wee look at a partial list of the various “operational issues” which have plagued the police since John Key finagled power back in 2008 . . .

05/12/08 – Wellington police officer Jason Manu Casson is discharged without conviction for stealing $90.

11/12/08 – Another police chase, another crash.

16/12/08 – Palmerston North police officer Timothy Hesketh, 27, who lied during investigations and showed no remorse was found guilty of breaking a prisoner’s neck yet escapes a jail sentence.

09/02/09 – A police recruit escapes assault charges and is permitted to graduate with any sanction or note on his personal file. He first posting was South Auckland.

11/02/09 – Lower Hutt police leave confidential documents behind after executing a search warrant putting witnesses at risk of gang violence and then fail to own up at a subsequent IPCA enquiry. The inquiry noted: “The conflicting accounts given by the two officers, and the facts that no officer has taken responsibility for the loss of the Operation Order and that the Police investigator has not been able to identify that officer, are undesirable. Whilst there is no evidence of criminal conduct in relation to the loss of the order, its loss does amount to misconduct.” The Mongrel Mob say they know who left the report behind but were never interviewed.

17/03/09 – The IPCA criticises police for their continuing failure to develop procedures for the prompt drug and alcohol testing of officers involved in serious incidents.

27/03/09 – A Christchurch officer broke a number of police protocols in the lead up to the fatal shooting of Stephen Bellingham. The IPCA finds that the unnamed officer: did not tell his communications controller he was going to the scene, nor did he advise them he was armed, failed to brief two other officers who were on their way to the scene so that he could tackle Bellingham with support, and, crucially, a dog patrol unit, which would have been a huge asset to the effort to contain Bellingham, was diverted to another crime.

30/03/09 – Nelson police officer Anthony Dale Bridgman is convicted of two counts of dangerous driving after he pulled out in front of two motorcyclists, seriously injuring both.

24/03/09 – Another police chase, another crash.

19/05/09 – Head of the Police Prosecution Service Superintendent Graham Thomas steps down after it is revealed that he refused to undergo a breath test.

29/05/09 IPCA states that Auckland Police officer Constable Aaron Holmes was breaking the law and ignoring official policy when he seriously injured innocent teenage Farhat Buksh.

20/06/09 – An unnamed police officer is reprimanded for writing out the employment details of a driver on a speeding ticket as “kitchen bitch”.

25/07/09 – Northland police run down two pedestrians, killing one and injuring another.

15/08/09 – An Auckland constable is suspended after it was alledged that he leaked sensitive information to help a known criminal to avoid arrest. The unnamed officer was in a squad which targets “volume crime”, in particular burglaries, and had access to the police intelligence database.

05/08/09 – Hamilton police tell a disabled man they are too busy to investigate the alleged theft of $1600.

07/09/09 – Senior Instructor at the Porirua Police College, Detective Sergeant John Gualter, is convicted for drunk driving after being found to have an alcohol reading at more than twice the legal limit.

09/09/09 – A Wellington man has his neck broken by a police baton while a party is being shut down.

19/09/09 – Auckland police officer Constable Matt Hooper is charged with perverting the course of justice after attempting to make use of a legal loop hole to avoid drunk driving charges.

26/09/09 – National Head of Police Professional Standards, Superintendent Jon Moss resigns after news of an affair he had with a junior colleague comes to light. Moss helped introduce the new “professional distance policy” last year which covers sexual conduct for officers with the public, victims of crime and work colleagues.

28/09/09 – Masterton detective Sue Mackle goes public on the fact that police are failing to investigate hundreds of sexual abuse complaints in favour of focussing on property crimes because doing so makes the statistics look better.

04/10/09 Revelations that a senior police was a paedophile and interfered with investigations into the activities of Bert Potter and the Centrepoint commune come to light.

09/10/09 – Dunedin police fail to follow procedure and a prisoner is found dead in the cells when they finally get around to checking.

09/10/09 – Nelson police officer Senior Constable Garry Dunn is sent to trial for assault after a two day depositions hearing was told he rammed a cyclist with his car and then pepper sprayed the man for not wearing a safety helmet.

04/11/09 – Whakatane police prosecutor Adrian Hilterman was sentenced in Tauranga District Court today to 150 hours community work for assaulting his wife. He was convicted and discharged on three charges of assaulting his children. In the same court last month, he was found guilty of assaulting Deborah Hilterman, 37-years-old, by kicking her around the groin area between June 1 and June 29 last year at Whakatane. He was also found guilty of assaulting her in a car travelling from Auckland to Whakatane on June 30, 2007. He was discharged on 10 other charges of assaulting his wife, a Whakatane general practitioner.

09/11/09 – Figures released under the Official Information Act show that half of all police officers charged with drunk driving are convicted.

16/11/09 – Auckland police officers Patrick Garty, 32, and Wiremu Bowers-Rakatau, 21, charged with assault.

21/11/09 – 51 police officers were disciplined in the year to date for a variety of things including turning up to work drunk, unlawfully using their police ID, assault, speeding, using excessive force, and inappropriate behaviour on duty.

08/12/09 – Former constables Reuben James Harris and Benson Lyle Murphy are accused of making false statements in regard to the prosecution of a third officer who was charged with manslaughter. Harris and Murphy had earlier pleaded guilty to conspiring to defeat the course of justice. Their jail sentence was subsequenrly quashed by a judge who refused to explain why.

17/12/09 – Christchurch police officer Nathan Thorose Connolly is sent to jail for inducing sexual connection from the sex worker by means of a threat.

19/12/09 – Another police chase, another crash.

23/12/09 – The IPCA announces a nation wide investigation into how police are dealing with child abuse complaints, following on from revalations made public in November.

05/01/10 – Police are filmed carrying out illegal road stops and searches.

12/01/10 – Taranaki police are criticised by the IPCA for not preventing a drunk driver going on to kill three people when Hawera officers could have taken steps to immobilise the driver’s vehicle when they found it parked up outside a pub after a chase.

19/01/10 – Two unnamed police officers fail in their duties resulting in the otherwise avoidable death of a Hamilton woman.

22/01/10 – Rotorua District Court convicts an ex police officer for possession of child porn.

23/01/10 – Two Papakura detectives charged with indecent exposure and offensive behaviour after a drunken escapade.

31/01/10 Unnamed police officers are filmed putting the public at risk with a crazy display of dangerous driving at a school fair

14/02/10 – Auckland High Court takes two minutes to throw out a murder charge brought by police who had used huge amounts of resources and dodgy investigation techniques to manufacture the arrest and 16-month incarcertation of an innocent man.

16/02/10 – Christchurch police are slammed in a report for failing to adhere to policy during a chase which left an innocent bystander in hospital with horrific head injuries.

20/02/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

21/02/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

26/02/10 – Innocent Auckland man, 62 year old Brett Abraham is admitted to hospital for weeks of treatment after being savaged by a police dog. The police dog handler left Mr Abraham alone, bleeding and crawling up the driveway to his home.

28/02/10 – Christchurch police, despite a complaint of theft, failed to arrest a man who, the next day, committed murder. Police said at the time they were too busy to handle the theft complaint. Area police commander, Dave Cliff, refused to discuss the matter.

01/03/10 – Union’s criticise a double-jeopardy situation produced by police circumventing privacy legislation in grubby deals with employers to ensure drink drivers are dealt to at work as well as in Court.

01/03/10 – 1300 Police officers fail their fitness test.

01/03/10 – Auckland police go to great lengths to keep the identity of the officer who shot to death innocent man Halatau Naitoko secret. His lawyers had earlier sought to deny justice by seeking to have the shooter exluded from attending the hearing at all.

13/01/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

02/02/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

03/03/10 – Dunedin police reveal that they failed to follow up a possible sighting of missing British girl Madeline McCann after a local security guard’s approach to police was disregarded.

04/03/10 – A man helping police is bitten by a police dog.

05/03/10 – Invercargill District Court throws out an assault charge brought against a bus driver by local police after the driver was arrested for allegedly “assaulting” a child by stopping the child from assaulting another child on the bus.

07/03/10 – Detective Sergeant Lloyd Schmid is investigated for encouraging a junoir staff member to have sex with an informant in order to gain additional information.

14/03/10 – An unnamed senior police officer is accused of abusing his powers after a friend of his is held up at a check point when on the way to a sports match.

18/03/10 – Police management refuse to name two officers being investigated for fraud.

19/03/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

27/03/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

27/03/10 – Another police chase, another crash. Two in one day.

31/03/10 – Senior police deny systemic faults played a part in the fact that Senior Constable Len Snee broken a number of rules in the lead up to him being shot by Napier gunman Jan Molenaar.

1/04/10 – A police officer who works in a serious crash unit is under investigation for alleged drink-driving after he was reported for backing into a parked car.

1/04/10 – Karl Walter Vincent, a North Otago police officer loses name supression in a case involving accusations of indecent assault.

4/04/10 – Independent Police Complaints Authority Investigator Larry Reid describes a man who had his neck broken while in police custody as a “complete arsehole”.

04/04/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

18/04/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

24/04/10 – Queenstown Police Sergeant Ian Collin, who prosecutes in the Queenstown and Alexandra district courts, was issued with an infringement notice and an instant 28-day suspension after being caught driving a police car at 149 kph.

30/04/10 – Significant faults in the “Kahui Twins” police invesitgation are identified and which hampered both the defence and the prosecution teams.

04/05/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

08/05/10 A three-year-old boy was mauled by a police dog at a kindergarten visit that was meant to teach the children about dog safety.

14/05/10 – Police are found to have failed in their duty to protect after delaying the arrival of emergency medical staff to the scene of Navtej Singh’s fatal shooting.

18/05/10 – A senior Wellington police officer receives name supression when appearing in court on assualt charges.

21/05/10 A senior under cover police officer admits interfering with and removing objects from a murder scene. No disciplinary action follows.

21/05/10 – An man helping police is bitten by a police dog.

30/05/10 – A police officer’s vile on-line diary is investigated in the hope of identifying the officer concerned. All posts from the gpforums are deleted shortly thereafter.

31/05/10 – An official information request shows that five police officers have been charged with drink driving over the previous 12 months, including a senior constable in the serious crash unit.

05/06/10 – Constables Brenton David Rooney and Duncan Roy Hollebon are found guilty of assault after kicking a suspect already in custody.

12/06/10 – Sergeant Jason Lamont gets to keep his job after being let off a drunk drive charge where he had been found to be one and a half times over the limit.

20/06/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

23/06/10 Police are accused of improperly obtaining DNA samples from Maori.

25/06/10 – Constables Patrick Garty and Wiremu Bowers Rakatau are convicted of assault.

02/07/10 – Ex-Superintendent Jon Moss, the former head of “professional standards” faces new accusations of criminal behaviour.

04/07/10 – Senior police deny a culture of violence exists in the force following the standing down of a fourth officer from one Auckland district for assault allegations.

07/07/10 – Harsher laws for offences against police introduced but no requirement for harsher sentencing for police officers committing offences considered.

10/07/10 – Police apologise after telling a woman she would have to wait two days for a follow-up to the burgalry of her house.

10/07/10 – Two unnamed police officers to face charges for driving offences after crashing their police vehicles.

10/07/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

29/07/10 – Armed police unnecessarily smash windows and fire ten tear gas cannisters into a house while searching for a suspect.

29/07/10 – Gisborne police supress information in an effort to make the community feel safer.

03/08/10 – a Mongrel Mob member and two associates walk free after a judge rules police acted unlawfully.

06/08/10 – Police officers Keith Parsons, Erle Busby, John Mills, and Bruce Laing escape criminal conviction but are found to have used excessive force against a prisoner being held in Whakatane cells. The victim of the police violence subsequently received compensation.

06/08/10 – Disbelief as the man responsible for tormenting Algerian refugee Ahmed Zaoui , former SIS director Richard Woods, is appointed to the Independent Police Conduct Authority (IPCA) for to years.

08/08/10 – Seedy details of a police officer’s secret life start to come to light after he is stabbed to death.

20/08/10 – <http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz-police/news/article.cfm?o_id=131&objectid=10667461> And unnamed police officer is stood down after being charged with multiple accounts of indecent assualt.

24/08/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

25/08/10 – Police get special treatment in liquor licensing law changes.

25/08/10 – Detective Inspector Dave Archibald who had been caught illegally accessing the police computer system to help the defence of convicted pack rapist Brad Shipton gets a promotion.

26/08/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

04/09/10 – <http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz-police/news/article.cfm?o_id=131&objectid=10671040> Coroner David Crerar finds that having an extra officer involved in a search of Jan Molenaar’s Napier home would have prevented the death of police officer Len Snee.

17/09/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

19/09/10 – Armed police terrorise a couple for hours after raiding a house looking for a suspect who had moved out months ago, a simple fact police could easily have verified. An apology is given and $2000 spent on repairing damage caused by police in the raid.

22/09/10 – Auckland police sergeant Martin James Folan is name as the officer charged with assaulting five prisoners over a three month period.

01/09/10 – Police accused by lawyer of silencing dissent by arresting those who’s political views they disagreed with.

23/09/10 – Oamaru police constable Karl Walter Vincent is found guilty of multiple counts of indecent assault.

25/09/10 – Increasing concern expressed at rising number of fatalities due to police pursuit tactics.

25/09/10 – Police pursuits for traffic offences result in 11 deaths in the nine months to September 2010.

28/09/10 – Former Otago police officer Neil Ford is jailed for perjury.

28/09/10 – Superintendent Bob Burns says that other officers were involved in covering up perjury and the wilfully attempting to pervert the course of justice which is why it took five years to bring charges against only two officers.

08/10/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

10/10/10 – Evidence given by two police officers is thrown out and the officers concerned are under investigation for failing to disclose information to a defence lawyer which would almost certainly have led to a not guilty finding.

11/11/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

16/10/10 Veteran barrister Barry Hart details some of the history of a criminal culture within the New Zealand police force which goes back at least until the 1970s.

19/10/10 – More evidence of endemic corruption in the New Zealand obfuscated.

23/10/10 Superintendent Gary Smith gets promoted to a plum job despite a secret police report which states he acted unlawfully and totally mismanaged a complaint about the unlawful arrest of a justice of the peace. No charges have been laid.

23/10/10 It is discovered that the Independent Police Conduct Authority has decided that a report which highlights illegal actions by police does not need to be published because it “is not in the public interest.

27/10/10 – All Black coach Graham Henry gets let off a fine after being snapped travelling at over 30kmh above the speed limit.

28/10/10 – Complaints of of “widespread police involvement” in local body electioneering in Manurewa and Papakura are being investigated by the police and the Independent Police Conduct Authority. The Authority never bothers to report back about this investigation.

14/11/10 – The mother of a 12-year-old beaten by bullies is turned away from Christchurch Police station when she went to make a complaint because there were no officers on duty to deal with the matter.

18/11/10 – Former police officer Dairne Olwen Cassidy gets home detention after being found guilty of wilfully attempting to pervert the course of jusitice.

18/11/10 – Former police officer Anthony Dale Bridgman already notorious for another incident involving his dangerous driving of a police vehicle, is back in court again.

30/10/10 – It is revealed that former Bay of Plenty district commander Gary Smith who was appointed to a senior role had previously been accused of sexual harrassment and a secret settlement of $20,000 paid out.

04/12/10 – Another police chase, another crash.

17/12/10 – Police are found to have failed to comply with rules regarding pursuits in case where the fleeing driver was seriously injured.

17/12/10 Most crime in New Zealand goes unreported, a survey finds. Of those quizzed, 24 percent said they felt the police would not or could not be able to deal with the situation.

20/12/10 – West Auckland police constables Alan Michael Douglas and Gareth John Needham are found guilty of assault. This is not the last the courts will hear of this pair.

01/01/11 Bay of Plenty police refuse to reveal how many people were arrested during New Year celebrations.

03/01/11 – Superintendent Ted Cox lies to a fellow officer after being pulled over for speeding on the Auckland southern motorway

05/01/11 – Another police chase, another crash.

07/01/11 Another “hurry up” issued to the police in regard to the culture change required as per the 2008 Bazley inquiry into police sexual misconduct.

20/01/11 Another “hurry up”, this time from the State Services Commission is issued to the police in regard to the 2008 Bazley inquiry into police sexual misconduct.

21/01/11 – Constable Raymond Dunbar is convicted of drunk driving.

29/01/11 – Police National manager of youth services Superintendent Bill Harrison is under investigation for using police letterhead to lie in an effort to get out of a parking ticket.

31/01/11 – Police are highlighted are persistent breakers of the do not drive while on the cell phone law.

04/02/11 – Senior Constable Terry Beatson is found to have accessed the police computer system 17 times in order to assist his wife in a custody case against he ex-husband. Beatson gets to keep his job.

18/02/11 – Detective Sergeant Mark McHattie is identified as having lied about a backlog of child abuse cases in the Wairarapa being cleared up.

20/03/11 – Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard failed to act for two months on allegations of criminal conduct by former police headquarters superintendent Jon Moss. An investigation was subsequently launched when the details were discovered.

24/02/11 – Police are ordered to make an apology after being found to have released personal information containing untested factual allegations concering Tony Veitch to the media

09/03/11 – Police are accused of assaulting a young autistic man who was then presented as the face of looting in Christchurch.

09/03/11 – North Shore police use a taser to stop a protester.

20/03/11 – Its revealed that Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard did not act on allegations about a former colleague’s relationship with a senior civil servant which later led to a criminal investigation.

29/03/11 – Start of the trail of Sergeant Martin James Folan who is subsequently found not guilty of assalt but who’s actions remain under investigation by the IPCA authority – two years later and nothing to show for it.

16/04/11 – Police are under investigation for attempting to convince other officers not to testify against sergeant Martin Folan in an assault case.

17/04/11 – Court actions against the police and corrections department come up against both political and institutional obstacles in what is described as a “David vs Goliath Battle for justice”.

17/04/11 – Another police chase , another crash.

17/04/11 Another innocent man sent to jail by dodgy police work finally receives compensation while the original case remains open and the police officers involved show little remorse or even interest in solving the case.

06/05/11 – IPCA says rules were broken in police pursuit which ended in fatality but not action required or recommendations necessary.

08/05/11 – Detective Sergeant Peter Govers is named as the officer responsible for sending two innocent men to jail. Govers keeps his job, even after subsequently being labelled as “reprehensible” for pressuring a female informant into giving him a blow job.

09/05/11 – Constable Raymond John Dunbar loses appeal against his conviction for drunk driving.

17/05/11 – Police officer Matthew Blythe fails in his bid to overturn a conviction for punching a very drunk suspect in the head as the man was being handcuffed by other officers.

18/05/11 – Senior Constable Matthew Leslie Blythe loses an appeal in the Court of Appeal against a conviction for assault.

26/05/11 – Former Detective Inspector Mark Franklin is arrested and charged with drug dealing in Rarotonga.

31/05/11 – Nelson police arrest and charge a man for theft after he took pies out of a rubbish tin at the back of a petrol station. The owners of the petrol station had twice told police these did not want to press charges. The charges were withdrawn in court.

16/06/11 An unnamed police officer found guilty of assault after punching a prisoner escapes conviction after a judge agrees that such a conviction would have effects out of all proportion.

25/06/11 More evidence of historic and systematic police perjury surfaces.

20/06/11 – Contables Alan Michael Douglas and Gareth John Needham are found guilty of assault.

11/07/11 – Constable Jamie Anderson was driving on an unlit rural road and texting on his cellphone when he ran over a pedestrian. No problem says ICPA.

11/07/11 – Unhappy with coverage of the police beating of an autistic man Christchurch Central Police Area Commander Inspector Derek Erasmus announce an investigation into TVNZ’s Sunday programme.

18/07/11 – Another police chase, another crash.

27/07/11 – Former police officer Neil Robert Ford gets an early release after being sent to jail for perjury.

28/07/11 – Police employee Patrick Bruce Phipps is found guilty of charges of illegal possession of a Finnish Valmet semi-automatic rifle and a Czechoslovakian VZ58 fully automatic rifle.

02/08/11 – Superintendent Ted Cox finally pays a $120 speeding ticket after first going through $8,000 of police budget trying to get out of it.

13/08/11 – Senior Constable Michael Lenihan is fined $250 for careless use of a motor vehicle after doing a u-turn in front of motorcycle resulting in the death of the rider. Lenihan was acquited of dangerous driving causing death and dangerous driving causing injury

22/08/11 – Police finally find a good enough reason to drop charges against am autistic man they had beaten and held in custody for stealing two light bulbs before charging him with looting after the Christchurch earthquake.

24/08/11 – Hasting Senior Sergeant Luke Shadbolt says to the media about a missing girl “she is missing, but it’s not the story of the century. And if we had a major concern about the disappearance, we would have [issued] a media release about it”.

05/09/11 Police drop charges against Tiki Taane after he was arrested for expressing his opinion on what police describe was a “misunderstanding”.

25/08/11 – Detective Inspector Dave Archibald is promoted to a senior position despite his illegal searching of the police computer system for information to assist officers’ defence in a pack rape charge.

13/09/11 – Police blunders at Pike River Mine subject to questioning at inquiry. Assistant police commissioner Grant Nicholls does his best.

16/09/11 – Illegal actions of police in regard to Urewera detailed in a Supreme Court judgement that couldn’t previously be released.

18/09/11 – Another police chase, another crash.

20/09/11 – Police apologise for breach of privacy after faxing a confidential parenting order to media.

25/09/11 Police get a caning from the Supreme Court for knowingly breaking to law to illegal gain evidence. No charges are ever laid and the government changes to law to cover the officers concerned.

29/09/11 – New Zealand police officers are described as racist by visiting journalists here to cover the Rugby World Cup.

04/10/11 – Police Inspector Turepu Keenan is snapped texting on his cellphone.

09/10/11 – Another police chase, another crash.

19/10/11 – Accusations that police are lying about security threats in order to get their residential properties improved.

25/10/11 – Deputy Police Commissioner Rob Pope admits that he knew about the history of Superintendent Gary Smith who had previously been found to have acted illegally before he was later promoted to a plum police job.

30/10/11 – Superintendent Gary Smith appointed to the plum London job had previously been accused of sexually harassing a female police employee.

09/11/11 Police are accused for forcing an Indian woman suspected of being in the country illegally to sign documents.

17/11/11 – Police staff are among those arrested in a drug swoop.

17/11/11 – Former Nelson policeman Garry Dunn is found not guilty of two assaults but resigns from the police after having illegally accessed the police computer system to assist his defence in the case.

21/11/11 Dozens of police officers face criminal charges according to details released under an official information request. Very few such cases appear to merit media coverage, it would seem.

22/11/11 – Police officers are found to have broken pursuit rules in a fatal chase.

16/12/11 – Police officers use excessive force in the unjustified arrest of a Christchurch man. District Commander Gary Knowles says the police will not apologise.

22/01/12 Police officers arresting protesters at the Occupy event are filmed all wearing the same ID number in an orchestrated attempt to hide their identities and hamper the processing of any complaints about the actions of individual officers

09/02/12 Chinese tourist Naiju Li lays complaint against the police alleging brutality in their arrest of the 56 year old woman. She suffered a dislocated elbow and required stitches to her face.

02/02/12 – Police are filmed illegally closing a road to support the activities of a corporate

09/02/12 – Police commence an investigation after a 65 year old deaf, mute man dies while in police custody.

17/02/12 Police officer Karis Rewa Charnley makes her first appearance in court after being charged with lending her uniform to someone for use in the theft of a car. The charge Charnley was eventually dismissed after the judge described a “vacuum” in the evidence.

02/02/12 – Police employee Darren Ian Hodgetts admits to providing a drug ring with access to the police computer system.

03/03/12 – Police prosecutor Timothy John Russell Sarah pleads guilty to a representative charge of supplying methamphetamine, four specific charges of supplying the drug and one charge of dishonestly accessing the police computer – the National Intelligence Application.

30/03/12 – Constable David Mear is found not guilty of assault . . . hmmmm.

05/04/12 – Police officer Karis Charnley is charged with being a party to theft , being a party to impersonating a police officer and assault.

11/04/12 – An unnamed police officer appears in court allegedly involved in a collision with another car after doing a U-turn in front of it has appeared in court, charged with careless driving. But the officer is likely to avoid conviction after being offered diversion.

12/04/12 – A unnamed police officer was disciplined after giving false details to the Rotorua harbourmaster after being caught breaching a bylaw while riding a jetski on a lake.

18/04/12 – Various protesters at the Glenn Innes evictions of tenants in government housing claim the police used excessive force

15/04/12 – Detective Sergeant Rod Carpinter receives support after carrying out an illegal raid which was described by a judge as “consciously reckless”. Mr Carpinter was earlier criticised for his involvement in a drug bust in 2005 where his actions were also found to be “unreasonable and unlawful”.

20/04/12 Superintendent Bill Harrison, one of the country’s top policemen, was found guilty of serious misconduct after accusations he used police letterhead to dodge a $200 parking fine. Superintendent Bill Harrison retired on May 17 last year, before an independent investigation was completed so no disciplinary action was taken.

24/04/12 – Detective Senior Sergeant Mark McHattie who was at the centre of a major child-abuse cover-up has kept his job after a code-of-conduct investigation but police will not reveal the outcome of the long inquiry.

29/04/12 – A Northland man who received paralysing neck injuries while in police custody is in a “bad way” after surgery and is struggling to breathe on his own, his parents say.

03/05/12 – Constable David Mear returns to work after being found not guilty of using excessive force against a man who suffered a broken eye socket and cut to the head

16/05/12 – An unnamed police officer resigned late last year after being investigated for theft in the aftermath of the February 2011 Christchurch earthquake.

04/06/12 – Police officer Gareth John Needham has lost his attempt to appeal his conviction for assault to the Supreme Court.

25/06/12 – Police officer Marcus Guy Andrew Molnar is convicted of theft after admitted stealing cash and soft drinks from a bar at the police station on four separate occasions

11/07/12 – National Crime Manager Detective Superintendent Rodney Drew defends the police force’s organised abuse of the court system by arranging the false arrest and court hearing of an undercover officer

11/07/12 – Inspector Paul Dimery resigns and, in a parting shot, tells the media that the New Zealand police force is compromising front-line safety because it is being run like a business

12/07/12 – Senior Constable Tony Andrews is found to have acted inappropriately due to a conflict of interest, and to have engaged incoercion and the breaching of privacy.

14/07/12 – Another police chase, another crash – three dead, police failed to follow policy.

28/07/12 – Another police chase, another crash

07/08/12 – Senior Sergeant Rod Carpinter and Constable John Grantham escape criminal charges after having “materially misled” the court about a a drugs raid.

14/08/12 – Police justifications for using anti-terrorist officers to raid Kim Dotcom’s home were partly based on claims the tycoon assaulted a former staff member with his stomach.

24/08/12 – A police officer is filmed driving like a bloody idiot tail gating traffic on the open highway

28/08/12 – New Zealand police have been praised by the White House for their role in the case against Kim Dotcom, but are keeping it secret.

29/08/12 – An unnamed police officer appeared in court charged with illegal hunting. The officer appeared in the Blenheim District Court after earlier denying a charge of hunting deer and goats on land at Blue Mountain near Ward on April 17 without the authority of the property owner.

17/09/12 – Senior Constable Sean Ramkissoon accuses senior police officers of conspiracy, corruption and dishonesty, and his employment grievance escalated to the Employment Court.

22/09/12 – Details of the police force’s idiocy, excessive use of force, general illegality, and perjury in relation to the Kim Dotcom affairs starts to become public.

25/09/12 – Police officer Jan Paul de Moor appears in court charged with assault

25/09/12 – Its revealed that Police Commissioner Peter Marshall signed the indemnity order which accepts potential liability if Kim Dotcom lays a claim for damages, it has been confirmed.

27/09/12 – The police are slated in the 2012 Ombudsman’s annual report to parliament after it topped the list of crown agencies ducking and diving official requests for information.

29/09/12 – Police receive a rebuke in court for leaving three drunk men in a vehicle with the keys in the ignition. Judge David Saunders told police it was a recipe for disaster.

29/09/12 – Police are heavily criticised for failing to abandon a pursuit that endangered the public and culminated in the deaths of two young men.

03/10/12 – Two girls, aged 14 and 16, are arrested, denied contact with their family or a lawyer, strip searched, and held in a police cell for 36 hours . The 16 year old, who was nursing a baby, was forced to express breast milk into a cell sink.

13/10/12 – Jakob Christie had his neck broken by a police baton more than three years ago. He is still waiting for the police to do something about it.

14/10/12 – Detective Senior Sergeant Al Symonds ignores evidence and spends 18 months dragging an innocent man’s name through the mud only to have the case dismissed in minutes.

16/10/12 – Police wait nine months after receiving instructions from the Minister before contacting a family to take formal criminal complaint

18/10/12 – Few of the recommendations of a commission of inquiry into police conduct, concluded five years ago, have been fully implemented. Acting Police Commissioner Viv Rickard says he accepts the finding that more focus is needed on sexual assault investigations.

19/10/12 – A report by the Office of the Auditor-General reveals an “unacceptable” level of inappropriate sexual behaviour within police and said improvements were still needed in training staff who were involved in adult sexual assault cases.

20/10/12 – Police funding cuts have seen sex crime investigation courses slashed and firearms training reduced.

21/10/12 – Increasing numbers of teenagers are being held in police custody for days, breaching United Nations protocols and sparking concern from human rights agencies. Child, Youth and Family statistics show the number of young people held for more than 24 hours in police cells almost trebled in the past three years.

21/10/12 – Detective Sergeant Mark Keane and Detective Dale Forman were criticised in a stinging Independent Police Conduct Authority report for failing to fully investigate claims that Tineke Foley had been raped by a male nurse at a Christchurch mental health facility.

23/10/12 – Police are found to be breaching basic human rights in the practises employed in the detention of young people in police cells. A review is called for, no action is taken.

25/10/12 – A police blunder results in four alleged Chinese people smugglers being awarded a $2000 payout.

02/11/12 – Police ignore three 111 calls to respond to an accident.

08/11/12 – Morrinsville Police Officer, Constable Shaan Stevens, is convicted of stealing $200 from a wallet handed in to lost and found.

12/11/12 – Another police chase, another crash.

19/11/12 – Detective Jamie Woods is caught out providing a transcript containing “mistakes” as part of an application for a search warrant to intercept the phone calls and emails of senior Switched on Gardener staff.

19/11/12 – Constable Gary Neil Morgan of the North Shore Police strategic traffic unit is charged with careless driving after he crashed his patrol car into a tree.

28/11/12 – A convicted drug dealer is freed on bail pending an appeal because police involved in an investigation were found to have acted corruptly following a staged search for evidence against an undercover officer.

21/12/12 – Mikayla Paul is found guilty of assaulting a woman may yet be discharged without conviction.

22/12/12 – Police go over the top in protecting John Key from having to keep his word about buying a Christmas dinner for two Wellington men.

24/12/12 – A Hawkes Bay family is left shocked and upset with the treatment they received from police after an officer smashed their windscreen with his torch at a drink-drive checkpoint this week.

15/01/13 – Constable Perry Griffin is accused of excessive use of force after making an arrest.

20/01/13 – After cut backs in fire arms training, almost 1000 new gun safes are removed from police cars because of potential security issues, just months after they were rolled out across the fleet.

31/01/13 – An unnamed police officer who was sacked for using excessive force loses his case for unjustified dismissal.

06/02/13 – Another police chase, another death

11/02/13 – A fifteen year old girl lays an assualt complaint against police after being left bloodied and brusied when police were breaking up a party.

15/02/13 – An unnamed police officer admits receiving money from people who had criminal charges against them dropped. At the request of defence counsel Pip Hall, Judge Brian Callaghan did not enter convictions because the defence wants to argue for a discharge without conviction.

20/02/13 – The Independent Police Conduct Authority promises to try harder after being found out for unnecessarily keeping reports secret.

21/02/13 – A police blunder in a major drugs investigation has revealed the identity of confidential informants and undercover officers and their secret intelligence-gathering techniques.

23/02/13 – A former undercover officer comes clean about spying on protest groups, environmental organisations and trade unions.

23/02/13 – The IPCA finds that police could have prevented a murder had they acted earlier on information received.

01/03/13 – Hundreds of police officers across the country are withdrawn from the front line and told not to interact with the public, after failing a key fitness test

03/03/13 – Another police chase, another accident.

10/03/13 – Police officers who deliberately faked their uniform badge numbers to avoid being identified as they weighed into a violent public protest will keep their jobs and won’t be investigated by the force’s watchdog.

16/03/13 – The police attempt to silence a retired officer for speaking to the media about the Teina Pora case.

16/03/13 – Another police chase, another crash

27/03/13 – Police still need time to introduce changes identified as necessary six years earlier following an investigation in its culture and practises.

27/03/13 – About 20 people protest outside Masterton police station over claims young people have been mistreated during arrest. The protesters included two teenagers who alleged they had bones broken while being arrested.

09/04/13 – An analysis of police statistics highlight the fact that Maori youth are far more likely to go to court after an arrest than pakeha youth.

13/04/13 – Another police chase, another crash

13/04/13 – More on the orchestrated miscarriage of justice in the Teina Pora case.

15/04/13 – Retiring Detective Senior Sergeant Grant Coward says police officers are leaving the force in droves, frustrated with the “budgets, the judiciary, new systems in place alienating the community and traffic taking precedence over everything,”

17/04/13 – Police admit to “dropping the ball” by failing to pay more than $5000 in rent to a tiny Christchurch community group run by volunteers and war veterans.

20/04/13 – Former drug squad detective Ernest Langford escapes jail after being found guilty of stealing thousands of dollars from a police safe and colleagues desk. Charges involving the theft of thousands of more dollars were dropped.

21/04/13 – Comments by Constable Paul Sharples about judges results in Auckland’s top police officer making an apology and starting an investigation into the way Sharples handled the case.

24/04/13 – Police sergeant Blair Donaldson pleads guilty to careless driving. Magistrate Ngaire Mascelle say a conviction would outweigh the severity of the offence and discharged Donaldson without conviction.

05/05/13 – The Independent Police Conduct Authority has received two complaints about the nation’s second-highest-ranking police officer, Mike Bush – but it will not be taking any action . The complaints were in response to Bush’s comments at the funeral of former police officer Bruce Hutton, a detective who was found to have planted evidence used to wrongfully convict Arthur Allan Thomas of murder.

09/05/13 – Another police chase, another crash.

17/05/13 – Police officer Peter Pakau appears in court on a raft of drug charges.

12/05/13 – Another police chase, another crash.

21/05/13 – an unnamed police officer appears in court accused of asking for sexual favours in return for not prosecuting a motorist on a driving charge.

06/06/13 – Police refuse to engage with a lawyer representing teenagers seeking discussions about possible compensation.

18/06/13 – Hastings police officer, Adam Dunnett, 37, charged with indecently assaulting five women from a Hawke’s Bay surf club loses his bid to keep his identity suppressed.

08/07/13 – An investigation is begun after an unnamed police officer is accused of assault.

09/07/13 – Another police chase, another crash.

24/07/13 – Two expert reports about an incident in which a wedding guest was run over on a Waikato road were ignored by a police crash analyst, a coroner’s inquest has been told.

04/08/13 – Lawyers are demanding a review of how police intercept private communications after a photo-journalist’s cellphone logs and messages, including exchanges with a lawyer, were obtained in and inquiry instigated by the PM.

05/08/13 – Police officer Dugal Matheson is slammed by a judge and convicted for dragging his former partner around by her hair and “manhandling” her son.

07/08/13 – Police officer Lotovale Ulufafo Solofa Perese appears in court charged with a variety of offences involving the smuggling of contraband for delivery to people being held in police cells.

12/08/13 – Detective Sergeant Mike Blowers appears in court charged with supplying methamphetamine and cannabis.

16/08/13 – Police have accidentally shot a man as he lay on the floor of a Hastings house while being taken into custody this afternoon.

18/08/13 – Concerns are raised after police do not lay charges against a care giver who locked an austic man in a flat and who later died in a fire at the property.

23/08/13 – An unnamed Waitakere police dog handler twice used excessive and unlawful force.

27/08/13 – Police breach confidentiality agreement concerning compensation paid to the mother of Halatau Naitoko.

29/08/13 – The police decide to take no action of illegal spying.

31/08/13 – Police carrying out a “cold case” investigation of the Crewe murders demand an alibi from Arthur Thomas and members of his family.

04/09/13 – Officers working in OFCANZ fear internal reprisals if they were to tell police bosses about inappropriate conduct.

07/09/13 – Casual racism, ignorance, disrespect and insensitivity on the part of the police when dealing with the family of a murder victim exacerbate their grief.

09/09/13 – A sober woman left stranded in a pub car park in the early hours after police confiscated her car keys was raped shortly afterwards.

15/09/13 – The family of Danielle King, 15, claim she was “thrown around like a rag doll” by officers breaking up a party.

15/09/13 – Police are being slammed for a “monumental blunder” in which they searched and damaged an Auckland family’s home in the hunt for a man who brutally bashed a police officer – but they were at the wrong house.

15/09/13 – Hawkes Bay police leaving the force in droves amid a “draconian climate” after a regional restructure .

19/09/13 – Inspector Richard Wilkie is discharged without conviction for assaulting two teen agers.

21/09/13 – Police have agreed to pay a Southland farmer $14,000 in damages and costs after armed officers entered his property without permission and, in a resulting tussle, pepper-sprayed him, punched him in the face and Tasered him while he was handcuffed.

22/09/13 – Road safety data being submitted by the public is being ignored by the police.

24/09/13 – It is revealed that police have not investigated the February 2011 death of a man in custody and have still not completed an investigation into another death of a man in custody dating back to October 2010.

28/09/13 – The detective who blew the whistle on his alleged drug-dealing boss was removed from his squad and investigated before senior police took his concerns seriously.

28/09/13 – Central District commander Superintendent Russell Gibson, in a letter to convicted child rapist Robin Peter Abraham’s wife, described one of the rape victims as a willing party to the sexual abuse.

29/09/13 – A martial arts black belt who became a morphine-dependent invalid after a beating by Senior Sergeant Ron Greatorex , has won a five-year battle for compensation. Greatorex has never been charged and still works as a senior-ranking police officer in Christchurch.

10/10/13 – Police Association president Greg O’Connor says most complaints made against the police are from “perennial complainers who complain about everything to everyone”.

13/10/13 – Another police chase, another accident, this one resulting in serious injuries. The IPCA finds that the police should have called off the chase well before the accident took place.

17/10/13 – No apology and no charges after police who broke a man’s neck are found to have used excessive force.

17/10/13 – Police prosecutor Brent William Thomson pleads guilty to possession and use of methamphetamine and cannabis.

17/10/13 – Another police chase, another crash.

20/10/13 – It is proved in the Privvy Council that police use dodgy evidence and failed to provide all information to the defence in the Mark Lundy case.

06/11/13 – Police admit to having lied to the public about not receiving any complaints in relation to the Roast Buster case.

08/11/13 – Police threaten a blogger in an effort to stifle public discussion surrounding its own inaction and mendacity concerning the RoastBuster rapes.

18/11/13 – Senior Constable Gordon Stanley Meyer pleads guilty to bribery, corruption, and sexual assault.

18/11/13 – Police officers Brent Liddle and Gerard Russell are convicted of assault but discharged without conviction.

18/11/13 – Police Senior Constable Gordon Stanley Meyer pleads guilty to bribery, corruption and indecent assult. Another unnamed police officer was also investigated but no charges were laid.

19/11/13 – Police Senior Constable Keith Rose pleads guilty to assault after grabbing a referee around the throat.

20/11/13 – An innocent man is mauled by a police dog.

22/11/13 – Police Sergeant Brent English is investigated after a junior police officer complains that he made a lewd suggestion and exposed his penis to her.


05/12/13 – police refuse to explain how a dangerous criminal escaped from Dunedin Police Station.

11/12/13 – Sergeant James Casson takes a case to the Employment Relations Authority claiming he was subject to “bullying and threatening behaviour” by members of the Hamilton police management who had “closed ranks” against him.

11/12/13 Tasman district police are ordered by the Emplyment Relations Authority to re-hire its business services manager after finding his redundancy was invalid. Derek Coffey had worked for police for 23 years before losing his job in February as part of a nationwide police restructure.
The ERA found his redundancy was invalid and he was unjustifiably disadvantaged by police’s failure to redeploy him to an available suitable position.

11/12/13 – Police Commissioner Peter Marshall admitted to police failings in the “Roast Busters” case before going on to say that a drop in the public confidence of the police from 82 percent to 76 percent wasn’t much of a change.

13/12/13 – Police Constable Tako Cocker is arrested and suspended from duty after being arrested in Auckland for allegedly damaging a taxi side mirror after a dispute over the fare.

20/12/13 – A group of Christchurch police officers are threaten to sue Police Commissioner Peter Marshall for defamation over comments made about leadership at the Christchurch South Station where corrupt ex-cop Gordon Stanley Meyer worked.

17/01/14 – Christchurch Police officer Trevor Hinkley is convicted then discharged after pleading guilty to stealing $2750 meant to go to a victim support organisation.

22/01/14 – Christchurch District Police Commander Gary Knowles is expected to make an apology to a man arrested in November 2011 when the arresting officers were found to have used excessive force leaving an innocent man bruised and humiliated.

19/02/14 – Police use $12 million of funds set aside for crime fighting to pay for redunancies.

23/03/14 – Queenstown police are accused of closing ranks to protect an officer caught on CCTV assaulting a taxi driver.

04/04/14 – Former Police officer Timothy Phillip Hartnell is charged with assault following an incident when he was working as an officer.

14/04/14 – Another police chase, another serious injury.

24/04/14 – Police refuse to answer an Official Information Act request for details about a government minister interfering in a criminal investigation on the grounds of “maintenance of the law”.

01/05/14 – Another police chase, another serious injury.

01/05/14 – Greymouth police sergeant Matthew Charles Frost who had nine drinks before crashing his car on a West Coast country road was convicted of careless driving but let off without punishment.

02/05/14 – Detective Inspector Mark Gutry resigns from the police before an employment investigation into the circumstances leading to him escaping charges in relation to a criminal sex complaint.

03/05/14 – It becomes apparent Superintendent John Tims buckled to political pressure in January 2014 after receiving a phone call from a government Minister requesting that a domestic violence prosecution be subject to review. Police National Head Quarters claims to have not been advised of the political interference until two months later when an Official Information request was made by media. Police National Head Quarters did not advise the Minister of Police about the situation until 28 April 2014.

04/05/14 http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11249346

08/05/14 – Police are found to have acted unlawfully in a ”disrespectful and degrading” breach of human rights when hundreds of New Zealanders taking part in a charity event to raise money for the Christchurch earthquake appeal were unlawfully detained.
24/05/14 – It is revealed that two Auckland police staff allegedly filmed themselves in a sex act during work hours and sent the footage to a junior colleague as an invitation to join them.

05/06/14 – Another police chase, another crash

18/06/14 – Another police chase, another fatality.

22/06/14 – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11279057

26/06/14 – Another police chase another fatality

04/07/14 – Detective Inspector Chris Page admits that a murder could have been prevented were it not for a series of errors by the police.

08/07/14 – Police apologise for failing to tell the mother of a child assault victim about their decision to downgrade the charge.

08/07/14 – http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/10241968/Victims-mum-angered-by-leniency-towards-assailant

09/07/14 – Another police chase, another accident resulting in serious injury.

14/07/14 – It is revealed that Counties Manukau Police have been “cooking the books” with statistics to make it look like burgalry crimes have reduced.

17/07/14 – http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/10275505/Marae-angry-at-cops-waking-kids

18/07/14 – A coroner has criticised the actions of police officers who confronted an armed man, saying their mistakes had a snow-balling effect that ended in him being shot dead.

29/07/14 – A woman who drove straight to Whangarei police station to report an attempted carjacking was told to ring 111 to get a police officer to attend.

05/08/14 – Detective Benjamin Joel admits in court that police bungled the collection of evidence which was subsequently lost before a murder trial.

10/08/14 – Drug dealers, burglars and drink-drivers have walked free after a police botch-up led to officers carrying out illegal investigations. This is the third time the same botch up has occurred.

14/08/14 – http://www.radionz.co.nz/audio/player/20145719

15/08/14 – Police pay a pittance in compensation to a women who spent $100,000 to find evidence evidence of murder that police ignored.

15/08/14 – another police chase, another fatality.

15/08/14 – It is revealed that police ignored an IPCA instruction to carry out a conciliation meeting.

17/08/14 – Police apologise to a woman for the second time after botching a domestic violence case. The latest apology was for the assigned police presecutor not turning up in Court for a hearing which resulted in the assailant receiving a second discharge without conviction after having plead guilty to breaching a protection order.

18/08/14 – Former police officer Timothy Phillip Hartnell was discharged without conviction on an assault charge relating to him handcuffing a child for riding a bicycle on a footpath.

28/08/14 – it is found that police officers repeatedly broke the law and used unjustified excessive force when shutting down parties.


04/09/14 – Police Constable Setu Pio has his conviction for assaulting a pregnant woman overturned.

08/09/14 – Queenstown Police Constable Jenny McNee, 44, was found guilty of using offensive language in a racist tirade against Malaysian-born taxi driver Ganesh Paramanathan while arguing over a fare. McNee was discharged without conviction.

25/09/14 – New Zealand police provided incorrect statistical information to Minister Anne Tolley to bolster moves to give police more powers.

28/09/14 – It is revealed that Manukau District Commander, Superintendent John Tims, instructed staff to not respond to a journalist’s OIA request about the fraudulent nature of the area’s reported crime statistics.

01/10/14 – Lower Hutt police are slammed by the coroner for taking more than seven months to interview a man who supplied alcohol to a teen found dead the next morning from alcohol poisoning.

02/10/14 – It is revealed that a Christchurch police officer ignored two instructions to abandon a chase which posed an unjustified risk to members of the public and which resulted in the death of a 15-year-old.

09/10/14 – It is revealed that two Timaru police officers, acting in collusion with a police prosecutor and an Area Commander, committed perjury.

09/10/14 – Nearly three years after the original incident, is found to have used excessive force by shooting a man with a taser in a manner which was disproportionate to the perceived threat.

11/10/14 – It is revealed that police spent more than three years covering up the fact that illegal drugs were being stolen by police from the Huntly station’s evidence safe.

05/11/14 – Another police chase, another accident resulting in serious injury

09/11/14 – An unnamed Counties Manukau District police constable is disciplined for flirting with a rape complainant he met at a party.

09/11/14 – Two Auckland Central police officers Sergeant Neil Barton and Jo Barton resign before an investigation into them filming themselves in a sex act is completed.

12/11/14 – Police confirm that yet another officer from Central Otago is under investigation. Police would not confirm the name of the officer nor details of what the investigation was looking into. The investigation comes hard on the heels of a series of investigations involving officers in the Central Otago/Lakes District.

16/11/14 – Recruits at the Police Training College are stood down pending investigations of bullying.

20/11/14 – More people are being killed each year as a result of police pursuits.

20/11/14 – Another police chase another accident resulting in serious injuries. The IPCA finds that various unnamed officers failed to follow police policy and one officer broke the law during the chase.

25/11/14 – Another police chase, another crash, this time five people hospitalised.

27/11/14 – Another police chase another accident, this time leaving an uninvolved, innocent man with serious injuries. The IPCA finds that an unnamed police officer failed to comply with policy in relation to communication and site selection during the first attempted deployment of the road spikes. He also failed to comply with Police policy in relation to communication during the second attempted deployment of the road spikes. The IPCA noted: “The haphazard nature of both attempted deployments placed [the officer], Police staff and other road users at risk of harm.

28/11/14 – Police officer Peter Pakau is sentenced to eight years jail on a raft of charges including drug dealing.

02/12/14 – An unnamed Cromwell police officer is charged with assault after an investigation into an allegation of excessive force at the Cromwell police station

03/12/14 – Flaxmere Police Constable Shane Greville charged with dangerous driving causing injury after an accident in September.

04/12/14 – The public’s trust and confidence in the performance of the police has dropped. Acting Deputy Commissioner Grant Nicholls said the results were pleasing.

11/12/14 – Two Central Otago teenagers receive letters of apology from the district’s highest-ranking police officer for the unacceptable actions of some police officers earlier this year. The one and a-half page letters, which were written and hand-delivered by Central Otago sub-area supervisor Senior Sergeant Ian Kerrisk last month, relate to a series of incidents – where the teenagers were falsely accused of committing petty crimes, and the subsequent unprofessional treatment and alleged harassment of the teenagers – over a period of time several months ago.

11/12/14 – An unnamed Tauranga police officer is found to have used excessive force when choking a mentally ill 14-year old boy.

12/12/14 – A Central Otago Senior Constable admits in court to using a police-issued iPhone to make an intimate visual recording of a teenager drying herself after taking a shower.

21/12/14 – The police cover up the fact that National Party MP and former police officer Mike Sabin is being investigated for assault.

10/01/15 – Hamilton police officer, Senior Constable Keith Ralph Paul Day, pleads guilty to multiple thefts from his station’s exhibit room and lost and found section.

15/01/15 – South Island police are criticised for dragging their heels in a homicide investigation into the death of an infant.

15/01/15 – An unnamed Marlborough police officer is suspected being at fault when the police car he/she was driving was involved in an accident.

16/01/15 – A young couple and a police officer escape serious injury when the police officer pulled out into traffic on State Highway One without looking.

19/01/15 – 100 people protested outside the Whakatane police station after an unnamed local constable escaped both criminal charges and internal disciplinary procedures after admitting he had shot a dog which wandered onto his property with a crossbow. The bolt struck the dog on the left side of its chest but missed vital organs. In agony for hours at the time and in discomfort for months after being shot by the police constable, the dog has since made a full recovery.

22/01/15 – An unnamed Tauranga police officer was found to have failed to call a medical practitioner to assess a man who was bleeding from the mouth, nose and eyes after being involved in a bar fight and then, during his arrest, punched in the head several times by another officer. Various other procedural errors were made regarding the man’s arrest but an allegation by the man of excessive force by the police was not believed by the IPCA.

02/02/15 – Auckland police officers are shown to be hypocrites when it comes to speeding.

05/02/15 – Another police chase another accident. This time, the officer involved in the chase is found to have unjustifiably engaged in dangerous driving when pursuing a fleeing driver up the wrong side of the motorway, State Highway 1, near Tawa.

12/02/15 – It is revealed that two unnamed Auckland police officers failed to take action against a security guard accused of the sexual assault of a women patient at Auckland Hospital. The guard, Davinder Singh, was later arrested and convicted of a similar assault a year later.

14/02/15 – http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/crime/66183489/cop-suspended-for-facebook-posts
25/02/15 – http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11407502

24/02/15 – http://tvnz.co.nz/national-news/warning-man-illegally-tasered-calls-tighter-restrictions-video-6242809

01/04/15 – Police refuse to take another look at a murder case even after the person convicted of it is found by the Privvy Council to be innocent.

03/03/15 – Police illegally intercepted phone calls between a man and his lawyer.

19/03/15 – Police fail to take threats of 1080 being added to bay formula seriously.

25/03/15 – It is revealed that police are collecting personal information from individuals and companies without first obtaining a warrant, instead police are threatening prosecution if the information is not handed over. Some criminal cases have been put at risk and police refuse to maintain any records on this method of information collection.

02/04/15 – The parents of one of the victims of the Carterton balloon tragedy criticise the police over the handling of their daughter’s body.

06/04/15 – Police refuse assistance to a man who received on-line death threats for wearing a turban.

07/04/15 = A Marlborough police officer is to be charged with careless driving after a crash on State Highway 1 in January. The unnamed highway patrol officer performed a u-turn in front of a following car with two passengers on a straight section of road, at Dead Man Stream near Clarence, north of Kaikoura, on January 14.

07/04/15 – A worrying trend is seen in police refusal to take action in following up complaints about crimes even when evidence is made available to them .

. . . and the beat goes on.

". . . victim-focused frontline police staff at work who tirelessly every day prevent crime and deal with the worst behaviour in our communities . . . "

New Zealand Police response to freedom of expression and right to legitimate protest.

82 comments on “A police investigation – Part One”

  1. philj 1

    Are we in a police state yet?
    I’ve been bullied by police and have lost the respect I used to have for them. Very sad.

  2. jenny kirk 2

    Whoever put this together – BLiP ? ? maybe ? – good job, well done !

  3. just saying 3

    Outstanding work, Blip

  4. les 4

    standards are lower these days.By and large the Police are like any cross section of society…a small % are excellent,a large % average and another small % are a hopeless indictment on the whole force.

    • felix 4.1

      “standards are lower these days.By and large the Police are like any cross section of society”

      I think there might be some truth to that les, but the stakes are so much higher in the police and justice area than in most other areas of life.

      A hopeless-to-average shopkeeper can ruin your morning, but a hopeless-to-average cop can ruin your whole life.

      And where are the consequences for these hopeless-to-average coppers? A hopeless plumber might ruin your house, but they won’t stay in business long with insurance companies on their case.

      Hopeless cops on the other hand are routinely protected, their crimes excused, their disgraces covered up, their jobs secure, and after ten years they PERF out at our expense.

      We just can’t afford hopeless-to-average cops. The job is too important. But the culture of the police seems to attract people with pretty low-to-average standards, little education and less experience, a “boys clubhouse” mentality about the job, and frankly backwards attitudes to large sectors of society.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.2

      Actually, I believe that such organisations as the police don’t follow the same sociological breakdown of the populace as they attract higher numbers of authoritarian types:

      Only superstition, apparently, has never been used to describe policemen. Otherwise the dimensions of authoritarianism seem to describe many police officers very well. In fact, the typical policeman, as he is portrayed in the literature, is almost a classic example of the authoritarian personality.

      • felix 4.2.1

        That may well be true. My point was that even if it isn’t, “average” isn’t good enough anyway.

      • Ron 4.2.2

        which accounts for so many of them becoming National MP’s maybe

        as they attract higher numbers of authoritarian types:

  5. Tracey 5

    Surely the previous governments were also culpable? There is a trend, probably cos so many politicians rely on the Law and Order scare-mongering in campaigning to score points, to talk up the danger we are all in, and how hard it is for the police to do their work making it very hard to criticise the police?

    My biggest concern is the continual reassurance that there has been or will be a “cultural change”, and then something else unacceptable happens… IF the police were under resourced out there in West Auckland and that is why some errors were made in Roastbusters, then the Police Commissioner needs to say so, instead of protecting their political betters.

    For over 30 years I have read of mistakes of the police in sexually related contexts and read that there will be or has been a cultural change. It only takes 30 years to make a cultural change if you weren’t really making as big an effort as you should the first time.

    • felix 5.1

      +1 They haven’t addressed the culture problem at all, they’ve just gotten slightly better at making the right noises in public and quite efficient at defining every transgression as an isolated incident.

    • Wayne 5.2

      At least some honesty from Tracey.

      Blip, It is not as if everything was sweetness and light until September 2008 and then the police just went crazy under the direct instructions of the Ministers. You know an instruction to the Commissioner that went something like this, “Make sure your officers start committing crimes, kill as many people as possible in car crashes, beat up suspects, they are all guilty anyway”

      A list of this nature could be put together under any government, and it would equally prove nothing particular about that govt, except that in large organizations not everyone is going to live up to expectations.

      It is about as dumb as your lists about John Key.

      • Anne 5.2.1

        So Wayne, do you reckon a Labour led government would:

        1) Sit on the knowledge that one of their MPs ( and a former senior cop) was allegedly indulging in serious criminal behaviour?

        2) When the police begin an investigation… ensure that knowledge of the investigation is withheld from the public until after the General Election?

        3) The MP in question is then promoted to Chairman of the Law and Order/Police Select Committee despite the ongoing investigation?

        4 And finally encourages suppression of all details so that the public never gets to know the real story?

      • Draco T Bastard 5.2.2

        Yes, the police have been out of control for a long time and governments need to work to change that. This list is to show that this government still isn’t doing anything about that so is rather important.

        BLIP’s lists about John Key are irrefutable evidence that he’s a lying schmuck and needs to be held to account. Not surprising that you don’t see that. Like most RWNJs you demand personal responsibility from others but not yourself, your leaders nor anyone else in the same ‘club’.

      • Tracey 5.2.3

        the police consistently fail women and girls Wayne. Consistently. So does the justice system. You had a chance in parliament, in Cabinet and now the Law Commission to put that right… Third position of influence lucky?

      • felix 5.2.4

        Of course it’s not new, Wayne.

        So why is the govt doing nothing about it?

      • RedBaronCV 5.2.5

        But Wayne, isn’t it sooo interesting that the police, MP’s and sundry other groups continue to offend at a far greater rate % wise than the group blamed by Nacts , that much maligned target demographic for all the country’s ills, the single parent.

        Maybe your lot could get on with changing police culture to reduce offending figures.

        • Wayne

          I think you will find that it is gang members who have the highest offending rate, which is why the police focus on them more than any other group in society.

          • Pasupial

            The police certainly act like a gang when it comes to protecting their own; right or wrong. They are; a group of three or more people who conspire to commit and/or conceal criminal acts, so I suppose that supports Wayne’s contention. Though there are not so many gangs of single-parents I would imagine, which was more RBCV’s point.

            However when it comes to; “highest offending rate”, my money would be on; finance companies, and other white-collar criminals, who have computer programs to steal for them even while they’re asleep. However, for some reason, the police don’t; “focus on them more than any other group in society”, quite the contrary.

          • RedBaronCV

            Those statistics about gangs spouted by Anne Tolley that turned out to be made up? Can’t rely on those now, nothing to see there move along.
            From memory there are fewer active gang members than cops. Actually cops may have a higher % offending than gangs – stats anyone ??

            Still nice try for a diversion that does not explain why the single parent group is held up as the problem rather than those who are actually offending.
            Look at MP’s their offence rate (like the cops) is very high % wise and this is a group where charges are brought reluctantly.

            So why does Nact hound those who don’t rather than those who do??
            Answer the question Wayne.

  6. Molly 6

    “08/12/09 – Former constables Reuben James Harris and Benson Lyle Murphy are accused of making false statements in regard to the prosecution of a third officer who was charged with manslaughter. Harris and Murphy had earlier pleaded guilty to conspiring to defeat the course of justice. Their jail sentence was subsequenrly quashed by a judge who refused to explain why.”

    Interesting story behind this one. Harris and Murphy were apparently two fairly new recruits, compared to the other officer in the car. I understand he was off-duty when they gave him a ride. They saw George Harris – drunk & disorderly(?) – and the off-duty officer asked them to stop, and then he apprehended him. However, George Harris was unsecured, and during his escape from the other side door and scuffle he fell under a street sweeper, and died.

    The VERY interesting part of this story is purely anecdoctal. They all went back to the police station where the sergeant came up with the story to protect the main officer involved and threatened Harris and Murphy with losing the respect of their colleagues and their jobs if they did not supported the agreed upon story.

    A strange case of work place bullying.

  7. Penny Bright 7

    What really concerns me is how effectively useless the Police are in investigating matters of alleged corruption – particularly when it involves politicians at local or central government.

    Interesting that a petition calling for an Independent Commission Against Corruption was knocked back by the Law and Order Select Committee – then chaired by Mike Sabin?

    Penny Bright

    ‘Anti-Corruption / Anti-Privatisation Public Watchdog’.


  8. tc 8

    Love your work and we will only get progress on police behaviour by having an independent watchdog with teeth biting them when they err.

    Boys club review processes and committees have no place anymore as our force has descended into scary territory of late taking advantage of that good old mate the national party.

  9. RedBaronCV 9

    “12/12/14 – A Central Otago ”
    This one bothered me ( so did all the others). The cop peaded guilty and wanted to be discharged without conviction. The law said there was to b a restorative justice
    The defence lawyer (his) contacted the woman and got told off by the judge. The prosecutor (a police prosecutor? who is also really also part of the police cohort?) had tried to get the woman to see- wait for it- a clinical psychologist in Dunedin (hand picked by the cops – one of theirs? ) but she had refused.
    The woman isn’t the one with the behavioural problem, that’s him, but this level of suggestion, pressure? looks like they are gaslighting her, maybe trying to suggest that she is over reacting etc, etc minimising her complaint

    Here we have the organisation the abuser belonged to also dealing with the complainants needs.
    Do the complainants, where there is police offending, get an outside lawyer to represent them and their needs to prevent the system swallowing the complaint? Not as far as I can see.

    Lastly, look at how all the senior officers who had complaint against them, many of them confidential, continue to rise , no wonder the problem continues.

  10. This line from the Police Commissioner’s “article”:

    Edwards may be one of the minority who just don’t like police. I have no issue with that and we have broad shoulders when it comes to criticism.

    … is just dripping with irony. “Maybe he just doesn’t like the police because he’s a meany doodoohead, but *I* am totally above that kind of thing and the 700 words I spend whining about his criticism totally prove it.”

    • Rosemary McDonald 10.1

      Actually Stephanie….I had to chuckle at that line myself….”Edwards may be one of the minority who just don’t like police. “, as during and after our wee run in with the police and the court system, we fast came to realize that our prior (blind) faith in the ‘system’ was misplaced.

      Most folk we share our tale of woe with can’t believe we ever trusted the cops.

      And….we tend to move in fairly middle aged, law abiding circles.

      I hazard a guess that the majority of people “just don’t like police”.

      • Indeed – but obviously this is because we’re meany doodooheads, and not because there’s any actual problems with the police force’s behaviour or culture!

  11. Rosemary McDonald 11

    An excellent article. No surprises, but constructing such a well linked list certainly offsets the the official line that police failings are usually minor and occasional.

    Well done, BLIP.

    Those of us who have asked ourselves the question “are the police stupid or corrupt?” will have long since lost all faith in the protectors of law and order.

    The IPCA regulary dismisses so called minor complaints and focusses on the high profile events that simply cannot be ignored.

    The rest of us, who have evidence of crimes commited, have encountered police refusal to investigate, have been pursued by the police through the courts on not only flimsy evidence against us but actual, provable lies from a “victim”….what do we do?

    When a complaint to the IPCA results in a senior uniformed policeman coming to our home in a marked car to tell us that “he has known Sergeant X for years, and he’s a good cop…”, so basically piss off…

    We NEVER, EVER trust the police….any of them…ever again.




    • Anne 11.1

      Your experiences ring a personal bell Rosemary McDonald.

      The IPCA regulary dismisses so called minor complaints and focusses on the high profile events that simply cannot be ignored.

      Not always that minor either as you have clearly also experienced.

      The rest of us, who have evidence of crimes committed, have encountered police refusal to investigate,.. what do we do?

      There’s absolutely nothing you can do unless you have a truckload of cash and can afford lengthy legal action. That discounts 75% of us right from the start.

      We NEVER, EVER trust the police….any of them…ever again.

      I can attest to that.

  12. Pedant 12

    I don’t normally comment here, I read and pass it over, but I do think in this case a ver important question needs to be asked, ( or maybe one or two),

    Bunji [r0b: A pedant should get the name author correct] you state the quote was from a non-existent police officer, do you have evidence to support that assertion, if not it sounds like you are writing something you think is right and stating it as fact with no evidence. This loses you a lot of credibility for those who come here like I do for some informed opinions from the left of politics in NZ.

    Also Stephanie, the police are allowed to have a right of reply, we still allow freedom of speech in this country, but by calling it whining you sound petulant and you ungracious, and you give the impression you don’t think the police had the right to reply to a criticism, which I am sure is not the case because that would be you wanting to stop opinions different to yours being published, which is censorship.

    • Hutty 12.1

      Agree with you Pedant.

      While the Police are not perfect, (neither is any government department), they do a fantastic job and I support them 9 times out of 10.

      Blaming Police for car chases is absurd. Police do a lot to avoid chases and pull out of dangerous chases frequently. But those issues are null and void if the criminals weren’t running away in the first place. Clearly Blip thinks they will nicely hand themsleves in.

      Plus, a right of reply being dirty politics?? Spare me…

    • “the police are allowed to have a right of reply”

      Yes. And we, the public they are supposed to protect and serve, are allowed to point out that the Commissioner’s reply is disingenuous, snide and self-serving, with no actual effort made to address the serious and proven criticisms people have of the force.

      Please don’t make assumptions about what I think, especially when you have to spin my comment to make ridiculous comparisons to “censorship”.

      Freedom of speech is not freedom from criticism.

  13. JanMeyer 13

    Get a grip Blip! I could give you a list of all the naughty things my three sons have done in their lives but so what? It means almost nothing in terms of making an overall judgement of their behaviour or character unless it is compared with the lists for other boys their age. Same with the not so perfect NZ Police. As I understand it the NZ Police compare favourably with their international counterparts on the usual measures. This doesn’t of course mean they are without fault, but a list (or even a litany!) of publicised faults, errors and the usual cock ups could be interpreted as bias against the police if the list is not placed in some sort of statistical context.

    • felix 13.1

      Two questions need to be answered before anyone can reasonably assess the relevance of your sons’ naughtiness as a comparison.

      1. Are your sons charged with keeping the peace, protecting citizens, investigating serious crimes and bringing prosecutions to the courts?

      2. How many of the (many illegal) acts listed in the post have your sons committed?

      • JanMeyer 13.1.1

        sorry you’ve lost me … my comment is about the statistical relevance of Blip’s list.

        • felix

          I don’t think I can make the point any clearer, so I’ll try another.

          In your opinion, how many of the acts (many illegal) on BLiP’s list constitute acceptable behaviour for a police officer?

    • NickS 13.2

      The Stupid, It Burns.

      FFS, the police are there to enforce the law and are expected to behave appropriately, and yet you think police misuse and abuse of the law is some how even comparable to the behaviour of children who are still learning (and relearning) where the boundaries are?


  14. venezia 14

    JanMeyer…..faults, errors, cockups? What this record shows is a culture within the Police which protects corruption, sexual violaters, criminal activity on the part of their own and where Police do as they like, lie and get away with it. Successive Police Ministers have failed to change anything. And the findings and recommendations of the Bazley report still stand waiting for attention.

  15. Comments I’ve heard from those with intimate knowledge of the justice system from the bottom are that nothing’s changed, the pigs just have better PR and that corruption here takes the form of them being well trained to lie in court to get a conviction. They know how bad their own culture is and they just don’t care. The successive commissioners are as guilty and corrupt as all the underlings. The subtext to all their crocodile tears and “there is no problem/there was a problem but we’ve fixed it since the report was written” is “Ha ha FUCK YOU.”

  16. hoom 16

    Doubtless Greg O’Connor of the Police Association would argue that the primary cause is lack of immediate access to Firearms & providing all cops with guns would fix all & sundry issues.

    • Rosemary McDonald 16.1

      Every time our family hears Uncle Greg whining about police not routinely carrying firearms…we collectively shudder.

      Seriously….until they stop hiding behind the ” Oh, we have such a difficult job to do under trying conditions.” line every time they stuff up…..geeze, these guys can kill accidently with their bare hands!

  17. b waghorn 17

    While some of these facts are truly inexcusable I would like to point out that a lot of these cases went through the system and the appropriate result was reached.
    And as for the “police chase ends in a crash “what do people think would happen if police didn’t chase offenders who ran ,I bet you would get a lot more people running

    • felix 17.1

      You’d rather they chase people till they crash and die? The concern is about the way they conduct chases.

      Again, it comes down to culture.

      • b waghorn 17.1.1

        It’s a rock and a hard place for the ,cops can you not imagine what sort of caos would happen out there
        A; If people new that all you had to do to avoid that dic was floor it.
        B; If the cops didn’t bother policing high risk driving because of the bad PR when things go wrong.
        Yes it is tragic every time some dim wit runner kills him self but how many more would die if it was still a free for all out there like it was in my youth,

        • felix

          That does sound awful, glad I haven’t suggested any of those things.

          You’re treating it as a binary. As if the only two options available are for the police to behave like boy-racing fuckwits or to do nothing at all.

          • b waghorn

            “You’re treating it as a binary. As if the only two options available are for the police to behave like boy-racing fuckwits or to do nothing at at all”
            What’s the third option?

            • Molly

              Determine whether the reason they are pursuing the vehicle warrants the possibility of high-speed chases.

              ie. should a car avoiding a registration check be followed at high speeds, or should the number be recording and a precautionary letter sent?

              • felix

                Or, you know, go to their house. Which is the usual practice when a known suspect leaves the scene of a crime.

                • b waghorn

                  How’s this for an option if an law man puts his lights on behind you , you pull over and you show them a little respect and if you’re brakeing the fucking law you take you punishment .

                  • felix

                    That’s what I’d recommend too.

                    Now if you can get your head around the fact that we’re talking about situations where that hasn’t happened, it’ll be a lot more useful you participating in the discussion.

                  • felix

                    “you show them a little respect and if you’re brakeing the fucking law you take you punishment “

                    Actually mate you couldn’t be more wrong about that.

                    It is not any part of the job of the Police to dish out punishment of any sort.

                    You’re thinking of Judge Dredd.

            • felix

              As I said above, it’s about the way they conduct pursuits. Being a boy-racing fuckwit and pushing kids to drive as fast as they can until they lose control because their car doesn’t handle as well as the police car does is not the only way to stop someone.

              • weka

                If the NZTA get their way it’s going to get worse. The AA have a member survey out at the moment asking members opinions on NZTA proposals, many of which are about new tech. That includes the ability of police to tell if a car that they drive past has a driver with a valid drivers licence in it. Lots of other proposals around collecting personal information/data and using it to track people in real time.

              • Molly


                (… and I have never driven along the Southern motorway at maximum speed, and have a police car stay behind me. They always pass at quite a steady clip. Lights or no.)

  18. Murray Rawshark 18

    I can identify plenty of evidence of possible corruption in that list for Penny’s Commission to investigate. My view is that any police force attracts authoritarian bullies and acts over time to exclude decent human beings. Police forces all over the world work at the limits of what society expects of them. Our present society doesn’t expect much except that the “middle classes” don’t get routinely tasered. Until there are real consequences for poaka malpractice and law breaking, nothing will change.

  19. Atiawa 19

    That was Part 1 (operational). Suggests there’s more to come. Recently knighted and terminally ill criminal lawyer & QC Sir Peter Williams could provide a few hoary chestnuts.
    I wonder if there is any way of finding out how many former cop’s have become MP’s over the past 20 years and for what party, along with the current intake?

    • Anne 19.1

      As far as I am aware Atiawa all former cops – and current cops – who have become MPs over the past 20 years were/are National MPs. That tells me the police are, in the main, tunnel visioned with conservative black and white ideals.

      • Atiawa 19.1.1

        Yep and not content with enforcing the law (and often poorly) some of them want to make more and preside over their enforcer mates.
        Power crazy fuckers.

      • b waghorn 19.1.2

        It shows a lack of critical thought to say that because national recruit s some of it’s MPs from the police that all police are of a right leaning.

        • felix

          Good thing no-one said that then, eh?

        • Anne

          Atiawa asked a question. I answered it.
          You show a lack of critical ability to comprehend what you read because I didn’t say ALL police are right leaning.

          • b waghorn

            O come on if you weren’t calling the whole police force a bunch of right wingers I’ll eat my hat.

            • felix

              Bon appetit. Most of them are though, that’s self evident to anyone who’s had much to do with them.

              • b waghorn

                Been arrested 3 times and moved on more then once and I found them to be good buggers in general . of course because I’m a realist I tend to know when I’m in the wrong so take my medicine.
                There not perfect and corruption needs to be jumped on but I prefer a world that has a thin blue line .

                • felix


                  No-one is arguing otherwise.

                  • felix

                    ps isn’t it strange how whenever someone suggests that violent thugs, rapists, bigots and criminals should have no place in our police force, the response is to accuse them of not wanting a police force at all.

                    It’s that stupid binary again. It’s got to be “this” or nothing at all.

                    It’s the idiocy at the heart of conservatism, the idea that whatever we have now is as good as anything could possibly be.

                    • emergency mike

                      “ps isn’t it strange how whenever someone suggests that violent thugs, rapists, bigots and criminals should have no place in our police force, the response is to accuse them of not wanting a police force at all.”

                      A bit like Mike Bush showing his true low brow colours by casually suggesting that “Edwards may be one of the minority who just don’t like police.” I believe it to be a not so distant cousin of the stfu response to criticism. (I like the lack of irony in his next sentence claiming that “we have broad shoulders when it comes to criticism.” Clearly not they are not so broad when you lip warbles enough to drop stupid school boy ad homs into your article.)

                      “It’s the idiocy at the heart of conservatism, the idea that whatever we have now is as good as anything could possibly be.”

                      Yep, essentially a failure of imagination. A reflexive defending of the status quo. Along with the cognitive dissonance involved in that any admission of systemic problems implies some degree of failing/incompetence at the higher levels.

                      Bush’s response was a bland PR brochure that presented a ‘look at all the good work we do’ bunch of stats that was in no way relevant to Edwards’ criticisms. Thus either he has the intellectual capacity of a toothbrush, or Rhinocrates’ interpretation is correct and his piece can be a read as “Please, feel free to examine my extended middle finger.” Neither option is good for inspiring respect and confidence.

                • Anne

                  I was like you once b waghorn. Thought the sun and moon shone out of their backsides. Then I had cause to seek police help over a series of harassment and intimidatory behaviour (including blatant criminal acts) that had been occurring over a long period of time. Guess what… they did nothing – didn’t want to know about it. All up, I was treated like shit.

                  I’ve had no time for them since.

                  • Rosemary McDonald

                    Funny, isn’t it?

                    Ditto Anne.

                    I was a staunch supporter of the police. Brought the kids up to trust the friendly bobby in blue.

                    Held the belief that despite condradictory reports from defence lawyers and the media that the cops had stuffed up and got the wrong man, planted evidence, lied….there was no smoke without fire, and the bad guy was really a bad guy even if the poloce couldn’t prove it…..

                    Tried REALLY hard through our troubles to find a path for the cops to regain my trust.

                    The more I tried….the more that path faded.

                    No pathway now.

  20. Ron 20

    It seems to me that two things would help rectify this situation.
    1. We need a fully independent prosecution service which would be answerable to a minister of the crown not the police minister.
    The police job is to investigate offences and prepare information for the Prosecution Department. Police should not be in charge of prosecution in any way and should not be the ones to decide which prosecutions should proceed.

    2. We need a greatly strengthened audit of all police behaviour and systems. It would not employ any former Police personnel and should be in charge of auditing not only police actions but also access to police computer systems. Maybe its reporting structure could be part of the Ombudsman activities but definitely not any reporting line into Police Department.

    • Rosemary McDonald 20.1

      “The police job is to investigate offences and prepare information for the Prosecution Department. Police should not be in charge of prosecution in any way and should not be the ones to decide which prosecutions should proceed.”

      Now there’s an idea.
      I, (upon pleading ‘not guilty’ and receiving all police documents under disclosure) went back to the local cop shop and pointed out numerous errors, discrepancies, inconsistancies, lack of any evidence to support claims from the ‘victim’ was told in no uncertain terms that it was the prosecutor’s call to pursue the matter through the courts….” they are lawyers, you know, they know what they are doing.”

      So, off to see the police prosecutor….the wife of a local top cop no less…who dismissed all of our issues and concerns and told me if I insisted on pleading not guilty and I was found guilty…then the court “will take your home to pay for damages”. “What damages?” I asked. There was no evidence of damage to anything…much less any evidence that I was the cause of any alleged damage.
      “Well” said Mrs. Top Cop’s wife, “It could go to a civil court where the burden of proof is lower…” WTF?

      A trial….an awfully traumatic experience for all the family, bouyed only by the absolute certainty I had done nothing wrong. Grounded by the ever increasing knowledge that my fate was entirely in the hands of a judge who could (as others have done) fail to consider all the evidence.

      Charge dismissed. “Victim’s” evidence deemed to be “unreliable, inconsistant and prevaricating.”

      No shit, Sherlock.

      Judge acknowledged my right to defend myself and others from trespass and perceived threat, and despite the police prosecutor’s assertion, we should not have to flee from our own property to be safe.

      There is clear evidence that the “victim” lied.

      There is clear evidence that there were irregularities in various legal documents he signed.

      There is clear evidence that the police fabricated evidence to back up the “victim’s” claims.

      Why? Because the “victim” had worked for and with the local police?

      We will never know. We tried to get answers, tried to get the police to have a proper look at the whole issue, admit they got it wrong…..but to no avail.

      As far as the local cop was concerned I was “lucky to get away with it”.

      So, here’s me….forever in the margins, on the fringes, almost an outlaw because of police ignorance, incompetence, obstinacy and corruption.

      I have all the documentation. Why? God knows.

      It’s not as if anytime soon the world is going to tilt on its axis and shift us into an alternate universe where those mandated to uphold the law, respect the law.

      • Anne 20.1.1

        There is clear evidence that the police fabricated evidence to back up the “victim’s” claims.

        Why? Because the “victim” had worked for and with the local police?

        Similar situation for me but I never ended up in court. By the end of it all, I was too cowed and stressed to go through with it.

        The chief perpetrator of the crimes against me was a Justice of the Peace no less. I suspect she was playing the role of ‘victim’ among other things. Whatever, she had influence with the police – and elsewhere – and they believed her. Case closed.

        Its time a good investigative journalist collected the stories many of us have to tell and published them so that some form of justice is finally served.

        • Ron

          Mmm I used to have a lot of respect for Phil Kitchin then I saw in paper yesterday that he was now working for Paula Bennett. Whilst it is the right of anyone to work where they choose I wonder what would induce anyone to work for Bennett. Sad news indeed

          Its time a good investigative journalist collected the stories many of us have to tell and published them so that some form of justice is finally served.

          • Chris

            Kitchin may have held himself out as an investigative journalist but he was always more like Ian Wishart than Nicky Hagar. He was no John Pilger that’s for sure. I remember dealings with him in the 1990s where he’d approach left-leaning people for their take on issues and deliberately twist what they said to try to make them look silly or unbelievable. It was something I experienced from him a number of times. I’m not surprised in the slightest he’s now working for Bennett. Thinking about it I’m probably more surprised it didn’t happen sooner.

    • Murray Rawshark 20.2

      “We need a fully independent prosecution service which would be answerable to a minister of the crown not the police minister.”

      I’d suggest a cross-party panel. Looking at who FJK recently thought would make a good minister, I don’t think we want to leave it to one person.

  21. John 21


    I see again that you are trying to defend the corrupt actions of yourself and the police executive by attacking Bryce Edwards and the statements he has been making in relation to the police.

    As you are aware I am still waiting for you to respond to my complaints against the large number of police staff, including Deputy Commissioner Rickard, Assistant Commissioner Cliff, Inspector Banks, Superintendent Knowles, yourself, the Christchurch crown solicitor Stanaway and others in relation to the fabricated investigation against me.

    As you are aware these people and others forged documents, made false statements and memorandums, committed perjury etc

    When we last spoke in June 2012 you stated to me you were investigating Banks etc for these offences. You have the tapped admissions of Banks in which he confirms he forged the documents and that he had never interviewed me and as such the police staff and Stanaway could never have disclosed the documents to me.

    You are aware that police staff told the IPCA, Privacy Commissioner, two Ministers of Police, two MP’s and others that all of the 190 documents had been disclosed, but then they refused to supply copies of them.

    Since we spoke in 2012 you have failed to respond to any of the correspondence sent to you re updates etc and are aware that your staff have ignored over 1`00 OIA requests for documents etc but during this time you and other corrupt and incompetent staff have stated that the police always investigate their own etc.

    As you are aware Bill Peoples the very corrupt PNHQ lawyer has ignored all of my requests since 2012 but he stated many times the documents had been disclosed to me and the complaints had been investigated, but you and others including him then refused to supply me copies of the investigations and failed to exp-lain why the code of conduct had not been complied with.

    You are also well aware that Peoples had to finally admit to the Ombudsman in November 2014, now some 5 months ago, that the documents Stanaway and the police staff had all stated to have seen and disclosed to me, in fact have never existed.

    These admissions prove beyond any doubt that the police staff and Stanaway committed over 100 criminal offences and have perverted the course of justice in relation to me as the documents that they had stated to have disclosed, in written memorandums and oral arguments, have never existed and they knew this. (Banks and Cliff had already admitted to you that the documents did not exist).

    You were advised of this as were all senior police executive staff but to date you and them have ignored my correspondence and complaints as it is clear that Peoples had also covered up the very clear police offending and that of Stanaway.

    I again reminded you of this offending and cover up when you came out with all of the warm and fuzzy bullshit statements about the poor investigation etc over the RoastBusters shambles and how the police focus was on victims etc.

    Again you were too cowardly to reply to me as to why I as a victim of massive police corruption have not had my complaints investigated. That is apart from the obvious that 20 police staff and Stanaway would go to jail for a very long time for the perversion of justice and the other offences just as ex Inspector Dewar was when he failed to investigate the complaints against police staff over the Louie Nicholas rape matters. In sentencing Dewar to 4 and 1/2 years jail the High Court judge stated in the sentencing that Dewar did cover up the complaints and as you know the admissions by Peoples re the non existent documents relating to me equally shows that you and others have for the last 7 years intentionally covered up my complaints because of the fact the crown solicitor Stanaway has been caught out. I attach the Dewar sentencing as this shows that you and your staff have case law to use and have failed to do so.

    You have again recently made more false statements to the public over the new code of conduct implemented.

    You state, lie,

    “The code of conduct really is just to contemporise where we are and also to bring it in line with our new values in the New Zealand police.”
    Mr Bush said police had started working on the new code of conduct six months ago.
    “We went out and consulted with our staff. This is a joint piece of work between the police staff and the police executive.”
    He said while many of the matters explored in the new code of conduct went without saying, the high expectations of people within police needed to be articulated.
    “It’s also [about] the expectations of the public, and that’s why we have made the document public.
    So whilst it’s my and the police executive’s expectations of how we will be professional in the service we provide, it is also really important that the public can understand and have their expectations very clear of their police service.”
    Mr Bush said police were “rightly” the most scrutinised organisation in the country.
    “I’m all for that. People need to know exactly what’s going on in the New Zealand police … we are the New Zealand public’s police service.”
    It is very clear the public of NZ would expect the police to investigate why 20 police staff and Stanaway fabricated and entire investigation against me, forged documents, failed to comply with judicial directions, filed false memorandums etc and then when I obtained confessions etc and police staff admitted that other police staff and Stanaway had lied, that you took no action and continue to cover up the very serious criminal offending that has jail terms up to 14 years.

    The public would also like to know why Maarteen Kleintjes was not interviewed, arrested and charged for the perjury complaint you have had for five years, but to date was not investigated and he was allowed to retire from the police without the investigation and that when reporters wrote requesting details on my complaint they were told that they did not exist. (See attached).

    As you are aware I knew he was back in NZ to give his questionable evidence in the Lundy re-trial. I phoned Superintendent Anna Jackson, PNHQ professional standards, (the biggest oxymoron statement ever invented), and also Kim Watson and informed them that he was in the Wellington High Court and as such could be interviewed on my complaint, which was resent, after he gave his evidence.

    I also faxed to Deputy Commissioner Clement a copy of the complaint and a fresh complaint against Kleintjes and Peoples, as Peoples had also failed to investigate it.

    I also emailed Deputy Commissioner Rickard with a copy of the Kleintjes complaint and you were copied in on all of them.

    To date the complaints have never been acknowledged and Rickard, Clement, Jackson and you have failed to reply to any correspondence over why he was never investigated for the perjury and the perverting the course of justice complaint. You all had his own admissions stating he had not done as he had claimed.

    So again so much for “the honesty and integrity of police” the police treating victims etc.

    So please explain to me, the victim of police corruption and the continued cover up of police offending and that of Stanaway a crown solicitor, that has all been proven by the admissions of Cliff, Banks, McKeown, Busby, Richardson, Peoples and so on, why I am still waiting for justice and why corrupt police staff are still working and have not been investigated and charged, while other police staff who have committed less serious offences, who are not senior staff, have been jailed.

    I also remind you of all of the outstanding OIA requests and the complaints re Knowles that need to be addressed before he leaves for his overseas posting, as he is facing some very serious jail time.

    I also require an update on the complaint re Peoples who failed to supply me the documents i needed for the ERA as it is now too late to file the matter and as you are aware he had stated many times to have seen the very same documents that he has now admitted to not existing.

    You also have my complaint against Clements etc for failing to investigate Kleintjes while he was in NZ. Please reply to this. It is also still not too late to charge Kleintjes as there is sufficient evidence you have that has been supplied by me that meets the criteria of, reasonable prospect of conviction” and the police can then apply for him to be extradited from the Netherlands

    I am sure Bryce Edwards would be more interested in the matters contained in this email than actually taking up your offer because we all know that if he took up your offer he would be paired up with very safe PC staff to take him around very safe and PC jobs or even worse be taken out by you for photo opportunities.

    I won’t hold my breath in any expectation of hearing from you as you are well aware you have problems explaining the continued cover up to protect yourself and senior staff as well as the corrupt crown solicitor.

    • Rosemary McDonald 21.1


      Now where have I read that name?

      Oh, yes, here….


      When the man said this….”Police officers often operated in fast-paced, stressful situations, and sometimes got the law wrong, Peoples said.

      “It’s a big organisation and you do a lot of sharp-end stuff. People don’t set out to stuff things up and, if they do, it’s dealt with very quickly.”

      Sound familiar?

      And he goes on to reassure us all that….”Officers who made mistakes were sat down for a “professional conversation” and sometimes retrained, ”

      ….and to further put our vexed minds at ease…

      “A culture change in recent years putting emphasis on respectful attitudes from police officers had reduced litigation, he said. ”

      Now, where was that picture of pigs flying?

      (No insult intended, of course.)

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    Distract And Divert: The rise of what we have come to call “Identity Politics” represents the ideological manifestation of the ruling class’s objective need to destroy class politics, and of the middle-class’s subjective need to justify their participation in the process.THE RELIEF of the ruling class can only be imagined. ...
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    "I saw a newspaper picture,From the political campaignA woman was kissing a child,Who was obviously in pain.She spills with compassion,As that young child'sFace in her hands she gripsCan you imagine all that greed and avariceComing down on that child's lips?" ...
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  • New Zealand’s Poor Pandemic Preparedness According to the Global Health Security Index
    Dr Matt Boyd, Prof Michael Baker, Prof Nick Wilson The Global Health Security Index which considers pandemic threats has just been published. Unfortunately, NZ scores approximately half marks (54/100), coming in 35th in the world rankings – far behind Australia. This poor result suggests that the NZ Government needs to ...
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  • Climate Change: Thank Winston
    The Zero Carbon Act is inadequate, with a weak methane target designed to give farmers a free ride. But it turns out it could have been worse: Climate Change Minister James Shaw was so desperate to get National on board, he wanted to gut that target, and leave it in ...
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  • Illicit markets and Bali Booze
    The Herald reprints an Australian story on a couple of tragic deaths in Bali from drinking cocktails that had methanol in them.  The story argues that methanol is likely the result of home distillation. But what the young tourists were experiencing was far from a hangover. They’d consumed a toxic cocktail ...
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    Last month, the police announced a trial of specialist roaming armed units, which would drive round (poor, brown) areas in armoured SUVs, armed to the teeth. When they announced the trial, they told us it was about having armed police "ready to attend major incidents at any time if needed". ...
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  • The astroturf party
    National has finally rolled out its "BlueGreen" astroturf party, fronted by an array of former nats and people who were dumped by the Greens for not being Green enough. Its initial pitch is described by Stuff as "very business-friendly", and its priorities are what you'd expect: conservation, predator-free funding, a ...
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  • How to cheat at university
    A couple of days ago I attended (and spoke at) the University of Waikato’s “LearnFest” event. There were lots of talks and sessions on very diverse aspects of teaching, mostly at tertiary level. One was by Myra Williamson from Te Piringa Faculty of Law here at Waikato, on Contract Cheating ...
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  • How NZ was put on world maps using a transit of Mercury
    There will be a transit of Mercury – the planet Mercury will pass across the face of the Sun – taking place at sunrise in New Zealand on Tuesday, 12th November. It was by observing such an event 250 years ago that James Cook and his scientist colleagues were able ...
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  • Georgina Beyer: We need to be able to talk without being offended
    Since becoming the world’s first openly transexual mayor and member of parliament, Georgina Beyer has been recognised as a trailblazer for trans rights. Daphna Whitmore talks with her about where she sees the current trans movement We start out talking about legislation the government put on hold that would have ...
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  • The anti-fluoride brigade won’t be erecting billboards about this study
    If FFNZ really put their faith in “Top Medical Journals” they would now be amending their billboards to recognise new research results. Image from FFNZ but updated to agree with the latest research. ...
    3 days ago
  • Chosen To Rule? What Sort Of Christian Is Chris Luxon?
    National Messiah? Chris Luxon identifies himself as an evangelical Christian. If he is genuine in this self-characterisation, then he will take every opportunity his public office provides to proselytise on behalf of his faith. He will also feel obliged to bear witness against beliefs and practices he believes to be ...
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    I'm going to make a Reckless Prediction™ that the Tories have 'topped out' in the 'poll of polls' / Britain Elects multipoll tracker at about 38%, and in the next week we will start to see Labour creep up on them.In fact, we might just be seeing the start of ...
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    by The Council of Disobedient Women Lizzie Marvelly: “I may have missed this… has @afterellen gone all terf-y? Or am I reading something incorrectly? “ https://twitter.com/LizzieMarvelly/status/1191840059105742849 After Ellen is a lesbian website that is unashamedly pro-lesbian, as you’d expect. So why is Ms Marvelly so bothered about lesbians having their ...
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  • Out of the past – Tories to revive racist laws from the 16th century
    Did you know there once was a time when it was illegal to be a gypsy (aka Romani) in Britain?That was between 1530, when the Egyptians Act was passed, and 1856, when it was repealed.Amongst other things, the act forbade the entry of 'Egyptians' into England, ordered those already there ...
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  • 1000 of these now
    Some days I sit and think, “what will I write…?” What do you say when you get to 1000 posts? Maybe you just start where you are, diverge to where this all began, then offer a collection of reader’s favourite posts, and a few of your own? (And throw in ...
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  • Has Shane Jones Just Saved NZ First?
    Counter-Puncher: The “activists” and “radicals” (his own words) from the Indian community who took such strong exception to Shane Jones’ remarks about Immigration NZ’s treatment of arranged marriages, may end up bitterly regretting their intervention. Jones is not the sort of person who turns the other cheek to his critics.SHANE ...
    5 days ago
  • Climate Change: As predicted
    Yesterday, when National voted for the Zero Carbon Bill, I predicted they'd gut it the moment they regained power, just as they had done to the ETS. And indeed, they have explicitly promised to do exactly that within their first hundred days in office. What would their amendments do? Abandon ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    5 days ago
  • Let this never be forgot
    In the spirit of Remember, remember the fifth of November, let's keep this in mind FOREVER.
    Oh dear. Extraordinary interview on PM with Andrew Bridgen and @EvanHD just now. Bridgen was defending Jacob Rees Mogg’s Grenfell comments. Evan asked him if JRM had meant to say he would have left ...
    6 days ago
  • Too Late To Change Capitalism’s Flightpath?
    Collision Course? In conditions of ideological white-out, the international bankers’ “Woop-Woop! Pull Up!” warning may have come too late to save global capitalism.WHAT DOES IT MEAN when international bankers are more willing to embrace radical solutions than our politicians and their electors? At both the International Monetary Fund and the ...
    6 days ago
  • Whooping cough vaccine works well despite its imperfections
    Pertussis (whooping cough) is a conundrum. It is a disease that was described hundreds of years ago and the bacteria that causes it (Bordetella pertussis) isolated in 1906. We have had vaccines for about 80 years but this disease is defiant in the face of human immunity. I wanted to ...
    SciBlogsBy Helen Petousis Harris
    6 days ago
  • Climate Change: Passed
    The Zero Carbon Bill has just passed its third reading, uanimously. In the end, National supported it - but we all know they'll turn around and gut it the moment they regain power. Meanwhile, I guess ACT's David Seymour didn't even bother to show up. I am on record as ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
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  • Retailing of vaping products – New NZ Research
    Dr Lindsay Robertson, Dr Jerram Bateman, Professor Janet Hoek Members of the public health community hold divergent views on how access to vaping products or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) products should be arranged. Some believe ENDS should be as widely available as smoked tobacco and argue for liberal ...
    SciBlogsBy Public Health Expert
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  • Justice for Bomber
    When the Police were trying to cover up for the National Party over Dirty Politics, they went all-in with their abuses of power. They illegally search Nicky Hager's house, violating his journalistic privilege and invading his privacy. They unlawfully acquired Hager's bank records. They did the same to left-wing blogger ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Britain’s climate tyranny was unlawful
    Last month, in response to a wave of protests by Extinction Rebellion, the British government purported to ban their protests from the whole of London. It was a significant interference with the freedoms of expression and assembly, and another sign of the country's decline into tyranny. But now, a court ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • More crime from the spies
    Last year, the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security reported on significant problems with the intelligence warrant system. While they were unwilling to declare any warrant "irregular" (meaning unlawful) due to the recent law change, they were also not willing to give the system a clean bill of health. Now, they've ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    6 days ago
  • Vaccination, compulsion, and paternalism for the lower orders
    The National Party has come out in support of encouraging greater vaccination uptake. But it sure isn’t the way I’d do it. National’s suggested docking the benefits of those on benefit whose kids aren’t keeping up with their vaccinations. Some in National have suggested extending that to payments under Working ...
    SciBlogsBy Eric Crampton
    7 days ago
  • Global Protests Rage On: But Slogans Are Not Plans.
    Feeding The Flames: It is simply not enough to demand an end to “corruption”, or “inequality”, or the overbearing influence of the authorities in Beijing. These are just “lowest common denominator” demands: the sort of slogans that pull people onto the streets. They are not a plan.WHERE’S THE PLAN? Across ...
    7 days ago
  • 11,000 employed under Labour
    The labour market statistics have been released, and unemployment has risen to 4.2%. There are 115,000 unemployed - 11,000 fewer than when Labour took office. In that time the minimum wage has gone up by $2 an hour, which shows that the right's fears about increases causing unemployment are simply ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Boycott this democratic fraud
    The Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade Committee has called for submissions on Andrew Little's tyrannical Terrorism Suppression (Control Orders) Bill. Normally I encourage participation in the democratic process. I am not doing so in this case. Instead, I encourage all of you to boycott this submissions process, and to post ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Why Mars is cold despite an atmosphere of mostly carbon dioxide
    Climate Explained is a collaboration between The Conversation, Stuff and the New Zealand Science Media Centre to answer your questions about climate change. If you have a question you’d like an expert to answer, please send it to climate.change@stuff.co.nz If tiny concentrations of carbon dioxide can hold enough heat ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: Ban private jets
    Aviation is one of the fastest growing sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and within it, one of the fastest sources is elite travel: billionaires flitting around the world in their private jets, spewing excessive pollution into the atmosphere just so they can avoid mixing with us dirty peasants. But in ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: Untold Suffering
    That's what we face if we don't stop climate change, according to a warning from 11,000 scientists:The world’s people face “untold suffering due to the climate crisis” unless there are major transformations to global society, according to a stark warning from more than 11,000 scientists. “We declare clearly and unequivocally ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • The left and violent misogyny
    by Phil Duncan Here’s just a few of the kind of threats issued day in and day out against gender-critical women – feminists, marxists, etc – overwhelmingly by MEN (albeit men identifying as women). “Kill all Terfs”. “Shoot a Terf today”. “All terfs deserve to be shot in the head”. ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • Imperialism and the iPhone
    This is the third of the synopses of parts of the opening chapter of John Smith’s Imperialism in the 21st Century (New York, Monthly Review Press, 2016). The synopsis and commentary below is written by Phil Duncan. Unlike the humble cup of coffee and t-shirt that we looked at in ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    1 week ago
  • The freshwater mussel housing crisis: eviction by invasive weeds?
    Tom Moore Traditionally a food source and cutting tool, freshwater mussels/kākahi are now widely valued as water filters that help clean our waterbodies and maintain ecosystem health throughout Aotearoa. The improvement they provide in water quality can make it easier for other animals to live in streams and rivers, as ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    1 week ago
  • Back it up Luxon: endorsing the destructive past is not actually the way forward
    And to think he gave all the potential goodwill away with that moronic, cult-like statement (repeated ad nauseam by many National hardliners) that Key is quite simply “the greatest PM we ever had”… Installation complete: this was nothing ...
    exhALANtBy exhalantblog
    1 week ago
  • Good riddance
    National MP and former Conservation Minister Maggie Barry will not seek re-election next year. Good riddance. Because in case anyone has forgotten, barry is a bullying thug who terrorised both public servants and fellow MPs. She is one of the people who makes Parliament a toxic workplace, and our country ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Climate Change: D-Day
    The Zero Carbon Bill is back in the House today for its second reading. While this isn't the final stage, its still effectively D-Day for the bill. Because today, at around 5pm, is when we're going to find out if it has a majority, whether National will support it or ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Winston is right
    Winston Peters is in court today, suing a bunch of former Minister and civil servants over their pre-election leak of his superannuation repayment. He's characterised the leak as malicious, and said that it is repugnant that his information was passed on to Ministers to use for political advantage. And he's ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Media impartiality
    Sky's economics editor, Ed Conway has posted a Twitter thread responding to a claim that - as far as I can see - Labour never made:
    Are NHS operation cancellations at an all-time high? That's the impression you might have been left with if you read this story from the ...
    1 week ago
  • Finish what’s on your plate
    Murray Cox Do I have to finish my favourite genome? That’s an often-asked question. Geneticists generally strive to produce high-quality genomes that sequence every last gene, making full use of the state-of-the-art technologies coming on stream. Sequencing DNA means determining the order of the four chemical building blocks – called ...
    SciBlogsBy Genomics Aotearoa
    1 week ago
  • Gainful Employment: A Cautionary Tale.
    Transformative Politics: The idea is to turn each recipient into an unwitting accomplice in their own transformation. From interested observer to hyped-up activist, sharing our messages promiscuously with ‘friends’. You’ll be part of an ever-expanding circulatory system, Jennifer, for the ideas that will win us the election.”JENNIFER SKITTERED her chair ...
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand should not fund bigotry
    Two years ago, the Cook Islands government announced that it was planning to join the civilised world and decriminalise consensual homosexual sex between men. Now, they've reversed their position, and decided to criminalise lesbians into the bargain:Two years ago, in a step welcomed by many people including the gay and ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • New Fisk
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • More tyranny in Australia
    The boycott is a fundamental tool of protest. By choosing who we buy from, we can send a message, and hopefully change corporate behaviour. Historically, boycotts have been effective, for example over apartheid in South Africa and Israel, in forcing divestment from Myanmar, and in ending bus segregation in the ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    1 week ago
  • Submission for rationality and science against the assaults of pre-modernism and post-modernism
    Jan Rivers spoke at the Abortion Legislation Select Committee in favour of the bill, but in opposition to calls from other submitters to exchange the word ‘woman’ for ‘person’ throughout the bill. Jan is a supporter of the feminist group Speak Up For Women and has recently written an excellent ...
    RedlineBy Daphna
    1 week ago
  • My loyal readership of … Cam girls and Pornbots?
    I checked my traffic stats:I was intrigued by 'monica29' - who was this very dedicated individual?  I clicked on the link, to be greeted with ...Ho, hum.Spreadin' the word, spreadin' the word.  Doesn't matter who hears it, as long as it gets out there. ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Worth repeating forever
    There have been three polls since the election was announced, and I will shamelessly steal YouGov / UK Polling Report's Anthony Wells' summary of them:Survation – CON 34%, LAB 26%, LDEM 19%, BREX 12%, GRN 1% Ipsos MORI – CON 41%, LAB 24%, LDEM 20%, BREX 7%, GRN 3% YouGov ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Lutte Ouvriere on the explosion in Chile
    The following article is translated from Lutte Ouvrière, the weekly newspaper of the organisation usually known by the same name in France. When, for the second time this year, Chilean President Piñera announced an increase in the price of Metro tickets from 800 to 830 pesos, students in the high ...
    RedlineBy Admin
    2 weeks ago
  • Wage theft – I’m fucking over it.
    Today, a worker contacted me asking if she could go to the police over her employer stealing thousands of dollars from her in unpaid wages. The employer also did not pay this worker’s taxes or student loan which amounts to tax fraud. As a workers rights activist, who founded the ...
    PosseBy chloeanneking
    2 weeks ago
  • On The Rebound.
    Signed, Sealed, Delivered, They're Yours: Is there any person more vulnerable than a jilted lover on the rebound? Or, anything more certain than that the charmer, the predator, the glib spinner of lies and promises will seek such broken people out? Yes, of course, he will love every one of ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Rabbi urges congregation to vote against Corbyn
    Though Jonathan Romain is a fairly high profile Rabbi, writing in several papers and popping up on TV and the radio, this story doesn't seem to have made it to the Guardian yet, so I'll take the unusual step of linking the Stephen Pollard edited Jewish Chronicle:Rabbi Dr Jonathan Romain ...
    2 weeks ago
  • My absurdly optimistic prediction
    There's an election afoot, and that is when noted opinion formers such as myself get to make wild fools of ourselves by pretending we have the faintest idea what will happen.So, here is my absurdly optimistic prediction:Labour - 285Conservative - 262SNP - 53Lib Dems - 20PC - 5Ireland - 18 ...
    2 weeks ago
  • October ’19 – NZ blogs sitemeter ranking
    Image Credit: Increase Social Media Traffic & Website Traffic I notice a few regulars no longer allow public access to the site counters. This may happen accidentally when the blog format is altered. If your ...
    2 weeks ago
  • A mountain of a challenge in banning glyphosate
    Belinda Cridge I was reading my son a story last night. A great tale of derring-do of five mountaineers scaling the Matterhorn for the first time. One in the party had tried six times previously and failed, this was the last attempt before winter closed another season. They tried a ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    2 weeks ago
  • This government has a problem with secrecy
    As introduced, the Zero Carbon Bill included an expansive secrecy clause, which would have covered virtually all decisions by the Climate Change Commission over our most important policy area. The Ministry for the Environment admitted this was a mistake (or as they put it, an "oversight"), and the select committee ...
    No Right TurnBy Idiot/Savant
    2 weeks ago
  • A small New Zealand songbird that hides food for later use provides insights into cognitive evolutio...
    Rachael Shaw, Victoria University of Wellington When we think about animals storing food, the image that usually comes to mind is a squirrel busily hiding nuts for the winter. We don’t usually think of a small songbird taking down an enormous invertebrate, tearing it into pieces and hiding these titbits ...
    SciBlogsBy Guest Author
    2 weeks ago
  • Referenda on Euthanasia – NZ First’s Victory – or a Major Miscalculation?
    . . NZ First’s success in putting the euthenasia bill to a public referenda may not be the victory they believe it to be. They may even have sounded the death-knell for a second Labour-NZ First-Green coalition. On 23 July this year, NZ First MP, Jenny Marcroft, submitted a Supplementary ...
    Frankly SpeakingBy Frank Macskasy
    2 weeks ago
  • Corbyn the Mighty vs BoJo the Clown
    Interesting contrasting pictures in the Guardian:Corbyn gets the classic positive shot - low angle and a clear background, making him look authoritative (of course, being Corbyn, he doesn't do authoritative very well).Where as Johnson gets pictured with children at some sort of mad-hatters' tea party:Begging the question, who is the ...
    2 weeks ago

  • Addressing miscarriages of justice
    Darroch Ball, Spokesperson for Justice New Zealand First is proud that a key Coalition Agreement commitment which will provide for a more transparent and effective criminal justice system has been realised. Legislation to establish the Criminal Cases Review Commission, an independent body focused on identifying and responding to possible miscarriages of ...
    13 hours ago
  • Week That Was: Historic action on climate change
    "Today we have made a choice that will leave a legacy... I hope that means that future generations will see that we, in New Zealand, were on the right side of history." - Jacinda Ardern, Third Reading of the Zero Carbon Bill ...
    5 days ago
  • Tax-free deployments for Kiwi troops
    Darroch Ball, New Zealand First List MP A Member’s bill has been proposed that would provide income tax exemptions for all New Zealand Defence Force (NZDF) personnel while on operational deployment overseas. The Income Tax (Exemption for Salary or Wages of NZDF Members on Active Deployment) Amendment Bill proposed by New Zealand First ...
    5 days ago
  • A balanced Zero Carbon Bill passed
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, New Zealand First Leader New Zealand First is proud to have brought common sense to the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill, which passed its final reading in Parliament today. Party Leader Rt Hon Winston Peters says months of hard work went into negotiating a balanced ...
    6 days ago
  • Paramedics’ status to be recognised
    Jenny Marcroft MP, Spokesperson for Health New Zealand First has listened to calls to recognise paramedics as registered health professionals under the Health Practitioners’ Competence Assurance Act (the Act). Today, the Coalition Government announced plans for paramedics to be registered as health practitioners under the Act, and the establishment of a ...
    1 week ago
  • Week That Was: 2,000 teachers in two years
    We began the week by commemorating the New Zealand Wars and celebrating a major increase in the number of teachers. Then, we were busy supporting offenders into work and getting our rail back on track after years of underinvestment. And that's just the start! ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Winning an election one conversation at a time
    In October I was sworn in as the Mayor of Lower Hutt. It’s the privilege of my life to serve Hutt people as their Mayor. There is something really special to be able to serve the community where I was raised, and where I live.   ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Closer cooperation with Korean horse racing industry
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Racing Racing Minister Winston Peters met with Korea Racing Authority Chairperson Nak Soon Kim in Seoul today to discuss closer cooperation between the New Zealand and Korean horse racing industries. As part of the visit to the Seoul Racecourse, Mr Peters witnessed ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Otago to lead digital creativity
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Economic Development The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is investing $10 million to establish Otago as the centre of New Zealand’s creative digital industry over the next ten years, Regional Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. “The initiative will bring us closer to the vision of ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Young Otago students encouraged to take on forestry careers
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Economic Development The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF)’s skills and employment programme will help young Otago people into long-term forestry careers, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. Te Ara Mahi will invest $63,000 in the 2020 school year to support eight 17 and 18 ...
    2 weeks ago
  • PGF backing Dunedin’s waterfront ambitions
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Economic Development The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) will support local plans to revitalise and stimulate economic development opportunities in Otago, Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones has announced. The four Regional Economic Development Ministers have approved an in-principle investment of $19.9 million towards the region’s ...
    2 weeks ago
  • M. Bovis eradication progress welcomed
    Mark Patterson, Spokesperson for Primary Industries New Zealand First is pleased to have received the Technical Advisory Group (TAG) report on the Coalition Government’s Mycoplasma bovis eradication efforts, which shows significant progress in the fight against the disease. New Zealand First Spokesperson for Primary Industries, Mark Patterson, says the report’s findings ...
    2 weeks ago
  • PGF boosts Otago’s engineering and manufacturing sector
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Economic Development Hon David Parker, Minister for Trade and Export Growth The Provincial Growth Fund (PGF) is investing to support economic growth opportunities for Otago’s engineering and manufacturing sectors, Regional Development Minister Shane Jones and Trade and Export Minister David Parker announced today. Almost $20 million ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Minister Peters discusses Pacific challenges and denuclearisation in Seoul
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Foreign Minister Winston Peters and his South Korean counterpart, Kang Kyung-wha, discussed in Seoul today opportunities to work more closely in the Pacific and the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Mr Peters and Minister Kang confirmed New Zealand and the ...
    2 weeks ago
  • PGF supports high speed broadband for marae at Parihaka Pa
    Hon Shane Jones, Minister for Regional Economic Development  Hon Nanaia Mahuta, Minister for Māori Development The three marae in the historic Parihaka Pa complex in Taranaki have been upgraded to high speed broadband with the support of the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), Regional Economic Development Minister Shane Jones announced today. “Connecting the ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Advancing Pacific Partnerships 2019 launched
    Hon Ron Mark, Minister of Defence Minister of Defence Ron Mark will today launch the Advancing Pacific Partnerships 2019 Defence Assessment  during a speech at Te Papa.  The Assessment outlines how Defence will partner with our Pacific Island neighbours and invest in Pacific regional security architecture. The Plan aligns with the Coalition ...
    2 weeks ago
  • PGF funding could transform Gisborne company into “beacon of employment” in two years
    A new Provincial Growth Fund investment could create about 80 new jobs in Gisborne over the next two years, turning a local small business into a “beacon of employment” in the process. Regional Economic Development Parliamentary Under-Secretary Fletcher Tabuteau said the PGF’s Te Ara Mahi funding stream would provide $1.6m ...
    2 weeks ago
  • Week That Was: Two years of progress
    This week, we’re taking action on climate change, expanding trades education – and celebrating two years of progress! ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs to visit the Republic of Korea and Japan
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters will travel to the Republic of Korea and Japan next week. “The Republic of Korea and Japan are two of New Zealand’s closest partners in the region with whom we share common values and ...
    3 weeks ago
  • New Zealand to lead Bougainville Referendum Regional Police Support Mission
    Rt Hon Winston Peters, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters has announced today that New Zealand is leading a police support mission in Bougainville as the region prepares to vote in a non-binding referendum on its political future. “New Zealand has accepted an invitation ...
    3 weeks ago
  • We’re taking action on climate change
    “I refuse to accept the challenge of climate change is too hard to solve.” – Jacinda Ardern ...
    3 weeks ago
  • Shane Jones annoyed at “elevated sense of entitlement from a lot of immigrant leaders”
    New Zealand First MP Shane Jones is defending Immigration New Zealand (INZ) after it instructed officials to stop granting visas as an exception to instructions. He has also lashed out at immigrant leaders upset with the tightening of the rules, saying they had an “elevated sense of entitlement”. Members of ...
    3 weeks ago
  • New Zealand public likely to vote on euthanasia bill thanks to NZ First
    A change to the End of Life Choice Bill was passed in Parliament, meaning if politicians decide to vote for the law it must be approved by the public first. A binding referendum was a condition insisted on by New Zealand First, and Jenny Marcroft’s supplementary order paper (SOP) successfully ...
    3 weeks ago

  • Fisheries innovation projects supported
    Groups involved with innovative fisheries research projects are encouraged to apply for government support in the latest funding round from the Sustainable Food and Fibre Futures programme. Fisheries Minister Stuart Nash says the SFF Futures funding is designed to be flexible enough to support small or large projects across a ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 hours ago
  • Government fixes culturally arranged marriage visa issue
    The Government has fixed an issue affecting how Immigration New Zealand has processed visa applications for culturally arranged marriages, which will now see a consistent process applied which ensures people with legitimate arranged marriages can visit New Zealand while also preventing any rorting of the system. Earlier this year Immigration ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    8 hours ago
  • Extension for Royal Commission into Mosque attacks
    The Royal Commission into the Attacks on Christchurch Mosques will report back on 30 April 2020 to give it more time to hear submissions and consider information, Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin announced today. The Royal Commission was originally scheduled to report back to Government by 10 December 2019. “There has ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    9 hours ago
  • Terrorism and Trade on agenda as Foreign Minister visits the United States
    Foreign Minister Winston Peters will travel to Washington DC today to attend a ministerial meeting focused on defeating ISIS, and to continue pursuing New Zealand’s trade opportunities. Mr Peters will participate in a meeting of Foreign and Defence Ministers from key countries contributing to the Global Coalition to Defeat ISIS. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    10 hours ago
  • Hoiho get extra support alongside 168 community conservation groups backing nature
    The recently crowned Bird of the Year, the hoiho/yellow eyed penguin, is getting a much needed helping hand alongside more than 168 other community conservation projects announced Minister for Conservation Eugenie Sage today. 168 community conservation projects throughout New Zealand are benefiting from $8 million in government grants, including $500,000 ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    11 hours ago
  • New safety measures for modified pistols
    Controls on assault rifles and semi-automatic firearms are to be broadened to include some types of pistols, under changes to a bill currently making its way through Parliament. Police Minister Stuart Nash has tabled a Supplementary Order Paper to the Arms Legislation Bill, which is currently before a Select Committee ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    11 hours ago
  • Minister of Defence to visit Singapore and Thailand
    Minister of Defence Ron Mark will travel to Singapore today to conduct a counterpart visit and to co-chair the third annual Singapore-New Zealand Defence Ministers’ Meeting with his counterpart, Minister for Defence Dr Ng Eng Hen. “Singapore is one of our most important defence partners in the region, and our ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    11 hours ago
  • Future secured for Salisbury School
    Nelson’s Salisbury School is to be rebuilt, creating a modern and suitable learning environment for students at the residential special school, Education Minister Chris Hipkins and Associate Education Minister Tracey Martin announced today. The school for girls aged 8-15, in Richmond, was earmarked for closure by National until the process ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    12 hours ago
  • Resource management reform options released
    The panel undertaking a comprehensive review of the Resource Management Act has identified the main issues to be addressed and options for reform and is calling for feedback to inform its final report.  In July the Government announced the comprehensive review of the resource management system, including the RMA - ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    14 hours ago
  • Criminal Cases Review Commission established
    An important safety valve has been added to New Zealand’s criminal justice system with the third reading of the Criminal Cases Review Commission Bill today. The Criminal Cases Review Commission (CCRC) will investigate claimed miscarriages of justice. “We’ve seen how our justice system can very occasionally get things spectacularly wrong, ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Racing Industry destined to be on-track
    Racing Minister Winston Peters welcomes the tabling of the Racing Industry Transition Agency (RITA) 2019 Annual Report in Parliament today. He says the 2019 Annual Report marks the point when New Zealand’s racing industry’s decline was arrested and a turnaround started. RITA’s 2019 Annual Report recorded an industry net profit ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • New Zealand firefighter support to Queensland
    The New Zealand Government is today sending 21 firefighters to help fight the ongoing catastrophic Australian bushfires. “The fires in Australia are in some of the toughest, most challenging conditions ever,” says Internal Affairs Minister Tracey Martin.  “As of yesterday morning, there were 100 active bushfire-related incidents across Queensland and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Supporting all schools to succeed
      More frontline support for schools through a new education agency, as part of a redesigned Ministry of Education More support for principals and school boards including through a new centre of leadership and local leadership advisor roles New independent disputes panels for parents and students Management of school property ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Reform to support better outcomes for Māori learners and whānau
    The Government’s reform of the Tomorrow’s Schools system is a watershed moment in education and an opportunity to create meaningful change for ākonga Māori and their whānau, Associate Education Minister Kelvin Davis said today. “Last year through Kōrero Mātauranga | Education Conversation, Māori teachers, parents, ākonga, whānau, hapū and iwi ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 day ago
  • Infrastructure pipeline growing
    Infrastructure Minister is welcoming the first of many updated project pipelines from the newly established New Zealand Infrastructure Commission today. The New Zealand Infrastructure Commission, Te Waihanga, has released an expanded pipeline of major capital projects – another crucial step towards delivering better infrastructure outcomes. “The first iteration of the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Tighter firearms law to further improve safety
    Tougher gun laws designed to improve public safety through firearms prohibition orders are proposed in a new document released for public input. Police Minister Stuart Nash says firearms prohibition orders (FPOs) would give new powers to Police to ensure high-risk individuals come nowhere near firearms. “We have already prohibited the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • New TVNZ chair & directors confirmed
    Andy Coupe has been confirmed as TVNZ’s new Board Chair. “Mr Coupe has strong commercial and capital markets experience and TVNZ has benefited from his technical knowledge of business and finance, as well as his extensive governance experience,” the Minister of Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Kris Faafoi said.  Andy ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    2 days ago
  • Hutt Road cycle path officially opened
    Associate Minister of Transport Julie Anne Genter today officially opened a separated pathway, following the completion of the Kaiwharawhara Stream bridge, which will improve safety for cyclists and pedestrians along Hutt Road.  The $6.8m Hutt Road project provides a separated path for cycling and pedestrians, the replacement of informal parking ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    3 days ago
  • Announcement of new Ambassador to Russia
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today announced the appointment of career diplomat Si’alei van Toor as New Zealand’s next Ambassador to Russia. “I’m pleased to appoint Ms van Toor to this position. She brings a wealth of experience to the role having previously served as Senior Trade Adviser to the ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update
    The Treasury’s 2019 Half Year Economic and Fiscal Update (HYEFU) will be released on Wednesday December 11, Finance Minister Grant Robertson says. The Coalition Government will publish the 2020 Budget Policy Statement at the same time, outlining the priorities for Budget 2020. Further details on arrangements for the release will ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Giving a Boost to Kiwi small businesses
    A new initiative to better support small businesses through hands-on mentoring and advice has been launched by the Minister for Small Business. The first event in the Kiwi Business Boost series of regional workshops and online tools has been launched in Wairoa by Stuart Nash. “The Business Boost initiative combines ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Nearly three quarters of Rolleston connected to UFB
    The latest Quarterly Connectivity Report shows that more and more New Zealanders are moving to Ultra-fast Broadband (UFB), with Rolleston having the highest uptake at 74 per cent, as at the end of September. “This means that nearly three quarters of Rolleston’s households and businesses have moved to ultra-fast services. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    5 days ago
  • Historic day for landmark climate change legislation in New Zealand
    The passing of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill will help ensure a safe planet for our kids and grandkids, the Minister for Climate Change James Shaw said today. The landmark legislation which provides a framework to support New Zealanders to prepare for, and adapt to, the effects ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Release of Oranga Tamariki Practice Review
    The review of Oranga Tamariki practice around the planned uplift of a Hastings baby in May shows significant failings by the Ministry and that the planned and funded changes to shift from a child crisis service to a proper care and protection service need to be accelerated, Children’s Minister Tracey ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Minister wishes students success in exams
    Education Minister Chris Hipkins has wished students the best of luck for this year’s NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams which start tomorrow. Around 140,000 students will have participated in 119 NCEA and New Zealand Scholarship exams by the end of the exam period on 3 December. “I want to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • New High Commissioner to the United Kingdom announced
    Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters today announced the appointment of Bede Corry as New Zealand’s next High Commissioner to the United Kingdom. “The appointment of a senior diplomat to this important role underlines the significance New Zealand places on our relationship with the United Kingdom,” said Mr Peters. “The United ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • New Police recruits making Auckland safer
    An innovative approach to boosting the number of frontline Police has seen 20 new officers graduate from one of the uncommon training wings in Auckland. Police Minister Stuart Nash says the graduation of 20 constables today means that 1,765 new Police officers have been deployed since the coalition government took ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Over 1.2 million hours of community work helps local communities
    Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis says the 1.2 million hours of community work completed by offenders in the last financial year has helped local communities right across the country. “Community work sentences are a great way for people to pay something positive back to society. There is a massive benefit to ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    6 days ago
  • Te Huringa o Te Tai – Police Crime Prevention Strategy
    "A pathway for Police in leadership with Iwi Māori, to achieve the aspirations of Māori whānau." Police launch of Te Huringa o Te Tai, Pipitea Marae,  Thorndon Quay, Wellington Nau mai, haere mai. Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, ka nui te mihi, ki a koutou. Hello everyone, warm greetings to you all. ...
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    1 week ago
  • Kiwis getting higher pay
    Working New Zealanders are getting more in their back pockets under the Coalition Government’s economic plan. Stats NZ data today shows average weekly ordinary time earnings are up by $83 since the Government took office. This shows that working New Zealanders are getting higher take-home pay, and that employers are ...
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    1 week ago
  • More support for schools to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact
    The Government is supporting schools to cut down their energy consumption and reduce environmental impacts, with a quarter of all schools having their lights replaced with LEDs, a sustainability contestable fund and a plan to improve the environmental sustainability of all schools in the future. Education Minister Chris Hipkins and ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • New Zealand’s manaakitanga highlighted in China
    Tourism Minister Kelvin Davis heads to China on Friday to lead the New Zealand Government presence at the China-New Zealand Year of Tourism closing ceremony. The ceremony will take place at Canton Tower in Guangzhou on Sunday 10 November. “The Year of Tourism has been mutually beneficial for both New ...
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    1 week ago
  • Climate change research boost
    Should we plan for drought or deluge and how is CO2 released from the ocean’s floor? Several climate change projects were given a boost in the latest Marsden Fund investment of $83.6 million, Research, Science and Innovation Minister Megan Woods said today. “Climate change is long-term challenge that requires out-of-the-box ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Significant progress on Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP)
    Leaders of 16 countries negotiating the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) have announced the completion of negotiation on the text as well as agreement on virtually all market access issues between 15 countries. The leaders said they will work with India to resolve its outstanding concerns in a way that ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Learn how to stay safe on World Tsunami Awareness Day
    Civil Defence Minister Hon Peeni Henare says World Tsunami Awareness Day today (5 November) is a chance for all New Zealanders to learn more about the tsunami risk in our regions and the right actions to take to stay safe. “All of New Zealand’s coastline is at risk of tsunami. ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Formal recognition at last for paramedics’ frontline medical role
    New Zealand’s more than 1000 paramedics are to have their role as key frontline health professionals formally recognised and regulated in the same way as doctors and nurses, Health Minister David Clark says. The Government has agreed to regulate paramedics under the Health Practitioners Competence Assurance Act 2003. “Paramedic leaders ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago
  • Government improving protections for consumers and workers when businesses fail
    Changes to insolvency law announced by the Government today will include requirements to honour up to 50 per cent of the value of gift cards or vouchers held by consumers, Commerce and Consumer Affairs Minister Kris Faafoi says. “When a business is insolvent, these consumers are often left out of ...
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    1 week ago
  • Outstanding public service recognised
    Six New Zealanders tonight received medals for their meritorious work in the frontline public service. The Public Service Medal, established by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, is awarded annually. “For the second year this Government has recognised public servants who have made a real difference to the lives of New ...
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    1 week ago
  • Global trade, business promotion focus of Shanghai meetings
    Minister for Trade and Export Growth David Parker heads to Shanghai today for the China International Import Expo and meetings focused on reforming the WTO. Over 90 New Zealand companies will be exhibiting at the second China International Import Expo (CIIE), which runs from 5-10 November. “China is one of New Zealand’s ...
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    1 week ago
  • Drivers to get more time to gain full licence
    Drivers holding a current five-year learner or restricted car or motorbike licence, expiring between 1 December 2019 and 1 December 2021, will receive an automatic two-year extension, Associate Transport Minister Julie Anne Genter announced today. Over 144,000 drivers’ time-limited licences are due to expire in the next two years; 67,000 ...
    BeehiveBy beehive.govt.nz
    1 week ago