Daily review 19/07/2019

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14 comments on “Daily review 19/07/2019”

  1. MickeyBoyle 1

    Is it just me or is traffic to this site dwindling into insignificance?, comment numbers are very poor also. Has power made us complacent and content?

    • Anne 1.1

      No, its not just you. There is a handful of persistent trolls who, I suspect, are trying to drive people away and they are succeeding. It's not helped by a handful of regulars who derive enjoyment out of engaging with them but it is off-putting for others. 

      Add to that, we are in the middle year of am electoral term which is the point when political engagement is at its lowest ebb. Come the start of election year there is always a significant rise in participation on blog sites like this one.

      • Rapunzel 1.1.1

        This is tame compared to another Kiwi site, totally hijacked by someone from the US who, when not shoving Trump down everyone's throats, has become the cheerleader for those who are anti the Coalition. I doubt it reflects or interests the "silent majority" in NZ more a very vocal rabble, in some ways that is reasuring except for the valid debate it impedes.

    • A 1.2

      I didn't think the numbers were that bad.  I go away during the day, come back later and there are too many comments to read. 

      Was happy to see the reverse comment stacking thing although I'm still adjusting.

    • Incognito 1.3

      School holidays but traffic to the site has been steady.

  2. Observer Tokoroa 2

    Donald and Mrs Trump are doing the World a great favour.

    By destroying the good standing of the American Born Women, Whom the Trumps Ridiculed recently, and said were non Americans, displayed the day in day out Filth of the Trumps household.

    It is wonderful seeing the great Filth of America on display with Trumps Inc. The world knows their Bastardry.

  3. Observer Tokoroa 3

    Concerning Australian Strong arm Deportation

    I do not see that we need to accept any deportation attempted by the Australian Government. 

    As far I know, New Zealand has never undertaken to off load citizens from an unfriendly nation. 

    Any attempt to fly any aircraft or sail any ships into our waters without permission will be deemed a violation.

  4. joe90 4

    Beware of the fish people, they are the true enemy.

    Frank Zappa


  5. joe90 5

  6. soddenleaf 6

    The new input text applet thingi doesn't work well, it won't let me reply to comments threads, I can only start a new comment. in Firefox can't even do that, forced to use chrome. MickeyBoyle asked why replies are down, to add his name I copied it, then had to paste it into a box for it to be pasted into this awful applet. So if you want more comments try managing how many fail comments, and provide real means to declare bugs with your site, Beyer stil return to the old text input without all the style gunk that clearly nobody is using.

    • Andre 6.1

      The more data you can give the sysdamin the easier it is for him to fix things. Info like device type, operating system (including build number) browser (including build number). These things are usually found in an "about" or "system info" menu somewhere.

      Otherwise he might just like at a system like mine running Firefox on Windows 10 and never see the problem.

      • soddenleaf 6.1.1

        Yes, sorry, no, but, yeah… …upgraded Firefox, works now. blah. I know I don't know but do you get stats on whose using what browser from what platform, so when someone clicks a empty comment it reminds them to upgrade if it's olded by fancy new applet styler that nobody obviously styles. So yeah would not be the reason lower replies, maybe the politics is boring, opposition raving about stuff they should of done and all that boring batty naffness.

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