Donald Trump and Florida

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Some of you will be aware of Donald Trump’s extensive Florida real estate holdings.

If he hasn’t seen good evidence of climate change, perhaps the interests of his own portfolio will focus his mind.

They have certainly focussed the mind of one of the Florida Mayors, the Coral Gables Mayor Jim Cason.

There’s about $3.5 billion of property just on his 47 mile stretch of coast.

But boats will be his first signal. What matters, he believes, will be the first time a mast fails to clear the bottom of a canal bridge because the water level had risen too far.

“When the boats can’t go out, the property values go down.”

If property values start to fall, Cason said, banks could stop writing 30-year mortgages for coastal homes, shrinking the pool of able buyers and sending prices lower still. Those properties make up a quarter of the city’s tax base; if that revenue fell, the city would struggle. The downward cycle starts.

And all of that could happen before the rising sea consumes a single home.

Inside the link is a useful little animation on climate change and current extreme weather events.

Hope Donald’s personal interests have some useful policy guidance, somewhere.

11 comments on “Donald Trump and Florida”

  1. adam 1

    After 100 days and not one achievement, i’m thinking trump can’t think that far ahead Ad.

  2. dv 2

    Yes international insurance co will be a main driver re CC

  3. dukeofurl 4

    Coral Gables has 6 miles ocean facing (Biscayne bay) a lot of it canal style. Didnt London , Venice, St Petersburg build some sort of sea gate to shut out extreme high tides.
    I think other parts of Miami have water in the streets ‘every high tide’

  4. timeforacupoftea 5

    He did say goodbye to TPPA,
    If the other clown Dillery was elected TPPA would have been signed and sealed by now.

    • mickysavage 5.1

      She came out during the campaign and said she would not.

    • He did say goodbye to TPPA,

      … Done at the expense of the environment, as Trump opens up the Arctic Ocean, Altlantic, and “Monument” Parks to oil drilling and other exploitation.

      The TPPA, along with other similar “Free Trade” agreements, (in reality; corporate charters) may well have impacted on human societies around the globe. But Trump’s encouragement for coal mining, oil drilling, and other polluting activities will impact on the planet’s environment for decades (centuries!) to come.

      The TPPA might’ve (would have, most likely) impacted on workers at this point in time.

      But Trump’s environmental vandalism will have consequences reaching into the future, for our children and grandchildren to deal with.

      In other words, that’s a trade-off done at our descendant’s expense.

  5. esoteric pineapples 6

    The day insurance companies stop insuring properties vulnerable to flooding from the sea or rivers will be the day their prices will drop to virtually nothing, long before the properties are abandoned. They will either continue to be lived in by their current owners or their tennants or become squats.

    The vast majority of properties can only be bought with a loan and banks won’t lend if a property can’t get insurance.

  6. Fustercluck 7

    “The US economy may start unravelling when because of rising sea levels boats in Florida are no longer able to clear canal bridges.”

    What a deceptive headline. There are no instances of boat masts failing to clear bridges. This entire piece is based on the imaginings of a mayor.


    This does nothing to help or inform the discussion on protecting the environment whatsoever.

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