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Make your voice heard on asset sales

Written By: - Date published: 8:39 am, April 3rd, 2012 - 34 comments
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Kiwis oppose asset sales two to one. And they will only happen if one man, Peter Dunne, votes for them to happen. Dunne was too cowardly even to speak to TVNZ on the issue last night. But you can still make him listen. You have 10 days left to make an online submission to the select committee here. It’s a two minute job – just tell them that New Zealand isn’t for sale.

34 comments on “Make your voice heard on asset sales ”

  1. KeepOurAssetsDon'tSell. 1

    “These Power Company assets are part of the Public, Taxpayer’s wealth of New Zealand bringing in a healthy 15-18% return per year on investment at about 300,000,000 a year. I submit that in my opinion it’s ideological Daylight robbery to sell them being a massive transfer of New Zealand taxpayer’s wealth, built up by the hardwork and sweat of kiwis and maintained by them with their taxes, over decades, into the hands of Private Investors. It’s NeoLiberal Privatization gone mad. it will also lead to increased power charges which poorer kiwis can ill afford to enrich foreign investors. In my opinion this action is treasonous to the well being of New Zealand society. I agree with Winston Peter’s who termed this action as that of a “Quisling”.

    I have made the above submission not that I think the overpaid cosseted types living in Parliament will take much notice!

    The baubles and beads party, and Dunny are a disgrace allowing Shonkey to Shonk off our country for his rich class mates’ benefit.

    • KeepOurAssetsDon'tSell. 1.1

      “The people of Aotearoa are waking up! The reality is starting to sink in, that the National Government is planning to sell large stakes in many of the public utilities and institutions we rely on as New Zealanders.

      When that happens, we will lose the revenue we presently gain from them, meaning our taxes will go up, our services will be cut, or we will see some combination of both.

      We will also likely experience higher prices for many essential commodities, like power and telecommunications, as the billionaires and big corporations who buy our assets try to increase their profits at our expense.”

  2. Don’t forget to come to the protest march in 25 days too. Every single person there will help strengthen the public opposition to selling our future.


    • Jim Nald 2.1

      Would be good if there are protest marches in other centres as well.
      Hoping others will organise those and post information about them.

      • shreddakj 2.1.1

        At this stage I think it’s only Wellington, Auckland and Nelson. There’s still time to organise other places as well, maybe Christchurch or Dunedin?

        • Tiger Mountain

          Te Mana has around a dozen things planned in other towns starting 24 April in Kaitaia. Check their 12 March FB post.

        • Rosie

          Hi S. I’ve been trying to find out about any protests planned for Wgtn but can’t seem to find anything. I’m not on facebook so need to get my info in other ways. Does any one know of any Wgtn plans?

          • shreddakj

            This is the info from the Wellington march’s facebook page:

            On 28th April 2012 demonstrations will be held across the country to protest National’s intentions to sell off New Zealand tax payers’ assets.

            FOR: retaining and developing public assets and services – keeping our schools, prisons, universities, hospitals and ports publicly owned; affordable electricity, education and housing; workers’ right to a good job and a liveable wage.

            AGAINST: privatisation of public services, sale of public assets to private investors (local AND overseas), casualisation of labour, privatisation and pillage of our country’s resources.

            Most New Zealanders don’t want our public assets sold to private investors; whether they are American, Chinese, German or Kiwi, it is not in our interests to put our future into the hands of a few billionaires whose primary incentive is to make a profit for themselves.

            Our public assets, our schools, our jobs and our homes are all under attack. New Zealand is for sale. Come to the demonstration on Saturday April 28th to defend Aotearoa and force the government to put a stop to this madness.

            Invite everyone you know!!!

            3pm Saturday April 28th
            From Civic Square

            • Rosie

              Excellent! Thanks S. It’s on the calendar now. Hope it’s an epic turn out.

              • shreddakj

                No problem. Hopefully it picks up momentum between now and then, currently the numbers on the facebook page are quite small, some volunteers may be required to print out and put up posters around the capital. Don’t forget also the Hikoi will be coming into Wellington in early May and there will be a whole series of demonstrations outside parliament then.

  3. freedom 3

    using the link above, i went to do the online submission and the firefox browser flashed up the
    ‘ This connection is untrusted ‘ page, which i have never seen when accessing a govt website.

    any ideas?

  4. Here is how its going to go:
    John Key has buried NZ in debt by borrowing it from his bankster mates giving it to his rich palls and this morning he had to admit it was really all our fault therefore we have to sell our assets in a garage sale to all his bankster palls.

    It’s called a bait and switch scam and the banksters are pulling one globally.

    Thing is what are we going to do about it?
    Iceland is taking their Prime minister to Court over his collusion with the international banksters.

    Will we take John Key to task?

  5. Bored 5

    When I was young I got burgled….it was sickening that somebody could steal all that I had worked so hard to have. It happened again a couple of times, plus a car stolen. I hate thieves and robbers.

    This assets “sale” is also a burglary, for which I hold Dunne and NACT in complete contempt and disgust. Personally I don’t think hanging followed by eternal damnation is an adequate enough punishment for these robbers of other peoples futures.

  6. (A different) Nick K 6

    Where’s Pete George trying to argue that winning one electorate seat and being a laughing stock gives his mate the right to sell off the the assets past generations built up for future generations?

    • tc 6.1

      PG picks his battles, mostly endless drivel arguing angels on pinheads and contorting himself around that supercilious world view UF have.
      He’s probably submitting on what a great idea the sales are with a ‘remember me’ tone.

  7. Karl Sinclair 7

    How do you make Asset Sale Soup?


    Dictators in game theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dictator)

    In social choice theory, the notion of a dictator is formally defined as a person who can achieve any feasible social outcome he/she wishes.

    The weak dictator has, for any social goal he/she has in mind, and for any political scenario, a course of action that would bring about the desired goal. For the weak dictator, it is usually not enough to “give their orders”, rather he/she has to manipulate the political scene appropriately. This means that the weak dictator might actually be lurking in the shadows, working within a political setup that seems to be non-dictatorial. An example of such a figure is Lorenzo the Magnificent, who controlled Renaissance Florence.

    Note that these definitions disregard some alleged dictators, e.g. Benito Mussolini, who are not interested in the actual achieving of social goals, as much as in propaganda and controlling public opinion. Monarchs and military dictators are also excluded from these definitions, because their rule relies on the consent of other political powers (the barons or the army).

    2. FOLLOW ZE SAME PROCESS FOR COOKING PIGS (Debtocracy http://www.debtocracy.gr/indexen.html), except vary slighty for variety. Unt rub a little salt into zee wound… you know you want to

    The documentary mainly focuses on two points: the causes of the Greek debt crisis in 2010 and possible future solutions that could be given to the problem that are not currently being considered by the government of the country.

    3. GARNISH with some tepid lawyers, traders, bankers etc

    4. ALLOW TO SIMMER und take zee cream uff zee top…..and eat

    Unt Voll Laa U have zee Asset Sale Soup…. so simple.

    5. Zeen, vait for 5 years unt you’ll have a perpertual pavolva of debt.

    Now vair did i put my BMW X6 (you know the black one with tinted windows)

  8. mikesh 8

    The ubiquitousness of electric power is such that it must be considered these days as one of life’s necessities, just like water. MP for Ohariu, Peter Dunne, is on record as opposing the sale of our water supply; therefore why does he not oppose the sale of our power supply?

    • tc 8.1

      Coz he loves his ministerial baubles of power and the tinkering he can do for the occasional pat on the head and ‘whose a good boy then’ from the shonkey mob.

  9. maffoo 9

    anyone wanting to make a submission but unsure what to put can copy-paste from http://helpsubmit.blogspot.co.nz/

  10. Thank you for your submission (Reference number*: PM6ZZ5D)

    With the continued decline in the availability of fossil fuels, it looks like the parliamentary report from October 2010 titled The Next Oil Shock is correct, and we are going to see a further crashing of the global system, so selling everything now while things are still working would be a smart thing to do.
    After all what is an airport without aviation fuel or an electricity grid without electricity? One is just a large slab of concrete and the other is a rather high and long clothesline, so yeah sell the lot. Most infrastructure will be worthless inside of 10 years (if we are lucky).

    • Reality Bytes 10.1

      I could agree with this if it was the true rationale behind the sales, i.e. A strategic restructuring of assets. Whereby the proceeds of the asset sales were re-invested into sustainable smart post-peak-oil power generation technology. That would be hard to argue with.

      But the reality is these asset sales are really just a desperate attempt to plug the hole (temporarily) created by the rather poorly timed tax cuts and general lack of economic innovation and damaging fiscal management by our current government.

  11. Reagan Cline 11

    Shreddakj, I was going to ask “what ideology is behind the partial asset sales”. Your post has answered my question. If there is a demo in Auckland I will be there.

  12. cardassian 12

    Why isn’t Taranaki a region?
    I don’t live in Wellington or Manawatu.
    Damn National wanting to steal my assets and my region.

  13. Richard McGrath 13

    Yes, stop selling our assets, especially all those frozen sheep and beef carcasses that end up being shipped to those nasty foreigners.

    • felix 13.1

      Oh look, someone doesn’t know what an asset is.

    • North 13.2

      Duh…….! Richard doesn’t know his ram from his dam.

      Hikoi reaches Kawakawa, Mid North, 11.00 am, Anzac Day. I’d invite you too Richard except that brainless as you are you’d probably have trouble finding State Highway One.

  14. Mark 14

    All ten of you here betta show up for the march otherwise the few few that do will look even more pathetic.

  15. Peter Meyers 15

    Dear oh dear. This was no seceret at the election, It was National policy, but despite all the best intentions from the left National won almost a majority and have a majority in the current parliament. Hence they have a mandate, more so than Gillards Carbon Tax.
    As Cullen said, you lost we won. Suck it up suckers. Oh BTW, Labour never had as much votes as National did in 2011 on a % basis.
    What about the smacking ban? Pot/kettle/black here. Had the signitures but no protests from The Standard on this not being over turned.

  16. John72 16

    Why does an economy that built up all these assetts, suddenly need to sell them?
    What happens when we run out of assetts?

    There seems to be some very knowledgeable and intelligent writers to this site. Perhaps one of them would be kind enough to enlighten a simple soul like me. Our politicians can not/will not! Perhaps the “bottom line” would be political suicide. When I start saying “Times were really hard then. We had to….” the younger generation look boored or ,if family, embaressed, and walk off. These hard times in the past are not fairy tales. they really happened to real people, just like wars, floods and earthquakes. In every life some rain must fall. What are we leaving for the next generaton? Our politicians are not profound thinkers, they are only there because of their public image.

  17. Karl Sinclair 17

    Note, that Energy, resources and mining jobs top the pay scale. Now why would they want to sell off those Sustainable Energy Producing Assets……. Perpetual income….. how wonderful

    Classification Minimum Mid Range Maximum
    Mining, Resources & Energy $102,271 $118,017 $133,764
    Consulting & Strategy $76,703 $88,004 $99,304
    Information & Communication Technology $78,470 $86,865 $95,261
    Construction $77,977 $86,653 $95,328
    Engineering $76,633 $86,066 $95,499
    Legal $70,631 $81,165 $91,698
    Insurance & Superannuation $71,043 $78,779 $86,515
    Human Resources & Recruitment $69,228 $77,950 $86,672
    Marketing & Communications $69,034 $76,895 $84,756
    Banking & Financial Services $67,123 $75,676 $84,229
    Accounting $68,158 $75,543 $82,927
    Government & Defence $65,266 $72,500 $79,733
    Real Estate & Property $62,769 $71,859 $80,950
    Healthcare & Medical $62,805 $70,309 $77,812
    Science & Technology $59,362 $67,511 $75,661
    Sales $58,764 $66,241 $73,719
    Farming, Animals & Conservation $57,683 $65,030 $72,377
    Education & Training $57,051 $63,489 $69,928
    Advertising, Arts & Media $55,237 $62,692 $70,147
    Design & Architecture $53,714 $60,416 $67,117
    Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics $52,948 $59,099 $65,250
    Sport & Recreation $49,242 $54,848 $60,454
    Trades & Services $48,121 $54,285 $60,449
    Community Services & Development $45,936 $51,172 $56,407
    Call Centre & Customer Service $41,061 $45,882 $50,703
    Hospitality & Tourism $41,184 $45,870 $50,555
    Administration & Office Support $40,513 $45,360 $50,207
    Retail & Consumer Products $39,845 $44,810 $49,774

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