Turns out voters were pretty chill about it

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Milne on Stuff the day after the election:

Due a notable absence of riots in the streets I think it is safe to say that Milne was wrong, and in fact voters were pretty chill about it.

Bryce Edwards did a wee roundup of headlines that haven’t aged well:

21 comments on “Turns out voters were pretty chill about it”

  1. L0L ,… Pride cometh before a fall ?,… so to speak.

    Or was that just plain old arrogance and self justification making these vested interest groups and individuals spout off and count their chickens before they hatched ?

  2. red-blooded 2

    Another thing that hasn’t aged well is that stupid campaign ad with the blue joggers all running off in unison (into oblivion? maybe not quite, but certainly not back to the seat of government). It turns out you need friends in an MMP environment! Who’d have thought..?

  3. Patricia Bremner 3

    Those front pages were a very good example of National spin (lies), put out by their friends.

    I smiled at “the tail wagging the dog” They got that right!!! A dog of a government!!!

    The tale of the tail was National’s “where are my friends?”

    Well they ran past them and left them in a tangle on the side of the road!!

    National only believe in win win win!! So on they ran with their noses in the air.

    “Cut out the middle man,” they cried. So we did!! (It was a shock to them to find they were the middle man, not needed by us.)

    Co-operation to them reeks of compromise. (That positive thing you have to do to get on with others.)

    So now in unison their backers cry “We was robbed!!”

    While the mixed team regrouped and helped each other to reach the coalition line, with shared co-operative vision, involving a compromise or two.

    This is an “accident” they cried!! “It won’t last!!”, they cried.

    “Akshually” it will … 3/6/9/12 years. Jacinda will be 49.

  4. Unicus 4

    Two clear examples of a core problem for Labour – foreign owned corporate media pumping National Party propoganda .

  5. Philg 5

    And you can change the name, sorry re-brand, ‘National’ Radio for a start. Too many righties in management. I can’t wait for better, vastly improved public broadcasting. “Give me one quality Public TV channel”, I said to Broadcasting Minister Marion Hobbes, about 18 years ago. Still waiting.

    • Patricia Bremner 5.1

      I agree Philg. This should be rebranded as NZ Radio, quick smart!!

    • Grey Area 5.2

      TVNZ7 was heading in the right direction so had to be killed off by National.

      • cleangreen 5.2.1

        All correct here, TVNZ7 and radio NZ need to come back so we have sanity again.
        I hate the word National more now than ever.

    • Heather Grimwood 5.3

      re naming of main radio station : I am so glad to read your comment Philg. I thought when first renamed ‘National Radio’ that it was less-than- subliminal advertising for Natz. If I remember rightly it happened in a campaigning season. I particularly loathed the emphasis given the word by a female voice, but thought at time that to draw attention to it would make things worse.

  6. bwaghorn 6

    don’t know if chill is what i’d call my rural nat mates reaction , been some serious moaning some of it verging on hysterics , most of it aimed at mmp but fear of the greens is rife . funny as fuck imho

  7. Once was Tim 7

    I remember seeing a real estate agent that looks the spitting image of Johnathan Milne

    • cleangreen 7.1

      Tim He was probably an andriod I think National are now making copies of themselves so the andriods canspeak for them then they alll depart for Hawaii .

    • Wensleydale 7.2

      Poor man. It must be hard to go about your daily life with a porcine smirk permanently smeared across your face. I imagine people take an instant dislike to you and regard you as a bit of a tosser. And then being a real estate agent too. Talk about pouring salt into the wound.

  8. Brian Tregaskin 8

    to SST
    “Tough just Tough”

  9. Brian Tregaskin 9

    the Sunday Star Times edition day after election special (demand issue) was a shambles of biblical proportions. They got it completely wrong and did the public of New Zealand a disservice.

  10. eco maori 10

    There you go isn’t there a big difference to free speech and propaganda well I think so.
    Congratulations to our Aussie cousins for winning and being innovative and giving them selves a edge with the celebrating of there Aboriginal culture way to go .men.
    And please don’t go pissing in the wind and call me a traitor because it’s good for World Rugby when our Aussie cousins win Ka Pai .

  11. mosa 11

    The headlines of the right wing press are no surprise.

    I remember when Labour stormed back in 2002 and National had its worse result in 100 years and the Sunday Star Times headline was ” the country swings right ” despite the massive endorsement for Helen Clark.

    Even in 2005 the headline was ” stalemate ” and yet Labour was ahead and went on to a two seat majority in parliament but they had stolen the election.

    They will never support anything else than” the born to rule ” National party.

    With the propaganda of the media it’s is surprising people actually vote for an alternative.

    The knives are out already and even before they have been sworn in the usual suspects are trying to create the reality of splits that don’t exist.

    The fourth estate is in need of a major overhaul and i hope that the change Jacinda , Winston and James are serious about includes a less biased public broadcaster.

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