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Vote for Change, Peter Shirtcliffe’s anti-MMP vehicle a grassroots movement discussing the need for change in the electoral system, has launched an ad competition for their movement. There’s $10,000 in prizes. I guess they raised the money from cake stalls.

Naturally, the Standardistas encourage you to submit your entries but you better send them to us too, since Vote for Change will only publish the entries they like.

To kick off, here’s something I banged together:

19 comments on “Vote for change ad competition”

  1. ianupnorth 1

    On their facebook page I have personally asked several questions, few of which have received sensible replies. Unfortunately I haven’t got the replies in front of me, but in one of them it was suggested that my replies were similar to the ‘loathsome individuals’ at ‘The Standard’
    When I asked why Simon Lusk, a well know mate of Kiwiblog and a dozen or so Nat MP’s, etc, was their campaign manager I was advised that it doesn’t matter what his affiliations are; when i asked who was from the left supporting them they again became very shirty.
    Apparently I am only commenting to cause trouble! Maybe it is because I asked who is funding the $10K in prizes for the competition and suggested they need to be more open and transparent.

  2. lcmortensen 3

    “We’re back!”
    (image of MPs with paper bags on their heads)

  3. totally unrelated…

    …a grafik idea i was working on for the standard t shirt or logo

  4. toad 5

    By accepting these Terms and Conditions, Entrants warrant that the information and material which they submit and/or distribute will not infringe the intellectual property, privacy or any other rights of any third party, and will not contain anything which is libellous, defamatory, obscene, indecent, harassing or threatening.

    That takes all the fun out of it!

  5. If I get amused by the images linked, I will put them into the comments.. If you don’t have a visual space then send them to me at lprent [at] primary [dot] geek [dot] nz


    • ianupnorth 7.1


      • Colonial Viper 7.1.1

        They really need to photoshop Alisdair Thompson in there, he would fit in perfectly.

    • Jim Nald 7.2

      Mmmm … nice.
      How about some variations on the theme?
      Photoshop other right-wing nuts and cuckoos on to faces other than Muldoon’s,
      eg Bonk Crash, Hone Wanks, David Gutters, Hilary Pervert and their other bedfellows.

      And maybe a caption like “NEW ZEALAND: THE WAY WE SWERVE”

  6. millhouse 8

    I notice that ‘Vote For Change’ has chosen a purple motif/theme – it appears that the Electoral Commission are using a similar purple theme.

    Should the ability of both parties to use purple not be questioned?

    In the minds of many a colour similarity between an official information campaign informing the public of a referendum and a campaign against democracy would seem to infer official approval of the latter on a semiotic basis.

  7. I nominate this entry supporting of John Key’s favoured electoral system (and also the system used in Kazakhstan)

  8. Billy Fish 10

    Vote for FPP …..
    MMP makes brain hurt

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