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21 comments on “Daily Review 05/06/2018”

  1. Cinny 1

    Well, well, well…. simon bridges is coming to town next week. And he’s thoughtfully timed it with my day off, excellent.

    See you there simon, I haven’t met you yet, but am very familiar with nick smith and maureen pugh, gosh they will freak out when they see my friendly face there lmao 🙂

    WHEN: June 14, 2018 at 10am – 11am (Thursday)
    WHERE: Headingly Centre, 452 Lower Queen St, Richmond 7020

    Hold up simon, you are going to the West Coast/Tasman electorate.

    So you are visiting Greymouth, Westport and Hokitika in the west coast part of that electorate; but you are only visiting Richmond in the Tasman District.

    Why are you not going to either Motueka or Golden Bay/Takaka? Why is that simon? Do you not care about Tasman region?

    • dukeofurl 2.1

      Stunning the destruction left by that stuff.

      When I lived in a logging area, the main logging contractors would then subcontract the salvage leftover ‘slash’ to be recovered for use. Not sure if this no longer happens now as log prices are higher and the regional councils dont bother to check anymore ( as they ever did enforce dairying consents either)

      • greywarshark 2.1.1

        I did two big comments on the Gisborne flood and the log damage. The link is to the second one that has a link to the first one where I have noted the report that talks about the residue and how it might be used.

        Open Mike 05/06/2018

        It seemed that there was hope of getting an investor to utilise it for various purposes and the managers of the regional council had not found such an investor at the time.
        So the slash was supposed to sit and wait till wanted. It was noted how steep the land was, and there was mention of erosion prevention, but it was general rather than specific.

    • Draco T Bastard 2.2

      Well then – need to bill the companies for the clean up.

      Unfortunately, they’ll probably just fold up and the owners will walk away scot-free.

      • NZJester 2.2.1

        Unfortunately, they’ll probably just fold up and the owners will walk away scot-free.

        They never just fold up Draco, they first sell their assets for virtually nothing to shell companies, create a new company and onsell the assets to that company before closing the first. Then the owners are legally able to walk away scot-free with all of the assets protected.
        They are basically just renaming the company and dropping off all the liabilities in a fictional paper trail that should be illegal.

    • Tamati Tautuhi 2.3

      Hopefully the District Council will send them the Invoice for the clean up ?

    • Chris T 3.1

      Wouldn’t happen

      Labour would hear about nationals plans and first have to launch a review into the venue

      And one into potential organisers

      And one for which bands are appropriate

      And one for which songs

      Then give a go ahead in 2019

      And then after it’s done slap a kiwibuild label on it or claim the night was extra emergency housing

  2. Stuart Munro 4


    It wouldn’t happen because the Gnats are hollow sucking voids who don’t give a fuck about anyone.

    • Alan 4.1

      hollow sucking voids who don’t give a fuck etc etc and yet still poling about 45%,

      • Stuart Munro 4.1.1

        MSM life support – eroding as we speak.

      • greywarshark 4.1.2

        Poling down the river I think, or piling, or poleing or even polling. Nice of you to support the challenged Allan.

        • Alan

          the challenged, you let yourself believe that grey; do you or stuart get out much or do you just sit in front of your lap top

          • Stuart Munro

            Oh I think we get out enough to experience the seamless tapestry of rorts and cockups that made up the previous government. What’s your excuse?

  3. patricia bremner 5

    Today I see That Jim Bolger is to chair the changes to work place law.
    Recently he stated Capitalism had not worked evenly. I hope you are genuine Jim.
    I remember when you said parents should not send children to school without lunch,
    “How hard is it to put two slices of bread and jam together?” In Ruth’s time!!
    That would not pass the healthy lunch test now. Apparently he is a good chair!!
    Here’s hoping.

  4. Pat 6

    “But let there be no doubt: we are on edge of a plastic calamity. Current projections show that global plastic production will skyrocket in the next 10-15 years. This year alone, manufacturers will produce an estimated 360m tonnes. With a booming population driving demand, production is expected to reach 500m by 2025 and a staggering 619m tonnes by 2030. So the next time you see scenes of plastic choking a river or burying a beach, consider double that impact in just over 10 years.”


    yet another example of the limits to growth

    • greywarshark 7.1

      2018 Census update
      We posted approximately 233,000 paper packs and access codes to households that requested them via our contact centre.

      “Overall, we’re pleased with the high numbers of households who took part online – our interim figures are showing that more than 82 percent of our responses were online, which far surpasses our online target of 70 percent, and the quality of the data we’ve received online is also very high.

      “It is normal for some people to not fill in census forms, or submit their forms with unanswered questions, but this year we haven’t received as many responses from individuals as we expected.”

      Our interim calculations show that we have full or partial information for at least 90 percent of individuals, compared with 94.5 percent for the 2013 Census.

      (It doesn’t say whether all paper forms were returned or what percentage. It says also that it is going to draw on information from other government sources.)

      It is interesting when I think that I can’t get detailed information from past census details when doing family history research. I can trace in the UK where family members lived, married, and children, ages, what jobs, villages etc. But there has been a cloak over even far past census information here. Or was when I tried some years ago. I don’t know if that has changed but I would think not.

  5. Doogs 8

    That is a very naughty photograph. The whole picture should be made into a billboard and waved at intersections . . . no . . perhaps on the motorway . . . or even at the Onewa off-ramp. Oh, I don’t know . . . you decide, maybe make multiple ones and wave them everywhere – in Northcote!

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