Daily Review 21/09/2018

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22 comments on “Daily Review 21/09/2018”

  1. adam 1

    Watching this news was depressing, until the end – What a true hero that lady is. ie: if you want to skip every thing till the last report feel free to do so 10:35 in. However, you will miss they sell out by the democrats again, funny how they can’t seem to get their act together in the interest of working people, it’s like they just don’t want their votes. 12:50 min long.

  2. Macro 2

    Fascinating timeline on Russian influence and intervention in the 2016 US Election. If you think the there was little involvement from Russia – read and think again.

    • One Two 2.1

      NYT…DNC bullwark says…

      ‘The Russians robbed us’

      You’re not thinking Macro…suggesting others follow your example though…


    • adam 2.2

      You might wanna think about the fact the democrats just voted to support another round of massive increases to the military budget Macro.

      But then again, why should people think that the democrats ran a terrible campaign, with an awful candidate, and then forgot that electoral college system is where you win, not the popular vote.

      Yeah, blame the other – this year – the Russian’s, last decade – the terrorist’s, some time before that – the communist’s.

      I forgot, it’s all OK as long we don’t talk about the shitty job the democrats have done for ordinary people in the USA. All the while they suck up that corporate donor money like a cheap electrolux.

  3. JC 4

    Great News!

    “Greenpeace Executive Director, Dr Russel Norman, and climate activist Sara Howell, have been discharged without conviction following action they took to stop the world’s largest oil and gas exploration ship searching for fossil fuels off the Wairarapa Coast.”



    Time to repeal the Annadarko Agreement, and EEZ Legislation! Led by Soimon …

    ….. “the National-led government passed two pieces of legislation that aimed to increase certainty for fossil fuel investors, and had the effect of limiting public involvement in decision-making.”


    “Taitu” Russel and Sara!

    kia kaha!

  4. Muttonbird 5

    Anyone heard of this David Cohen bloke? Apparently he’s a big deal but I’ve never heard of him.

    This crayon scribble on RNZ has an asterisk next to his byline but no further explanation. I wonder what RNZ would have put there if they had the balls.

    In the opinion piece he attacks the PM for heading overseas to ‘promote New Zealand’, saying she should instead be solving child poverty and homelessness like she promised. This of course immediately sounds like a right wing meme.

    He cites an anonymous Listner editorial (in fact his entire opinion piece seems copied from it) promoting the idea that New Zealand has all the modern problems other nations have yet not once asking how we got into this state. I’m pretty sure this gutless Listner editorial was scribbled by an unhappy National voter, just like David Cohen himself.

    I then had a look at Cohen’s Twitter account and it’s summed up by a lot of anti-Corbyn, anti-Iran (all Islam in fact), and anti-Turkey stuff. He RTs Hamish Price and some nobody complaining that only celebrities make travel docos (even though Ricky Jervais sent an idiot abroad). He defends Trump. He shows off about his global culinary tourism (having attacked the PM on her overseas commitments and promotional duties). He RTs noted CC sceptic Bjorn Lomborg and anti-islamist Douglas Murray. And finally (after as much as I could stomach) he, like most Jews is super Israel-centric and has a problem with the way artists who perform there then apparently have to justify it.

    David Cohen attacks the new government of New Zealand for not solving the social problems born of the last government but, like the Listner article he appropriated, fails to hashtag the last government in any way shape or form. He pretends to be socially conscious. And he pretends to be critical of authoritarianism in the Middle East, but nowhere does he mention the open air prison that is Gaza, nor the rampant building of Israeli settlements on the land of a future Palestinian State.

    David Cohen. He makes Phil Quin look slightly less bitter.

  5. UncookedSelachimorpha 6

    “Aurora Energy’s staff have been warned that if information continues to leak into the public domain then forensic investigators may be brought in to find its source.”

    Disgraceful conduct from the Dunedin power company. Excellent example of why private business is often a rubbish way to provide basic public services. A public power provider would be properly subject to OIA requests.


  6. corodale 7

    Germany Popularist party AfD (Alternative for Deutschland) is now second place in political polls, Merkel’s CDU still comfortably first. But the current grand-coalition (now in second term) of CDU and SPD wouldn’t even reach 50% on that polling!


    Funny on sooooo many levels. eg. The leader of the AfD opposition party is a lesbian, in civil union with a Swiss corporate bankers…

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