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Open mike 01/05/2019

Written By: - Date published: 7:00 am, May 1st, 2019 - 105 comments
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105 comments on “Open mike 01/05/2019 ”

  1. RedLogix 1

    Here is a UBI data point from Iran that I only just stumbled across. Important because of the very large number of people involved:


    • SPC 1.1

      It was certainly a smarter option than their subsidies.

      As an option for oil producing nations (as per a dividend to citizens from state owned oil), its clearly under attack from the American sanctions – as is Venezuala. State oil to finance universal income or free health, education and social housing is anathema to the corporate private capital global market way.

  2. marty mars 2

    It happen all the time. How they can get away with this bullshit is beyond me – we have so far to go in this country, so far.

    A top Māori health researcher says a report on submissions to the long-awaited mental health inquiry was rewritten, renamed and cut down to half the length of the original report.

    Dr Lynne Russell, who co-authored the report, says this was the inevitable ending to a process characterised by "methodological racism"…

    … Positive quotes about Whānau Ora survive the chopping block though, unlike those more critical of the health sector or Government's interaction with the programme.

    An anecdote about the Panel being presented with pounamu remained, but the gifter's accompanying quote was deleted, which included: "These gifts are here to remind you that it's not just the face value of something  - we want the panel to be mindful of the deeper meaning of what people have said."

    Instead, a separate quote was added, which read: 'Thank you for the privilege of speaking, sharing and making a stand for change."


    • Rosemary McDonald 2.1

      If half of what is claimed happened the way described there needs to be an independent inquiry on the whole process.

      I casts those on the Panel in a very poor light…

  3. The problems at Whale Oil yesterday were due to technical problems as they switched domains, from whaleoil.co.nz to whaleoil.net.nz (for reasons not given).


    • lprent 3.1

      It was back working on .co.nz this morning. I suspect that they'd been using the .net.nz to do a machine transfer.

      If I had to guess I'd say that they didn't move their certs across to the new site location properly, they were registered to the wrong machine.

      But there are other possible reasons. They use Cloudfront as a front-end of the system, which amongst other things (most notably a system for hiding servers) is a caching system. They could have gotten caught by the caches (I know that I did when I tested with it).

      But like you I hope that the liquidator does a good job at looking at the transfers of directors and 'assets' prior to and after the bankruptcy / liquidation. I'm sure that there would be considerable support for helping the creditors by raising money to shut down the disgraceful disaster that is the Whaleoil site.

  4. Incognito 4

    @ Graeme: thanks!

  5. AB 5

    Juan Guaido/Gosman has called for an uprising.

    Street clashes now. Bolton "leaves all options on the table" to expedite the planned resource theft.

    • TootingPopularFront 5.1

      Russia have already told US to keep their greedy little mitts off Venezuela, China are heavily invested in Venezuela too to the tune of $60 billion…this will not go well

      • Morrissey 5.1.1

        Forty thousand Venezuelans have died due to illegal U.S. "sanctions."


      • greywarshark 5.1.2

        I heard this morning on Radionz a USA speaker name three top Venezuelan leaders as if they were being advised, targeted, to do what the USA finds 'suitable'. And he mentioned Cuba and Russia and implied they were interfering in Venuezelan affairs and would prevent the people's voice being heard. The usual flim-flam from USA.

  6. ScottGN 6

    Looks like Audrey Young’s advertorials on behalf of the National Party are now behind the paywall at the Herald online. I imagine that’s the last anyone will hear from her now.

    • OnceWasTim 6.1

      Here's hoping except I expect the way things in the so-called 4th Estate work these days, with a number of "journalists" pissing in each others pockets, she'll be popping up as a rent-a-voice on radio or The Nation or Q+A

      • greywarshark 6.1.1

        In Nelson we have Phil Quin giving his frank citizen-on-the-street views on things. It's amazing the way that recycling has taken off in NZ.

        Applies to all sorts of merchandise.

        • OnceWasTim

          Unfortunately a mate of mine from Atawhai is carless at the moment, otherwise I'd send her down there to heckle

          • marty mars

            I lived in Atawhai once – loved the view over the estuary and the water coming in and out.

    • BM 6.2

      Hard to believe but the blocking is done on the client side.

      Anyone with an ounce of coding ability can get around it very quickly.

      • AB 6.2.1

        Interesting if true. Real-world impact may not be that great though – because 90% of the programmers I have worked with have been Tories anyway. They thought that their ability to write code made them Randian super-heroes and that everyone else was a worthless turd who could go sleep in a Toyota Estima or die in a ditch.

        • OnceWasTim

          Is it still that way?… Doesn't surprise me. And some/many with egos the size of a bus who're incapable of adequate testing before they put their development masterpeices into production – many of which were re-inventions of the wheel anyway (which would be ok if the intention was to make something more efficient or for changes in environmental conditions, not so much if its just to prove how clever they are)

          • AB

            Well I may be exaggerating just a bit for effect – and I may be a little out of touch these days… But I doubt that something that was so in your face can disappear inside a generation or two?

      • Andre 6.2.2

        It's the Herald, why would anyone bother?

  7. WeTheBleeple 7

    Just after some feedback here. I've spent my life working and studying in multiple fields/disciplines and have a whole raft of degrees and certificates… and I still feel like I don't have a clue. This holds me back from publishing and helping others as I never feel I've anything (new, or complete) to offer even when streets ahead of alternate ideas or studies.

    I bin my own work almost on a daily basis as being sub-par.

    The more I learn the less I know. A few more degrees I'll be a complete moron.

    There's a fair few intellects who post here, so may I ask:

    Is this normal?

    • OnceWasTim 7.1

      Ever considered a job at the Ministry for Everything? (aka MBIE)

      • greywarshark 7.1.1

        I think you are probably a perfectionist. Please don't destroy your ideas, send them out into the ether as think points for other ideas to breed from.

        Perhaps there should be an ideas-du-jour blog where people could put their wild and wacky thoughts. I once saw from a train an advertisement for Hovis Bread – What you eat today walks and talks tomorrow. That caught my imagination and has stayed in mind since 1970?

        So what about someone setting up a basic blog for out-of-it ideas? Or giving the link if you know of one already.

        • WeTheBleeple

          There's certainly an element of perfectionism but I've learned there's always the next iteration of an idea and one must choose an end goal/standard. Re-iteration or re-imagination is why smart people die broke and cocksure idiots get rich making plastic dog shit and those wee umbrellas for cocktails.

    • Andre 7.2

      Have a read-up about "impostor syndrome". The wikipedia entry isn't a bad start.


      Then have a look at AOC's take on it.


      • WeTheBleeple 7.2.1

        Imposter syndrome certainly rang a few bells. Self-esteem seems to be out of whack for whatever reason – check.

        When I can convince myself I'm capable I am, but this self-doubt stuff is crippling.

        In response to KJT below re: (old guy who knew stuff) I noticed as I approached the top of some fields that everyone was basically winging it. They probably all feel like imposters except the odd chump who believes their own press (simply the worst humans). I guess I just naively hoped there was a point I'd actually connect the dots. And I also naively thought there were people who know stuff at the top.

        Metaphorically I'm holding 4 aces, and I'm too scared to call it.

        Now I've recognised this barrier, that's a start.

        There's a fine line there, capable, yet not a blundering ass.

      • OnceWasTim 7.2.2

        @ Andre and WtB.

        Interesting to know there's a label and an explanation for it. I probably shouldn't have been so flippant at 7.1. It's just that we often see very good and competent people stifled whilst the mediocre thrive. It seems to me it can be prevalent in environments that are ultra competitive filled with over-ambitious people.

        I mentioned the other week somewhere on TS of a relative going through a period of 'performance anxiety' a while back (in the arts), despite receiving accolades and invites from some really accomplished people internationally, and a few of her/his colleagues had suffered the same thing at times over the years.

        It's actually something that's interested me for a long time especially when one sees some of the managerial 'competence' in business and parts of our public service. (Places where parts of an organisation experience staff turnover knocking 30% for example, and where some of those 'masters of the Universe' operate).

        The neo-liberal agenda has a bit to do with it (Check out this morning's 9-2-Noon on the latest TEU survey) but then so has the old Peter Principle.

        Some people just give up pushing shit uphill if they don't fit that ultra-competitive, over-ambitious profile and we're often all the poorer for it

        • WeTheBleeple

          I like a good flippant one liner. I also like this statement:

          "Some people just give up pushing shit uphill if they don't fit that ultra-competitive, over-ambitious profile and we're often all the poorer for it"

          Yes, the hangry climbers lower the bar for everyone.

    • KJT 7.3


      Unfortunately, or ironically, the more we learn, the more we become aware of the huge amount of things we don’t know.

      Certainty, is for the ignorant!

    • KJT 7.4

      I have that moment at work sometimes.

      Where is that old guy who knew how everything worked, where everything is and did the right things when the shit hit the fan.

      Shit. That's me, now!

      I wonder if he had the same doubts?

      • Andre 7.4.1

        Yes, guaranteed. Because if he didn't have all the self-doubt, he wouldn't have spent his life paying attention to all the little things that could have gone better if he'd done something differently, and would never have become the guy who actually knew how everything worked and what to do.

        • KJT

          Too right. The most terrifying people, are the ones who are absolutely certain they are right, and immune from mistakes.

      • mauī 7.4.2

        I didn't think that guy existed anymore. I thought he was removed through multiple company restructures or replaced by a foreign call centre.

    • Anne 7.5

      It might just be:


      Short and sweet:

      The dumber you are, the more likely you overestimate your abilities.

      The more intelligent you are, the more likely you underestimate your abilities.

      I belong to the second camp.cheeky

      • WeTheBleeple 7.5.1

        Nice to have a name for dinner party conversation style – Dunning wink

        How does one be fabulous yet not a phukwit. That is the question.

        • UncookedSelachimorpha

          "The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts"

          Bertrand Russell

    • CHCoff 7.6

      No, there’s always that tendency within a society.

      The anthropological comparative religion field has some interesting perspectives in it that relate to this type of thing.

      Gender Equality in corporate leadership structures, & the corollary clearer demarcation of public and private citizen roles, would help close the ritualistic gap of modern societies in keeping those sort of intrinsic tendencies that are there sociologically, in check.

    • cleangreen 7.7

      Wethebleeple; – Go onto the NZPTV free site and give your views there to WTB

      Bryan Bruce CEO NZPTV http://www.nzptv.org.nz

    • Dennis Frank 7.8

      Not normal because so few people experience the problem. My take has evolved from perfectionism long ago, to (multi) skill development, then through applied focus on progressing in social contexts of choice so as to achieve stuff in the real world.

      Worldly accomplishments then seemed to have only marginal utility due to the world changing, so reframing on global context & one's role within became a necessity.

      Generalising in our current context, climate-changing, I suggest gearing one's time & effort into the best available options, using one's reincarnational agenda. If that comes across as too nebulous, do what your inner voice tells you. Periods of activity interspersed with time-out for reflection, or meditation.

      But re knowledge vs academic learning, that's a personal thing, relative to current age. Confidence in your own ability to comprehend is all you need, seems to me. No doubt about your intelligence, so could be you doubt relevance & import of learning? If so, it's all about what you got born to achieve this lifetime, so if I were you I'd do some deep thinking about that…

    • Macro 7.9

      Whatever it is, it's been around since at least Socrates' time.

      "I know that I know nothing"


      So count yourself among the wise.

  8. Andre 8

    An interesting take on the subject of false sexual assault allegations:


    tl;dr That RWNJs keep trying to cook up fake sexual assault allegations and abjectly failing shows just how hard it is to successfully pull it off. Something to keep in mind about the allegations against Kavanaugh, Assange, Weinstein, Biden et al

  9. A 9

    Just had another look at https://www.positivemoney.org.nz/

    They have laid out some good videos/articles about our banking system and how it can be improved to stop the boom/bust (or more likely greater depression) cycle.

    • greywarshark 9.1

      A Working Paper by the IMF titled The Chicago Plan Revisited – released in August 2012 provides a good background on the current system and on page 5 describes banks being able to generate their own funding as "an extraordinary privilege that is not enjoyed by any other type of business".

      From the above link from A – thanks.

      2012 – seven years later has that info reached any minds with ability to make change in financial dealings here? Or is Sir Grant Robertson the visualisation that our FinMin uses to fire himself up every day. For services in Not Rocking The Boat.

  10. Morrissey 10

    Netanyahu's Israel will declare an apartheid state. Will the West do nothing?

    by GIDEON LEVY, Middle East Eye, 30 April 2019

    The world revolves on its axis, nothing has changed, even after the recent election in Israel.

    Chosen to lead Israel for the fifth time, Benjamin Netanyahu is poised to instal the most nationalist and rightist government in the country’s history – and meanwhile the world seems to proceed as usual.

    For decades now, Israel has continually spat in the face of the rest of the planet – with casual disdain for international law, and with complete disregard for the explicit decisions and detailed policies adopted by global institutions and by most of the world’s national governments.

    Out there in the world, however, all that spittle somehow passes for raindrops. The election came and went with no discernible effect on the blindly automatic support for Israel by European governments and, of course, by the Americans too: unconditional, without reservations, apparently unchanged. Evidently what was is what will be.

    Israel, though, has changed during the course of Netanyahu’s long reign. This talented Israeli statesman is leaving his mark on the profile of his country, with deep and lasting effect – more so than anticipated or even apparent.

    Yes, it’s true that leftist governments in Israel also did their utmost to preserve the Israeli occupation forever and had no intention, not for one moment, of ever bringing it to an end – but Netanyahu is taking Israel much farther afield, to places even more extreme.

    He is damaging what constitutes acceptable governance within Israel’s recognised sovereign territory, even with respect to its Jewish citizens. The very face of the "only democracy in the Middle East", which has long functioned mainly to the benefit of Jewish Israelis who comprise its privileged class, is being altered now by Netanyahu and company.

    Meanwhile, incredibly, the response of the world is to alter nothing in the support it has been extending to Israel during all the years of Netanyahu’s rule, as if in this latest round he were changing nothing, as if the shifting positions taken by Israel will neither augment nor diminish that support. ….

    Read more….


    • SPC 10.1

      It's now the Jewish state, and has a government with policy to annex the land of Jewish settlements on the West Bank. As these settlements expand into nearby Arab village land and also multiply this will require on-going annexation on an annual basis. Thus each new land grab for settlement effectively becomes automatic annexation.

      The only divergence within the coalition is over doing it this way, like salami or a sausage dog carved up one slice at a time (for right wing religious Jews from the USA to come settle), or annexing all the West Bank in one go but denying citizenship to non Jews living there.

      We can now see that the term Jewish state was just a prelude to annexing West Bank land and only giving citizenship to Jews – leaving stateless Palestinians there refugees living in bantustans such as Ramallah and Jericho (they would soon be dispossessed of Hebron). The thing is this will not be enough libensraum, it is not all of eretz Israel as parts were east of the Jordan .. this story has a long way to go yet.

  11. mauī 11

    Blowback. The problem with lefty fascism telling people what they can and can't say / believe.

    "Seriously ?????????? Might as well sack me and all the other Pacific Islands rugby players around the world because we have the same Christian beliefs ??????," Tupou posted late on Tuesday night.


    • solkta 11.1

      You think the NSW Waratahs is a left wing organisation?

      • mauī 11.1.1

        They've just caved to a left wing fascist narrative that seeks to silence free speech.

    • Kevin 11.2

      They can think whatever they like but if what they say breaches their employment contract, then they face the consequences.

      • mauī 11.2.1

        Generally most employees personal beliefs / private lives run counter to their employers. Perhaps they should face the consequences too…

        • McFlock

          They do, all the time. When they yell it out to the public.

          Sometimes it hits the news, like the woman who made an AIDS joke just before getting on a plane to Africa, and in the twelve hours she was in the air it went viral and put her out of a job.

          So if you're in a role that maybe requires more discretion than you can handle, use a pseudonym and keep it separate from things that identify you.

        • Kevin


          As anyone who works in the Public Service knows, they are they are there to advise the government of the day. Their personal political beliefs are not part of the deal.

    • marty mars 11.3

      Are you a pawn of the bishop?

      Who cares – they make their choices – no one really cared when jones never played on sunday.

    • joe90 11.4

      The circle closes.

    • SPC 11.5

      Lefty fascism, yeah na.

      But sounds like the sort of term that would be used to indoctrinate easily led paranoid Christians.


      It seems the Polynesian brotherhood is trying the use a threat of taking cultural offence to prevent Australia Rugby from terminating the Folau contract.

  12. alwyn 12

    These people should have gone into the business of dealing in drugs rather than running a flower shop and volunteering for the local Fire Brigade. I'm sure that Lees-Galloway would have been much more sympathetic if he had been in prison rather than fighting a bush fire when he applied for permanent residency.


    • Stuart Munro. 12.1

      Meh – he should've just applied a year earlier – Nathan Guy let absolutely anyone in.

    • OnceWasTim 12.2

      See above (around 7. and beyond)

      It's got to the point where INZ (under that Ministry for Everything) should just roll the dice, OR make a decision – then do the exact opposite, OR just refer everything to the Minister or Associate Minister – both of whom have 'faith in their officials' and who are reluctant to "comment on operational matters" or "on individual cases" – except when it suits them)

    • Augustus 12.3

      Advice to all would be immigrants who don't meet the criteria: Join the local fire brigade on arrival.

    • Cinny 12.4

      Alwyn, a bit of perspective is everything…

      They have been fighting this for seven years assisted by their local MP nick smith.

      That being the case, nick smith would have been in government for five of the seven years that this couple have been trying to get residency for. What does it say about nick smiths efforts?

      Did you know that 80% of firefighters are volunteers? Hundreds of whom helped fight the Pigeon Valley fire.

      The couple have now been granted a two year work extension, it's better than nothing and give them the opportunity and nick smith lolz to try again to gain the couple residency.

      • Rosemary McDonald 12.4.1

        That being the case, nick smith would have been in government for five of the seven years that this couple have been trying to get residency for. What does it say about nick smiths efforts?

        My thoughts too Cinny. The opportunities to point out these hypocrisies must never be missed.winkwink This is your neck of the woods, right? Is there something going on here we're not being told? The 24 month work permit is ok, but affords zero security.

        • Cinny

          They came over to own/operate a florists, but turned out the business they purchased was near on bankrupt. Retail stores in Stoke seem to change like the wind, they never last long at all, lack of research on their part maybe, or just bloody bad luck.

          He is a car sales person and his wife still runs the florist (good luck to her with that business in it's current location), and just like 80% of firefighters he is a volunteer.

          Personally I don't see anything special about the case except that he was photographed fighting the fire, and with emotions running high at the time it would have been a primo opportunity for a firefighter wanting residency to put out a petition, no wonder there was such a large response.

          Yes I feel sorry for them, but…..there will be many just like them, so why should they get residency and the rest be rejected. Least that's how I feel about it.

          Can't even seem to find the florist shop via the goggle, the other florists appear to be owned/operated by other people. Hmmm maybe this is her shop, if it is, it’s not in Stoke, it’s in Nelson, and the location of that particular shop has bugger all parking, if any. It’s almost a stand alone store, one would have to make a special visit. I used to live in a run down old flat just behind it, many moons ago..

      • alwyn 12.4.2

        It is not a very well written article, but what do you expect from our newspapers today.

        However it is not really clear when they were turned down for the permanent residency visa. You have to, under their category, meet targets for the business you start. Only after that target time is any decision made. From this section

        "Instead of an initial aim to build the business up over three years, it took the Websters 18 months to get back to the envisaged starting point.

        "We pushed really hard to meet the targets we'd given to Immigration, but in the end we were about six months short," he said.

        "They had the choice of giving us an extension to see if we'd do it but they chose not to – we actually made the target six months after that but they couldn't give us the opportunity, so we appealed but they wouldn't change their mind."

        Thus the earliest point at which they were turned down was either 3 years or four and a half years after they arrived. It wouldn't have gone to the Minister until after the appeal had been made. It is therefore only some time in 2016 at the earliest that it could have reached the stage of needing a Ministerial decision and it could easily be after the change of Government in 2017. It certainly wan't in 2012 that any decision could have been made to revoke a permit.

        • Cinny

          From the same article…..

          Nelson MP Nick Smith had been working with the family to address their immigration issues for several years and had written to Lees-Galloway on their behalf.

          Several is more than two years.

          And Dr custard is still their MP, that hasn’t changed.

          • alwyn

            "Several is more than two years".

            I would agree with you. However I very much doubt whether the reporters on the Stuff papers are that careful in their writing. In fact I doubt they realise that fact. They don't have proofreaders any more so no one is likely to pick it up.

            I honestly don't know how long it has been carrying on. It certainly isn't seven years that they have been in this position though is it?

      • Skunk Weed 12.4.3

        Nick Smith should be jumping up and down screaming from the roof tops about this one ?

        • Cinny

          Lolz, I wonder why he isn't?

          Apparently the couple were also turned down by the prior governments immigration minister. Maybe that's the reason Dr custard is keeping quiet.

  13. Andre 13

    Mueller to Barr – you're a lying sack of shit. (that's a paraphrase).


    • Macro 13.1

      yeah this is something to watch

    • SPC 13.2

      Makes for an easy question to Barr when he is before the Senate Committee tomorrow. – so who are you going to misrepresent to us today, yourself your boss or just stick with Mueller?

  14. cleangreen 14

    The insurance industry needs a kick in the pants.

    Fancy hoisting more money and sanctions out of the home owners again.

    Didn’t we bale them out in 2008?

  15. Siobhan 15

    The Tories..clearly very worried about any connections to Putin after he masterminded the Salisbury poisonings..or..maybe not….


  16. AB 16

    Today's coup has failed. There will be another tomorrow or maybe the day after.

    John Bolton has been indicted for crimes against good grooming – and for being an inflammatory, world-endangering lunatic (sadly he hasn't)

    • Gabby 16.1

      Guido better pray the yankers don't decide they need a martyr.

      • weston 16.1.1

        Right on gabs only reason he's not in jail already for treason is because the maduro gov appears to be smart enough not to make him into a martyr but as you say the yankers might have other ideas and they must be feeling desperate by now !!

  17. Kia Kaha to all the PEOPLE at the Guardian it was awesome finding this site 3 years ago Te kumara never tells how sweet it is. This is about my achievement with the TRUTH from the Guardian .

    Guardian editor-in-chief Katharine Viner thanks readers and supporters for making our journalism possible in spite of industry and market challenges

    Youth for Climate protest, Brussels, Belgium, 11 April 2019.

    Today, we have announced that the Guardian has successfully completed its three-year turnaround strategy — we have hit our goal of breaking even, and made a small operating profit on our path to sustainability. This means that the money we make from advertisers combined with what we receive in the generous support from you, our readers, has this year covered the cost of producing the journalism that informs and inspires millions of people around the world. Our unique ownership model means we are not controlled by a billionaire owner, or a group of shareholders demanding financial returns — any profits made, and all financial contributions from readers, are reinvested directly into our journalism Ka kite ano links below.


  18. Kia ora Whanau the official information act only works for the wealthy I have made many requests for information from organisations still waiting for the DATA . If you request information about yourself from any organisation in NZ by law the organisation is to give any information they hold on you this includes state organisation two Whanau . Because Eco Maori is broke ass at the minute they just fobbed me off. Ma te wa Whanau . Ka kite ano links below.




  19. Some Eco Maori Music for the minute.

  20. I have great insights into this human created problem we are making on Papatuanukue at the minute .

    I see climate change as one of the biggest threat to our decendints having a humane HEALTHY happy future THAT IS THE REASON I HAVE BEEN GOING HARD ON THE SUBJECT.

    UK Parliament declares climate change emergency

    MPs have approved a motion to declare an environment and climate emergency

    Extinction Rebellion climate change protesters briefly block the road in London, on 25 April, 2019. Photo: AP / Matt Dunham

    This proposal, which demonstrates the will of the Commons on the issue but does not legally compel the government to act, was approved without a vote.

    Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who tabled the motion, said it was "a huge step forward".

    Environment Secretary Michael Gove acknowledged there was a climate "emergency" but did not back Labour's demands to declare one.

    The declaration of an emergency was one of the key demands put to the government by environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion, in a series of protests over recent weeks.

    Protesters sit in the road in Parliament Square, in London, on 23 April, 2019, during a climate protest.

    Protesters sit in the road in Parliament Square, in London, on 23 April, 2019, during a climate protest. Photo: AP /Matt Dunham

    Addressing climate protesters from the top of a fire engine in Parliament Square earlier, Mr Corbyn said: "This can set off a wave of action from parliaments and governments around the globe Ka pai Kia kaha Extinction Rebellion. Ka kite ano links below


  21. Kia ora Newshub.

    Still looks cold m8.

    I think that our government is trying it best to fix the mess our education sector is in at the minute .

    I said it this morning Lundy shouldn't be allowed to waste more tax payer's money on his lies.

    Its good that over sea property buyers been shut out of our property market its correcting the market localss will have more affordable housing.

    Artificial killing machines should be banned it's is a very serious issue that is part of the reasons why I say Artifical Intelligents is number 2 on the biggest threat to humanity serviving .

    I agree with William Jackson opinion has paula dune any positive mahi for Maori big NO on that question she was putting the boot in 3 years ago go figure now they want to be MAORI I wonder WHY .

    Julian did the 99.9 % of people a good service showing that most government CHEAT.

    Barr is trumps PUPPET.

    Life is finally balanced hippos are part of the AWA /Rivers ecosystem when the balance is changed less hippos other creatures suffer humans are part of the ecosystem if we keep sending creatures into Extinction it will be at our DEMISE.

    I agree digital self-harming is a child that is not happy .

    Ka kite ano P.S

  22. Kia ora Newshub .

    I like Peters views but Christian well just the way you describe The issues of Maori family violence show you think Maori are second class people. People like you are to stupid to workout your stupid I can tell the way you think about a subject by the way you describe The issues about the subject and the symptoms . You people born with a silver spoon in your mouth think the system has served me fine its perfect it's those – – – – Maori. The tx books of the Papatuanukue point out the fact about povertys effects on people and it ain't GOOD but people like you chose to pick the data that suits your views on reality in your glass house.

    We have had family violence issues for generations instead of fixing the poverty issues that will mean transferring wealth from the very wealth to the poor they dream up antismacking bill this is a cheap fix but no family violence is still bad in Atoearoa and now we have a lot of the younger generations who don't no how to show or be respectful .

    Its a fact if tangata whenua did not have OUR whenua stolen from us well we would not be highest in the bad state of Atoearoa we would have the best housing and living standards in Aotearoa

    Ka kite ano

  23. Some Eco Maori Music for the minute .

    Whanau you will know who my last 2 post are for

  24. Science of the western world need to listen to indigenous culture knowledge on our history and how long we have been in the country I see ignoring our knowledge as part of the ART of Suppression Kia kaha to our Tangata whenua Australia cousin.

    The western world is just catching up to what we know

    It is what we have been trying to tell scientists for years.

    Our knowledge of how long we have existed on this continent can easily be found in the stories that we have passed on from generation to generation. These stories talk about seas rising, landscapes changing and species existing. These stories are told to us throughout our lives and remembered from a young age. They even hold answers to questions such as whether we lived alongside and interacted with megafauna.

    Our histories are well-known and trusted by us.

    In November 2016, Nature published a paper that rewrote history. The place of interest was Warratyi rock shelter. The study proved that humans were occupying arid Australia 49,000 years ago, which at this time was 10,000 years earlier than what was previously reported.

    This study also presented evidence of the earliest-known use of ochre in Australia and Southeast Asia. This was coupled with gypsum, bone tools, hafted tools and backed artefacts 10,000 years earlier than anywhere else in the world.

    Fire, water and astronomy: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture comes to life in the classroom.

    Warratyi is located in Adnyamathanha country, my country. As an archaeology student at the time, these dates were amazing to hear. If you were to tell anyone from my community that their history extends back 49,000 years, they probably would not be that amazed. Because it would not be news to them

    Indigenous people want our heritage on country and we want it kept safe from destruction

    We are well aware that the world does not value Indigenous knowledge to the extent that it should. We know that scientific knowledge will always be viewed as superior Ka kite ano

    Links below P.S Maori time in Aotearoa has been underestimate by 1000s of years .


  25. Some Eco Maori Music for the minute .

  26. Kia ora Newshub .

    Congratulat Clarke and Jacinda

    Congratulats to Samantha to.

    Its good to see the progress on the Pike River mine reentry is close to being wound up .

    Everyone is voicing my views on the rugby player te pohatu radio station

    Condolences to Peter mahaues whanau Chewbacko was a great part of the classic Star Wars I'm a big trekkie sci-fi fan.

    The Jewish holocaust should never be allowed to be forgotten but at the same time millions of coloured people have been killed at the same time.??????.

    Sharlets Web is the first story I remember reading as a child.

    Ka kite ano

  27. Some Eco Maori Music for the minute.

    Whanau if they are using intimidation tactics like unanswered pH calls ect they got nothing on you they are trying to make us make mistakes . Kia kaha

  28. Some Eco Maori Music for the minute

    No need for words with this video Whanau

  29. Some Eco Maori Music for the minute.

    Whanau te kumara keeps getting Reka

  30. The way I see it whanau is Tangata Whenua O Atoearoa have a huge opertunity to make billions from Organic farming a lot of OUR whenua that we still have control of has not had any chemical poured on them for decades because of this FACT it should be quite easy to get organically certified to get the big money growing organic food.

    Also my opinion on the poison they use to grow and preserve our food its like this they say a animal can handle so much of a % of the shit in their system before the shit hits the fan you get crook. sugar included . What I getting at is a liveing things can handle so much stress and when there is a level reached you get sick get cancer.

    The more bad chemicals that are in your system the faster you will get sick so the less you expose the tamariki to these chemicals the less chemicals are in their system lowers dramatically the chances of catching cancer or getting sick.


    The problem goes beyond New Zealand's shores. There is a shortage of organic farmers globally. For a farming system that has high environmental, animal welfare and food safety standards, as well as providing food free from chemical residues, you have to wonder why.

    "Organics is all about biodiversity, all about carbon sequestration, taking the energy that's on the farm and keeping it there. One of the fantastic things about organics is that its based on science, it's based on physics really, keeping energy in a loop," Nordeng said

    KA kite ano link below.


  31. Whanau you don't have to be a ROCKET SCIENTIST to figure out human caused climate change and global warming is a FACT you just have to read the newspaper and website to find that fact out.

    But you have to be REAL THICK to be a climate change DENIER.

    CNN) — The strongest tropical cyclone to hit India in 20 years made landfall Friday, killing seven people and lashing the country's east coast with ferocious winds and torrential downpours.

    Tropical Cyclone Fani struck near the city of Puri, in Odisha state, as the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricane — packing sustained winds of 240 kilometers per hour (150 miles per hour). The storm is expected to weaken as it moves toward Kolkata, one of India's most populous cities, and Bangladesh.

    The seven people who died in Odisha were killed by falling trees and collapsed walls, police spokesman Sanjeev Panda said

    Ka kite ano links below.


  32. The loss of biodiversity and environment is the biggest threat to humanity

    The 1,800-page study will show people living today, as well as wildlife and future generations, are at risk unless urgent action is taken to reverse the loss of plants, insects and other creatures on which humanity depends for food, pollination, clean water and a stable climate.

    The final wording of the summary for policymakers is being finalised in Paris by a gathering of experts and government representatives before the launch on Monday, but the overall message is already clear, according to Robert Watson, the chair of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES).

    “There is no question we are losing biodiversity at a truly unsustainable rate that will affect human wellbeing both for current and future generations,” he said. “We are in trouble if we don’t act, but there are a range of actions that can be taken to protect nature and meet human goals for health and development

    Ka kite ano links below


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  • Seniors – our parents and grandparents
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  • PGF helps Bay of Plenty youth find jobs
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