Daily Review 21/01/2019

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16 comments on “Daily Review 21/01/2019”

  1. Andre 2

    Today the Lyin King has achieved a major milestone in his reign. In the last 60 years of presidents, finally some other prez has had a lower net approval at this point in his presidency.

    Yes, according to fivethirtyeight, on day 731 of his presidency, Ronnie Raygun’s net approval dropped to -17%, while the tangerine twittertwat has a mere -15.2% net approval.

    Tired of winning yet?


  2. Macro 3

    Well if I had just nominated a new Attorney General to replace Jeff Sessions in an effort to shut down the “witch hunt”, and then found out that my nominee was a great friend of Bob Mueller who was leading the “witch hunt” I would be scared too!

    President Donald Trump was startled Tuesday as he watched television coverage of his nominee for attorney general describing a warm relationship with the special counsel Robert Mueller in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee, according to three people familiar with the matter.

    During the first day of his confirmation hearing, William Barr described telling the President the first time he met him in June 2017 that he was friends with Mueller, referring to him on a first name basis.
    “I told him how well I knew Bob Mueller and that the Barrs and Muellers were good friends and would be good friends when this was all over,” Barr said. “Bob is a straight-shooter and should be dealt with as such.”
    While Barr said during his hearing that Trump “was interested” in hearing about the friendship, the details that emerged this week caught the President off guard, the three sources said. He bristled at Barr’s description of the close relationship, complaining to aides he didn’t realize how much their work overlapped or that they were so close.


    • Nick 3.1

      Golden Rule. Never believe any word uttered by Trump as doesn’t really care what he utters, because he doesn’t give a shit about anything, anyone or any consequence, unless it personally affects him. The world could be burning, but as long as he’s floating in a swimming pool eating McDonald’s, he thinks everything is great….again.

  3. Anne 4

    This is going to cause a rumpus:


    The victim of the former Air Force Sergeant, Robert Roper (who is currently in jail for sexual abuse of his daughters ) has been ordered by a judge to pay him $28.000 in court costs.

    This is the case which came to light late last year when the Defence Service tried to load costs ($150,000 I think it was) onto her. Jacinda Ardern intervened and ordered them to cease action against her.

    The reason she lost the court case was because a time limit had been set and her case came forward after the limit had expired.

    • Cinny 4.1

      That’s terrible.

    • Gabby 4.2

      Had the time limit expired because of her lawyer’s (in)actions, or the defence’s, or the court schedule?

      • Anne 4.2.1

        Not sure Gabby but think it might have been the court schedule.

        Where the law is an ass in my view is:

        Anyone who has been brutally bullied or sexually assaulted knows that fear of the perpetrator and/or fear of what will happen to them if they dare complain, is the biggest obstacle they have to overcome. In this victim’s case she did come forward to her Defence Force superiors and they did nothing. It can often take a further example of criminality by the same person coming to light before the victim feels bold enough to take legal action themselves.

        For the court to turn around and say… sorry dear, we know its all true but you’re too late so you’re going to have to pay for the perpetrator’s court costs.

        What kind of a message does that send to victims of sexual crimes?

  4. Cinny 5

    Roastbusters fella comes forward via Newshub interview.

    He was never charged for drugging young girls and raping them.

    Years after the fact he wants to assure NZer’s he apologised to some victims and has changed. FFS.


    Pack up your ego along and fuck off Mr parker.

    Wtf Newshub?! Headline news he is not.

  5. Drowsy M. Kram 6

    Keep your eye on the ball…

    But how is it [Brexit] going to affect football? After all, that’s the really important thing.


    • tc 6.1

      Interesting times and the old bays at the FA have been very quiet. It could see the EPL depart the Uk taking its swathes of cash.

      • Nic the NZer 6.1.1

        You mean all the big english clubs depart the country and head across the channel? I don’t think that is quite the way things work.

        • tc

          Not physically leaving just not playing in the Football league but a European super league.

          The EPL was created to stop the big clubs doing that over 25 years ago. It’s not redistributing the wealth as agreed so the game would eventually be better off in the UK without them.

          It’s that or they’ll play weekdays in a UK league and weekends playing the other big euro clubs. They’re footballs neolib equivalent and will never be happy with what’s on offer in old blighty alone.

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