Jessica Williams tweets about the stupidity of the Taxpayer’s Union

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26 comments on “Jessica Williams tweets about the stupidity of the Taxpayer’s Union”

  1. tc 1

    This is the type of propaganda that gets intentionally recycled by the MSM and feed to the sheeple.

    A half decent news org would toss it aside for the BS Spin it is but we know they don’t exist in NZ anymore.

    This shit only stops when there’s consequences for being deliberately misleading by giving it air time without a basic fact check….which it’d fail.

  2. ianmac 2

    The Taxpayers “Union” (read sub-set of National Party in mufti) just aims at feeding their core supporters. Factual items are not needed. Weirdos are their core staff courtesy of David Farrar.

    • dukeofurl 2.1

      Jordan Williams was a star of Dancing for Dirty Politics, and he wasnt twerking either.

      • Tricledrown 2.1.1

        duke Jordan Williams worked in Stephen Franks former ACT party MP law firm , mysteriously dissappeared when dirty politics was released.
        Now part of the business round tables propaganda stable of lobbyists

        • Chris

          I don’t think anyone on the right takes williams seriously. Even slater treated him like a child in a lot of those emails Nicky Hager uncovered. He’s just someone crying out for attention and who’s had the misfortune of being exposed to what filth merchants slater, odgers, hooton, farrar et al were ferociously peddling for a living a while back – and who still do. If the media could see his irrelevance nobody would have to think about him.

    • NZJester 2.2

      Can they not be sued for the misleading name? They in no way are a proper union and should be called the Tax Dodgers Union to correctly identify those that are part of their organization.

  3. JT 3

    If it’s up to Public Sector CE’s and not Government Minister’s—why have union members waited 9 years to take such aggressive pay dispute action?

    Coincidence or convenience?

  4. R.P Mcmurphy 4

    MSM completely infantilised now. totally taken over by junior jimmy olsens who are never going to step out of line and do objective journalism. its all opinions and press releases and half baked nonsense.

  5. ankarawshark 5

    Good on Jessica!

  6. adam 6

    The only people listen to the taxpayers union are the idiots from the corporate media.

    • Sacha 6.1

      Who go on to relay their lies to the general public.

      • adam 6.1.1


        At this point if your a socialist avoiding the corporate media and their lies is 101 survival stuff. I know many here think that the corporate media is somehow non-bias, but they really need to reflect on that.

        Corporations only have corporations interests at heart, it really is that simple.

  7. Sacha 7

    And Jessica rebuts the Taxpayers Onion claiming there are no staff with low enough pay anyway:

    “Just because this ticked me off so much, I went and checked the Cabinet paper released last week – SSC figures show 304 FTEs at Inland Revenue paid less than the Living Wage, 254 FTEs at MBIE. So next time you read something from this lot, consider the solidity of their data”

  8. dukeofurl 8

    Yes . Its just crazy that they think the PS is over paid. Just because they employ a lot of graduates – but not all departments- the average is seen as ‘overpaid’

    Im always stunned by the numbers ,as a portion of their workforce ,at say Lion Breweries who are on $100k plus . But then they wouldnt directly hire most of the lower paid staff who would come from a labour hire company.

  9. alwyn 9

    Nine tweets in 7 minutes. She could give Donald Trump lessons, couldn’t she?

    • Bruce 9.1

      Yea that’s it shoot the messenger.

    • Pete 9.2

      Funny that in those nine tweets in seven minutes she stated more real truths and sensible stuff than Trump has in how many years and how many thousand tweets?

      • Ms Williams is an articulate, intelligent woman who could (and has) run rings around the hacks in the so-called “Taxpayers Union”. As a former journalist, she showed outstanding integrity in her work.

        Unfortunately, I can only think of a few others who meet that same standard of professionalism.

    • Gabby 9.3

      Most people could wally.

  10. Ian 10

    I have faith in the public servants dealing with this totally incompetent coalition.If we ever needed “Yes Minister ” it is right now.

  11. This ‘ Tax Payers Union’ have nothing to offer but their neo liberal ideology. Everyone can see they are the unofficial ‘non political’ wing of both ACT and National.

    We all know this. They’ve been around for a while now.

    You will notice the likes of Jordan Williams ( of Dirty Politics fame ) and his people like to give a few bones out to those who ideologically oppose them ,… but generally only on issues that are peripheral to their general objectives. So,… sound off here and there ,.. making it for all the world sound as if they genuinely are going into bat for the ‘Taxpayer’.

    But in their view,… not all ‘taxpayers’ are equal.

    Especially beneficiaries and low waged workers.

    Who also pay tax.

    It is interesting we seem to be the unfortunate recipients of so many of these American inspired far right wing extremists in this country , – from Jordan Williams and his graduation from an American right wing ‘ think tank’ ,… to Simon Lusk and his Dirty Politics imported directly from the USA’s far right political tactics… and then of course the fiasco with Luigi Wewege…

    And then given air time on our media, as well as on corrupt far right wing blogsites such as the one run by Cameron Slater.

    All of them are Israeli / USA sycophants.

    To a tee.

    Like clones.

    Clones of sewer rats sent here to pervert logic, tear down democratic process, create and maintain a poverty class to serve the oligarchs , and entrench their extremist Americanized far right wing ideology here.

    This is the neo con culture imported to New Zealand. Do not listen to their smokescreen lies of being ‘moderate’ . If ever there was in NZ, – this rabble are the foremost with an agenda. And it has NOTHING to do with ‘ taxes’ or fairness.

    If the ‘ Taxpayers Union ‘ really gave a damn about ‘tax payers’ they would be going in to bat about demanding wage increases for both low paid Public Sector servants as well as the private sector.

    They don’t give a damn about either.

    Only about advancing their extremist ideology.

    • One Two 11.1

      Clones / Agents…

      • WILD KATIPO 11.1.1

        Oh ,… and one thing that surprises me is that all of these Americanized sycophants fail in one classic outward observance of their political and thus economic mimicry of all things Americana – they fail to wave the stars and stripes when making their speeches and hanging Old Glory outside of their office premises…

        Kind of gutless and cowardly , really…

        But then I suppose that goes with the territory of being a subversive anyhows…

  12. OnceWasTim 12

    Peons versus Muddle Management and Overlords. Higher Salaries Commission versus voluntary Onions.
    Sadists and Masochists. The dedicated versus the troughers. Corporatists versus Humanists. Corporatists versus Sussoighty. Spinners versus …., I I I me me me’s versus us us us, Humanity versus its Gods – money and other religions, (but not faith) and ideology
    The Holier than Thou ME versus youse OTHERS

    God!!! I’m gorgeous! How about you @ James and whoever else is on duty

  13. A look at who comprised the Board of the so-called “Taxpayers Union”, as at March 2014: Nearly all were National and ACT Party hacks.

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