Maori Party shafts Maori workers

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The Maori Party says it will support John Key’s emissions trading scheme in exchange for a lucrative deal for the wealthiest Maori. According to TV3:

Five of New Zealand’s richest iwi, who have already signed multi-million-dollar treaty settlements, will gain millions more in the deal.

Basically, Tariana Turia and Pita Sharples don’t give a sh*t about the Maori workers who will burdened to pay part of the $155 billion subsidy for business. The Maori co-leaders are representing the interests of the elite, no wonder they’re in bed with National.

11 comments on “Maori Party shafts Maori workers”

  1. Simon S 1

    Yeah. Pretty bad. No wonder Hone’s trying to take over… is he?

  2. Smokie 2

    To be fair, the Maori Party are there to represent all Maori – both rich and poor. I think it’s reasonably fair to act in all their constituents interest.

    • Michael Foxglove 2.1

      Smokie – The elite make up an incredibly small component of Maoridom. A true “Maori Party” can only be so if it represents all the working class people who elected them.

      It’s not fair. First working Maori are shafted by successive Pakeha governments, now they’re being shafted by the Maori Party in government.

  3. Macro 3

    I sincerely hope that TV3 are wrong!
    How the Maori Party could ever justify backing this outrageous legislation in terms of their previous policy statements beats me!

  4. tc 4

    Well it’s becoming apparent that when maori party mothpieces like Dover and Turiana bang on about the ‘unfair treatment’ labor gave maori they were actually articulating the fact they chose the wong maintsream party to align to.
    I hope they enjoy the baubles of high office (actually lower down than they enjoyed under labor) and the nice jobs awaiting them in private industry after they barbeque their political futures this term……bet it’s not as nice as the gigs Key and company have lined up for themselves.
    The MP is a great concept but much like an ill considered consumer product it doesn’t do what the tin says it should so guess where it’s headed unless it undergoes a massive recall……that aint happening.

    • Ron 4.1

      I tried to return my MP because it wasn’t what the packet said it was. They wouldn’t take it back. They said it was broken.

  5. Rex Widerstrom 5

    It has always been so… at least so far as I can recall. I remember Winston having the somewhat novel idea of sending an opinionated loudmouthed honky (i.e. me) up to ask Sir Robert Mahuta and co just what benefit the purchase of a corporate box in Auckland’s stadium, pubs in Melbourne and the like were expected to bring to the grassroots members of his iwi.

    Even using the numbers of those who were registered as members (and thus excluding thousands who’d left their iwi behind, primarily living in urban areas) we calculated that iff the seats in the corporate box were handed out so that everyone got a turn the bloke at the back of the queue had a wait of something like 400 years.

    They basically hadn’t even bothered to concoct some believeable spin, suspecting — rightly — that they’d never be challenged on it by anyone who had the power to dislodge them from the trough. We had a bit of a go, but one can only fight so many battles.

    This is just history repeating, and repeating…

    When outspoken critics of the Maori “aristocracy” like Sandra Lee (I used to love the way “Sir Tipene” bristled when she called him “Stephen” in a not-so-subtle dig at the fact he’d only started using the Maori derivation when it became de riguer for a seat on the gravy train) and John Tamihere can’t break their grip, maybe it’ll take a Hone Harawira to do it. But I don’t fancy even his chances.

  6. burt 6

    Rex is on the money. The quote in the thread posted my Michael Foxglove

    Five of New Zealand’s richest iwi, who have already signed multi-million-dollar treaty settlements

    kinda points to the fact that some Iwi are no strangers to benefits from the govt while others languish. This is a poor choice for cheap political point scoring given how much it shoots the most recent govt in the foot as well.

  7. burt 7

    Hone for first Maori PM!

    Hey Hone, how about a public holiday for everyone’s birthday?

  8. fizzleplug 8

    Well, it’s not like Labour invited them to bed at all.

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