Where the f*ck is Simon Bridges?

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Simon meeting the people of provincial New Zealand.

29 comments on “Where the f*ck is Simon Bridges?”

  1. Nick 1

    Simon is marketing bridges.

  2. cleangreen 2

    Oh!! – Simon Bridges here!

    I stongly disagree with the insinuation that I am shirking my job as opposition Leader,

    I am here in Queensland right now!!! – attending to my ‘skin tanning program’ and getting some sunshine while you lot are dumbly sitting there in NZ shivering to death under the highest energy porices than most other countries charge, ha ha ha!!!!

  3. Ankerawshark 3

    This pic is reminiscent of a Phil Goff campaign shot when he was leader and standing on his own. He got criticized for looking all alone.

    Mr bridges looks all alone and put in the cold

    • Robert Guyton 3.1

      Perhaps he did have company, until he raised his arms (he’s been on the road for a while now…)

    • gsays 3.2

      Not sure where he is, but judging by the photo, Judith Collins has passed through recently.

  4. ScottGN 4

    Everywhere it seems except Northcote?

  5. Rosemary McDonald 5

    “Where the f*ck is Simon Bridges?”
    Who gives a sh*t?

    • NZJester 5.1

      Actually, it would be very helpful to know.
      Then we can avoid that area.

  6. Sabine 6

    who the fuck cares?

  7. Draco T Bastard 7

    The most disturbing thing about that picture is the lack of trees. You know, the big, mighty beings that keep the dirt in place while regenerating it.

    • Incognito 7.1

      I find the lack of colour and the shrill contrast that might convey some kind of symbolic message slightly disturbing. I was moderately disturbed by that photo of the National Caucus, which looked like the Borg Collective with the Queen Bee (or Wasp?) in the middle /national-loses-the-plot-in-parliament/

      • Doogs 7.1.1

        What I really liked about that group photo was its resemblance to a possible ‘Hamilton High School Reunion Class of ’72’ – just saying.

        And what I really, really liked was the lurid grin on the face of Judith as she peered between the leaders. What could she possibly be thinking?!

        • Incognito

          Talking of Class of 72, we used to play cowboys & Indians (as you used to do) and used our hands as imitation guns and also imitating (shouting out) the sounds of shots and, of course, “you’re dead!”. Maybe that explains that grin on Judith’s face …

    • ScottGN 7.2

      That photo seems like it was taken at Lake Hayes Draco, looking towards Coronet Peak. There are heaps of trees in that landscape, though they’re not the sort you might be used to up north.

      • Gabby 7.2.1

        That’s him acknowledging the applause of his Abolish the Winter Energy Payment followers.

      • Draco T Bastard 7.2.2

        Not that I can recall last time I was down that way.

    • Paul Campbell 7.3

      Much of Otago’s tree cover was burned off in pre-European times and because of the dry climate it’s very slow in coming back, hence all the tussock not visible under snow
      (plus being colder we have a much lower tree line anyway)


  8. fender 8

    “Where the f*ck is Simon Bridges?”

    After watching his speech in response to the Budget, he’s obviously all over the place like a rambling drunk.

  9. Bewildered 9

    Bridges is where cunliff, shearer and little where, albeit got a few more mates around him and support for his party, likewise can be replaced with out the drama, so not all bad

  10. Observer Tokoroa 10

    I hurt my ears and eyes – they are not worth much – by channeling into Herr SS Herman and the Blonde on Q & A at 9;45 am this morning.

    Herr Herman – had the usual bullying, rushed talk over the top, at the ready – left right left right jack boots – and the compliant complaining low IQ panelists that we have become used to of a Sunday.

    However the Blonde was jumping for Joy that Abortion was wonder of the Day. And the naughty Foeteses, living creatures, will be abandoned. The Blonde was over the Moon. With great celebration.

    Another much younger student girl was amazed to have discovered that there are homeless and hungry people in Hamilton.

    She set on Phil Twyford. Who breached Avation rules by texting as the cabin doors closed upon the stationary aircraft. She is a nice young Girl. And had lots of blame for Mr Mallard. Not a single mention of the national Rabble.

    Neither did the Blonde. All was going well for Herr Herman.

    A nervous Man – a School Principal with a few tickets on himself- did not give anything but blame to the current Government. I got the impression that he wanted to ditch them and abortionate them. Like all the others. I suppose he was pining for the John Key. Who kept the Teachers on oily rags. Along with Billy English.

    There was a Corporate Distinguished looking intelligent man, who pointed out that the Ball had been dropped by past Governments – and houses had not been built for decades, in spite of humoungous population growth. He was concise and elegant. He thought that the Government’s Fiscals were pretty sound. But the panel didn’t have a clue what that meant. It’s not on Face Book.

    The Blonde poked another needle into the Government. And I waited for Herr SS Herman to put that boot into the Fiscal man’s backside. But he didn’t.

    The Blonde and the student should throw Twyford out the Plane. Neither of them have ever done anything wrong. Or anything really. Left right, left right, left right

  11. mary_a 11

    Simon has heard Judith sharpening the knives. Where he is now is probably a lot warmer than in the Natz caucus!

  12. veutoviper 12

    It appears that he is actually in the middle of his regional roadshow that began around the North Island a few weeks ago and began in the far south of the South Island last Wednesday or Thursday. He was in the House for Question Time on Tuesday, but not on Weds or Thurs thereby allowing Brownlee and Bennett (plus others) to stage their faux outrage at the performance of the current Speaker without involving/dirtying their “beloved leader”.

    The actual details of the roadshow are a bit sketchy as there has been very little countrywide reporting through the MSM. Seems he has been to places like Masterton in the last week or so, and also Cambridge on May 10 where the venue was “swamped” with people being turned away – https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/103792114/cambridge-people-swamp-venue-to-hear-national-leader-simon-bridges

    And here is a report from the ODT on Thurs and also another from his meeting in Invercargill where “Simon Bridges was confronted by a frustrated shark cage diving operator at a public meeting, who claimed one of his MPs submitted a members bill that had no industry consultation.”



    He apparently also discussed possible tourist taxes in Queenstown – https://www.stuff.co.nz/otago/104172812/simon-bridges-to-explore-visitor-tax-options-for-queenstown-lakes

    Today he is apparently in Blenheim for the National Party Mainland Conference according to his Twitter account which also details some of his other visits if you are really interested – https://twitter.com/simonjbridges

    As Parliament is in recess for two weeks, I wonder whether his roadshow will continue or whether he will feel the need for another holiday – perhaps in Hawaii again as he did a month ago?

  13. AsleepWhileWalking 13

    Dunno but he has the friendly preacher look nailed.

  14. cleangreen 14

    Simon may have knives in his back and is surrendering?

  15. Ad 15

    At 46% he’s fine, and they’ll probably squeak in at Northcote.

    But it’s a long way to get to 2026, and he sure ain’t John Key.

  16. Philg 16

    “I am just going outside and may be some time”

  17. Fireblade 17

    Just for Simon.

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