SkyCity vox pop

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21 comments on “SkyCity vox pop”

  1. Self-selecting text polls are unscientific as all hell but … that’s pretty definitive.

  2. One Anonymous Bloke 2

    Not the snapper quota then? The Prime Minister had better organise a suitably elegant number of body bags to solemnly escort off a Hercules.

  3. Tracey 3

    Problem is we are nearly 3 years from an election, plenty of time for those nats annoyed now to rationalise away their ethics. Afterall Key was caught lying/misleading about his personal involvement in the original deal and the tender process which favour SkyCity in the end… WHAT did all those nats wringing their hands now think?

    “It doesn’t matter cos we get a shiny new building for free?”

    • One Anonymous Bloke 3.1

      I’m thinking at least three body bags, no more than seven. On trolleys.

      Drape them in the Adidas All Black Flag and John and Max can follow them down the ramp out of the cargo bay. A sound-track would be good. Something solemn, with a bit of an up-lift at the end for the PM.

      Perhaps Max could go and do some footage at the front line? No?

      • Tracey 3.1.1


        just watched morrison on TV1 news. He literally speaks out of both sides of his mouth

      • CnrJoe 3.1.2

        I thought the kids were to be left out of ‘it’?

        • gsays

          hi cnrjoe, kids are ok to be used when it suits the man.
          forgive me but i do not recall the name of the 26 yr old us aid worker recently killed.
          there was a long (1 1/2-2min) piece on the radion news yesterday, including part of the potusa “eulogy”, and soundbites from an understandably upset mother.

          where was the name, concern, eulogy, soundbite for any of the children, killed by the targetted rocket strike on the iraqi wedding party?

          it also talks to the notion:
          those that start wars never fight them.
          those that fight wars never like them.
          ..dont take our boys away,
          dont take our girls away.

          michael franti ‘time to go home’

  4. Skinny 4

    At the time the economy was flat and an opportunity too good to miss dangling a carrot in front of the donkey to get it moving. While the public were not happy increasing the likelihood of the misery caused by more pokie machines etc, atleast the taxpayer were going to get a international standard convention centre without having to pay directly for the build.

    SkyCity have continually spun snake oil to achieve their objectives. The spin will continue today with a far lower profit announcement being declared today by SkyCity. If so the timing of the call out of a taxpayer SOS is a jackup between National & SkyCity.

    • Draco T Bastard 4.1

      It always was a jackup. IMO, both SkyCity and National knew as they were making the deal that SkyCity would be holding their hand out for more money and that National would be supplying that money from the taxpayers.

      • framu 4.1.1


        it was set up to happen – the fact they didnt bother ruling it out in the initial deal points to this

      • Skinny 4.1.2

        What is obvious to us seasoned followers of politics is the public relations spin merchants of the National party are very busy since the fall from grace of one of the rising stars of their political ranks.

        What better way to distract the gullible public than whipping up public sentiment for John Key to tell SkyCity to stump up and build the convention centre or piss off.

        Then they call on Brigadier General, Gerry Brownlee to issue a declaration New Zealand is at war in the Middle East, and our solders are in full combat training. Do not be surprise d of a resurrection of the famed ‘Desert Rats’ battalion, sadly there will be fallen hero’s, however in preparation they will be issued with an ANZAC metal of honour.

  5. logie97 5

    So Key is now worried that the current plan might be an eyesore.
    Did he actually see any of the projected models before he leapt in boots and all?
    And if they might all have been eyesores, he might have suggested changing the effing architects.

    • vto 5.1

      Yep, nobody agrees to a $400million deal without seeing what the thing will look like.

      This further Key deception has been overlooked by the overlooking MSM.

      Key is such a liar

      • Murray Rawshark 5.1.1

        “Yep, nobody agrees to a $400million deal without seeing what the thing will look like.”

        Maybe Key did. He’s used to gambling with other people’s money.

      • greywarshark 5.1.2

        I think the UNACTs are always ready to participate in something that will be a sort of monument to their time in government. The monument is a lasting presence. The cost fades from voters’ minds.

        Remember in the 1980s? they had planned to move part of the government buildings, or the Beehive, to allow some bigger and better thing to go in its place. Nick Smith was very fond of that sort of building.

        At the same time they took Radionz out of its Broadcasting House which was a purpose-built and lauded building housing good features needed for RadioNZ. This was an attempt to destroy a unique NZ government service by NACTs Taliban-style primitives. And it did get destroyed too, by fire, so that ensured it would never be regained by Labour. And the site then became available for the grandiose projects of the NACTs didn’t it!

  6. adam 6

    I wonder if some of it is a general disgust with the invasiveness of gambling this government has allowed? Lotto tickets and scratches at the supermarket check out. More lotto outlets and lotto games. Pokie machines in the TAB, and more access to gambling on-line. When it comes vulgar – trust a national government to promote that.

    It seems this government has a solution for all out problems. Enable the one armed bandits to have more ways to rip us off! Then rub our noses in it, by giving the one armed bandits – hand outs for the pleasure of ripping us off.

  7. Rodel 7

    Sky city CEO says the Government is such a hard negotiator.

    They’ll pretend to back down and the Key govt will be portrayed as heroic defenders of the taxpayer and its money.

    It;s sooooo obvious but the majority of NZers will be fooled. Sad really.

    • rawshark-yeshe 7.1

      oh, look over there .. pandas ! exactly.

    • aerobubble 7.2

      Sky were thinking of catering to conferences. Key admits it cost tax payers nothing.
      So Sky is building a convention center extension on their site, stopping govt building
      one. Sky has the money and so has all the say. Key gets to stand at the opening by extendin licience, increasing pokies, and selling land cheap.

      Sky even get to bill tax payers when it cant fill the convention center and has to use the extension for gambling, stage shows, movies possible, all alledgely. We just dont know what Key has gtten for free, its hard to negoiate when no money is forth coming.

      Therein is the lie, it has cost tapayers, it will cost them, and it is costing them

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